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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 12, 2020
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5 Tips for selecting the best colour for interior painting - A crucial step in creating the right ambience for your home

Studies show that a human eye can distinguish between 1000 levels of dark and light colours and there are over 100 levels of red, blue, yellow and green. This alone makes us speculate that there are over ten million colours in the world. So how do you pick just a handful of colours for the interior of your home? Do read on to know a few useful pointers.


Search for inspiration

Colours invoke emotions and they set the tone and ambience for a particular setting – there is a whole lot more to colours than what meets the eye! Just choosing colours that you like would not suffice to enhance the overall outlook of your abode. It needs a personal touch and more of all, it needs inspiration! So where could you draw inspiration from? Its everywhere! You could choose the colours from your favourite clothes – even from pieces of fabric, from a painting that are so in love with, colours from your spirit animal and the list goes on - the possibilities are unlimited. But the underlying concept of this act is that you should feel a connection with colours around you.


Curate a colour scheme

One colour per-room or a single colour throughout the house may look minimalistic and simple but it is a trend that has gone out of style. So the ideal way to paint your interiors is to go for matching colour schemes that would accentuate your abode's overall outlook! You could go for different shades of the main colour you selected, colours that are similar or even choose two or more completely different colours as long as you feel that the outlook is aesthetically pleasing.


Understand your surroundings and natural elements

Though this is a debatable topic with different views, understanding your surroundings is a crucial part of choosing the colours for your home. For example, if you are living in Colombo - a major city in Sri Lanka that is located in proximity to the equator, it is sunny during most times of the year and there is strong sunlight throughout the day. If you are living in an apartment of TRI-ZEN, which are designed to take the maximum advantage of natural light to conserve energy, you should choose colours that seamlessly blends with the sunlight. As you are living in a tropical location you could also go with a tropical colour palate – which will create a soothing and pleasant ambience. This is just a suggestion and you could either choose your colours that would go with your surroundings or do the complete opposite which is also an admirable design choice! But either way, understanding your surroundings plays a vital part in choosing the right colour for your home interior.


Choose the finish wisely

There different types of finishes for paints and picking the right type of finish is of utmost importance. You could choose from a glossy or a semi-gloss finish to matte or even a powder-coated finish. This step is vital since it is the factor that decides how natural and artificial light behaves with the colours of your home interior. For example, the glossier the finish, the more light it reflects while matt and powder coated finishes reflect less light.


Test your paint colour

Testing the paint colour is also very important but how? today, with help of virtual reality tech, you could see real-time renders of how the interiors of your home might look when they are painted in different colours. All you have to do is to show the colours which the designer will paint the interiors with and you could see how it will turn out!

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