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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 12, 2020
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6 DIY Apartment Decorating Tips – Make Your Home Stylish

Living in an apartment in the city is a dream that some of you must have. Convenient location, accessibility to modern facilities, and easy maintenance can be some of the main reasons you want an apartment for yourself. How to decorate it on your own? Check this out!


Furniture in monochromatic colours

Having multi-coloured furniture in your apartment will make it look cluttered and small. So, don't use too many colours when you are painting your furniture. Always go for monochrome colours (with one base colour of your choice) and that will surely add a sense of spaciousness into where you live your life. If you want textures or patterns to be infused, you are free to do it all. Also, be mindful when arranging your furniture in your apartment. Gone are the days where you had too many furniture. Simplicity is the latest trend, and this is why you need to have a minimum number of furniture with you. Try to arrange them in a way that wouldn't block your path.


Window treatments

Most apartments in Colombo today, such as the ones offered by TRI-ZEN are designed spaciously. So, why would you make them look small by having thick curtains and blinds? Don't do this even if you prefer dark colours to light ones. Natural lights should be allowed to enter your apartment and this is why you need to have sheer curtains. They give an airy feel too.


Mirrors are important

Don't forget to include mirrors when you are decorating your apartment. Did you know that the mirrors have the power to enlarge the space of your apartment? Yes, they do, and they can be used to increase the natural light that comes inside. If you place a big mirror opposite a window, that will bring greenery and natural light which is so awesome.


Brighter lights

Yes, some parts in your apartment may not need that much lighting. But, make sure you illuminate the places that should be lit up. Otherwise, there's no point in decorating your apartment with so much effort. If there's no light, people will not see what you have done. If the light distribution is your concern, you may opt for stylish floor lamps or table lamps.


Potted plants

Your apartment may boast of the latest advanced technologies, but they won't be able to replace the tranquillity emanated by one green plant. Potted plants are not expensive and they do add a serene atmosphere for real. They also help to increase the visual interest while also adding a natural vibe.


Photo Frames

If a cohesive finish is what you are looking for, then don't forget this tip. Use similar frames for all your photos – be it the family pictures, graduation pictures, or the ones from your childhood. All sorts of wooden, plastic, and metal frames are available now and you better be mindful to use the same material, same size, and pattern for all your images. It's a unified sophistication!

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