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Best Calculator for Static Friction

Online calculation for Static Friction


What is static friction?
The friction experienced when people try to move a stationary object on a surface, without actually triggering any relative movement between the body and the surface it is on.
It can be explained as the friction force that precisely balances the force applied during the steady state of the body.The static friction force is a self-regulating force, that is, the static friction will at all times be equal to and opposite the applied force.


force of static friction ≤ (coefficient of static friction)(normal force) maximum force of static friction = (coefficient of static friction)(normal force)

Fs ≤ μs η , and Fsmax = μs η

Fs = force of static friction
μs = coefficient of static friction
η = normal force
Fsmax = maximum force of static friction

Examples of static friction
Some real-life examples of static friction are given in the following points.
• Papers on a table
• A towel hanging from a coat rack
• A bookmark in a book
• A car parked on a hill.

*Calculate static friction?
Calculate the Static friction for the given details of the object.
Static Friction Coefficient (μs) = 35
Normal Force (N) = 10 N
Apply Formula:
Fs = μs N
Fs = 35
Fs = 350 N

Static Friction (Fs) = 350 N