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Updated by Roger Overall on Jul 05, 2016
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Behind the Pixels

An irregular podcast about telling your story effectively online. Discussions with digital storytellers, content marketers, content creators and simply inspiring people.

Behind the Pixels – Episode 8 – David Bailey

Digital storyteller David Bailey produces great storytelling videos about life in Bosnia. He uses a smartphone and easy apps to keep things simple and to cut down on the time he invests in producing films. In this episode of Behind the Pixels, he talks about telling appealing stories using smartphone video. You can find out more about him and see his videos at #video #smartphone #storytelling #iPhone #iMovie #Bosnia #AnEnglishmanInTheBalkans #DavidBailey #RogerOverall #visualstorytelling

Behind the Pixels - Episode 7 - Peter Claridge

You'll want to hear this if you have any interest in telling the story of your business effectively online and engaging with your audience. Peter Claridge is the marketing manager at Unmetric, an India-based company that provides insight into businesses social media performances. His insight is gold.

Behind the Pixels - Episode 6 - Sarah Weldon

Next year, Sarah Weldon and three others will be rowing unassisted across the Pacific. During their epic voyage, they'll be running experiments and broadcasting to schools from the ocean. In this episode of Behind the Pixels, Sarah talks about the preparation required for such an incredible journey.

Behind the Pixels - Episode 5 - Philippa Ratcliffe

Philippa Ratcliffe (@partroot) hates Jaffa Cakes and whelks. She loves audio, though, and in this conversation she gives plenty of tips about how to produce engaging audio yourself. We also touch upon another of her passions: cheese.

Behind the Pixels - Episode 4 - Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson runs two very successful blogs. To say they are "niche" would be an understatement. One is about sheds, the other about bookshelves; both are very popular. Alex joins me to talk about online success, virtual Christmas parties, quality of life and some of the world's great sheds and bookshelves.

Behind the Pixels - Episode 3 - David Bailey

David Bailey is a digital native based in Bosnia. While audio is his love, he uses a range of media to tell stories online. He consults for the military, he runs an online radio station and produces a daily video blog, among other things.

Behind the Pixels - Episode 2 - Joel Buckland

Media content creator Joel Buckland joins me to chat about the business of helping others tell their story online effectively. We talk about Rolf Jensen's 'The Dream Society', Coca Cola, Apple (inevitably), Facebook, Twitter, Google+, how to choose the right platform for you, some common mistakes (even ones we make ourselves) and a whole lot more besides.

Behind the Pixels - Episode 1 - Documentally

If you are interested in telling your story online and on the go, Christian Payne (Documentally) is a man you should get to know. He will improve your life and enhance the quality of your social media feeds.

Behind the Pixels - Episode 0 - Introduction

A podcast that looks at the people behind the avatars. It will live as a project on the Digital Storyteller website ( For now at least. Who knows how it will develop? #behindthepixels #documentally