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Demayo Law Offices

DeMayo Law Offices, LLP is a Charlotte personal injury law firm serving clients in the surrounding areas. We specialize in car, truck, social security and workers' comp cases. When you have been hurt, you can depend on DeMayo to get you the compensation you need!

Wrongful Death Attorney at North Carolina When you lose your loved one.

Lost your loved one by the negligence of other person. Time to consult an experienced accident attorney.
For more legal information you can call DeMayo Law Offices, LLP at 704 333-1000 or visit:

Spot Elder Abuse with DeMayo Law Offices, LLP

The attorneys at the DeMayo Law Offices, LLP explain how to spot elder abuse and what actions should you take if spot such abuse in Charlotte, NC. For more information call us at 704 333-1000 or visit

Truck Accidents Facts in North Carolina

Be update about truck accidents facts with DeMayo Law Offices, LLP. A personal injury law firm serving clients in the surrounding areas. For more information call us at 704 333-1000 or visit

Tips for Safe Driving Around Trucks with DeMayo Law Offices, LLP

To manoeuvre the road safely around big trucks and other large commercial vehicles, follow these easy tips for safe driving around trucks with DeMayo Law Offices, LLP. Stay connected to stay informed at for safety tips and much more!

COVID-19 and the Elderly – How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Here's what you need to know about the coronavirus, including best practises for minimising COVID-19 exposure and spread. For more information and queries visit: or contact us at 7043331000.

Slip and Fall Injuries North Carolina

It's shockingly risky to slip and fall. Unfortunately, in hotels, restaurants, and other fun public spaces we believe are safe, most slip and fall accidents happen. Not every personal injury case requires a lawyer. Then when to call slip and fall attorney. To know more about slip and fall injuries contact us at 7043331000.

It’s easy to avoid distraction if you plan ahead. Follow these simple tips to improve your focus behind the wheel and enjoy the holiday season with less frustration with DeMayo Law Offices, LLP.

Most Recalled Vehicles | DeMayo Law Offices, LLP

Does your vehicle have an open recall? All you need is your vehicle’s identification number, or VIN to check for open recalls on your vehicle. In our blog, the car accident lawyers from the DeMayo Law Offices outline the most recalled vehicles of 2018 and provide important information about the recall process.

Did Medicine Cause Your Illness | DeMayo Law Offices, LLP

We DeMayo Law Offices, LLP, explore medicine-related injuries and illnesses, and we discuss what to do if you or a loved one suffers an adverse effect to a medication. At the DeMayo Law Offices, our skilled injury lawyers are prepared to take on injury cases and medical class action lawsuits

Trucking Accidents By the Numbers | DeMayo Law Offices, LLP

Know the facts about trucking accidents, plus a few simple reminders about how to share the road with large trucks with DeMayo Law Offices, LLP. The numbers don’t lie. Learning more about large trucks and utilizing these defensive driving techniques is the best way to protect yourself and your family. Stay connected and stay informed at

Assessing Your Auto Insurance Coverage in 2021 | DeMayo Law Offices, LLP

Driving without insurance can result in steep fines and license suspension. More importantly, if you’re found at-fault for an accident, you could be held financially responsible for injuries you cause. It’s not worth the risk to drive without insurance. Assessing your coverage early this year can save you money! You can lower your car insurance costs by simply asking questions and shopping around. Know more DeMayo Law Offices, LLP with at 7043331000.

How Your Emotions Will Betray Your Injury Case - DeMayo Law Offices, LLP

Intense emotions after a car wreck, workplace accident, or other injury are inevitable, but they won’t help the situation, and in some cases, they can make matters worse. These three emotional responses to your injury can take your case. Hiring a lawyer is your best way to avoid these problems. Get more advice from the DeMayo Law Offices, LLP by free consultation at 7043331000.

North Carolina's Most Common Workplace Injuries | DeMayo Law Offices, LLP

We look at work-related injuries and fatalities, including which jobs pose the greatest risk and what to do if you suffer a workplace injury. Most of the fatalities recorded in the transportation sector included accidents involving semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and other heavy commercial vehicles. Read here to explore more about what includes about workers’ compensation laws in North Carolina.

Airbags are one of the most important safety features in modern vehicles. But for most drivers, airbags are a mystery. Why have so many airbags been recalled? How can a safety feature also be a danger? In this blog, the DeMayo Law Offices, LLP will help clear up the confusion and provide important safety information about airbags.

North Carolina's Bicycle Laws | DeMayo Law Offices, LLP

The bicycle accident attorneys from DeMayo Law Offices, LLP cover important safety information, plus, the rules of the road for cyclists. bicyclists in North Carolina. Read our blog to more details

What We Know About Teen Drivers in North Carolina | DeMayo Law Offices, LLP

DeMayo Law Offices talk about how parents and guardians can reduce accident risks among teens and young drivers.