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Updated by Michigan's Thumb on Dec 02, 2020
Headline for 8 Handy Bits of DIY Information I Found (And You Might Learn and Survive From)
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8 Handy Bits of DIY Information I Found (And You Might Learn and Survive From)

Various DIY, hints, recipes, and how-tos I found on the web that I consider darn interesting. Even two survival hints such as bear encounters and falling though the ice when in the outdoors. From various sources and websites.

Great Lakes Whitefish Chowder Recipe • ThumbWind

This simple 4 step whitefish chowder recipe is perfect for those cool days on the Great Lakes. Made with simple ingredients, easy to prepare. This simple whitefish chowder will be a go-to recipe for those cool days on the Great Lakes. Made with ingredients that you may already have on hand

How to Clean a Chain Saw – Step by Step | OutdoorSkillz

Have you ever cleaned your chainsaw? Did you know you were supposed to? If the answer is no to either of those questions. NO worries! You have not committed some cardinal sin of saw ownership. However, if you do own one, there are a handful of things that you can do that will be good for your saw. That being said, once you know, you can’t unknow. When you are done with your saw for the day, do these things, and your saw will thank you.

Top 10 Hunting Violations During Deer Season | Two Verbs

As Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officers gears up for the 2020 firearm deer season, they expect that this year’s higher hunting license sales will mean more new and experienced hunters in the woods. Some novice hunters venture out and invite a ticket, fine or even a hunting ban if they don't know the safety rules.

Here’s a list of the 10 most common hunting violations that conservation officers encounter every firearm season – most of which easily can be avoided with a little research and planning.

Great Lakes Water Levels News | Two Verbs

The ever-changing levels of the Great Lakes have an economic, tourism, and cultural impact on the United States and Canada.

The Great Lakes is a series of freshwater lakes in east-central North America comprising Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. The lake is a historical, cultural, and economic resource for both the United States and Canada. The combined area of the Great Lakes is approximately 94,200 square miles. It is the largest surface of freshwater in the world. The entire Great Lakes basin spans an area of over 295,000 square miles.

4 DIY Renewable Energy Projects You Can Do in a Weekend • ThumbWind

Remember when you could make your own little hobby generator that involved twisting the wire around several nails? Its almost getting that simple to make your own DIY wind turbine using material found in your home or even salvaged from an old washing machine or treadmill. We explored the web for some top ideas on what it would take to create a hobby turbine or solar panel that could actually offset some energy expenses at your farm, cabin, boat, or cottage.

Here are four examples of DIY Wind Turbine projects that a handy person could put together in a weekend. Perfect for cabin, boat, off-grid homesteading and prepping.

Straw Bale Garden in Michigan's Thumb • ThumbWind

The quote is “if you give a suburbanite a cool idea, the frontierswoman come out.” Melissa got the idea of straw bale gardening from a book by Joel Karsten. Joel comes to us from Minnesota where the growing season is incredibly short and the soil tough to cultivate. At the tip of Michigan’s Thumb, the situation in northern Huron County is similar. With a large lot next to our cottage consisting of mostly of sand and a little acidic oak leaf loam the opportunity to put in a really successful garden was remote. So Melissa decided to experiment.

6 Tips for Black Bear Preparedness in the Boundary Waters – BWCA

I love catching a glimpse of wildlife! I really want to keep it that way. In the BWCA, there is lots of wildlife that you might encounter. The rarest of which are moose, wolves, and black bear. Of them, the black bear is the most likely to become what is called a “problem bear.” However, this has more to do with how humans act in the woods than the bears.

Here are some helpful tips from a experienced guide and backwoodsman.

How to Survive Falling Through Ice • ThumbWind

Falling through ice is a fight for survival, and one only has minutes before hypothermia, unconsciousness and death. Here are the top tips to get out of...