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Updated by Bobby Kraft on Apr 16, 2021
Bobby Kraft Bobby Kraft
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Bobby Kraft - President and CEO - New Edge Marketing LLC

Bobby Kraft has more than 15 years of experience in the Direct Marketing industry.

Bobby Kraft - Entrepreneur, relationship builder, multichannel expert

Bobby Kraft leads New Edge Marketing to help businesses realize and achieve their full potential with digital strategies based upon AI data driven framework.

Bobby Kraft : Data driven digital marketing

As the president and CEO of New Edge Marketing, Bobby Kraft has a strong focus on AI and Data driven marketing, to provide concrete and result oriented strategies.

Bobby Kraft - Moving ahead with Digital Marketing

Bobby Kraft's New Edge Marketing, incorporates latest technologies into the Digital Marketing sphere and helps clients take their business on a profitable path with the available insights thought data driven strategies.

Bobby Kraft and the Development of Digital Marketing

New Edge Marketing President and CEO, Bobby Kraft explains, while the world is transforming into a more digitized world, the marketing field is turning into a world of new opportunities and creative ideas to flourish. Read about his journey here.

Bobby Kraft - Do You Have the Right Marketing Solution?

Bobby Kraft explains the answer to the question if with all of the hype in the marketplace focused on digital media and the latest and greatest marketing channels, are we forgetting what the real story is all about?

Bobby Kraft Digital Marketing Expert| Founder New Edge Marketing

Bobby Kraft is an entrepreneur and direct marketing expert. He later went on to found, New Edge Marketing, LLC which is focused on data-driven digital marketing solutions.

Bobby Kraft - Study the Customer Behavior and The Marketplace Trends

Bobby Kraft explains that to effectively plan a digital marketing strategy it is vital to study customer behavior. Equally important is to be familiar with market trends. Know more about Bobby Kraft here:

State of Digital Marketing in 2020 - Bobby Kraft

Bobby Kraft, CEO of New Edge Marketing talks about the state of digital marketing in 2020 and beyond here. See the full presentation here.

Bobby Kraft -the CEO, of New Edge Marketing, shares his recommendations on how to maximize corporate ROI. See the presentation here.

Bobby Kraft and his company focus on how to maximize ROIs for the clients. There are strategies planned after the careful analysis of Data. Watch the video to know more.

Big Data and Digital Marketing - Bobby Kraft

Bobby Kraft explains that our world continues to saturate all channels in the digital arena, marketers need to use engagement techniques that continue to develop from targeted direct mail to digital marketing for a complete, multichannel campaign management strategy.

Bobby Kraft: Digital Marketing for Small Business during COVID-19

With the rapid increase in the use of the internet, almost every field of work is getting more and more advanced. Especially in the year 2020 and 2021, people like Bobby Kraft manages to establish their name excellence with their extraordinary skill set and working strategies.

Bobby Kraft - The Biggest Challenge for Digital Marketing - Managing the Cash Flow

Bobby Kraft, the President, and CEO of New Edge Marketing LLC, explains that in 2021 when we are facing one of the worst times of history financially, managing the cash flow is one of the biggest challenges for digital marketers in 2021.

How to Keep Your Team Motivated in Difficult Times by Bobby Kraft, President, and CEO of Digital Marketing

Bobby Kraft explains that a leader must be willing to take the charge and be ready to bear and sacrifice alongside his teammates. This is the first and the most important step towards keeping the teams motivated even during difficult times.

Bobby Kraft, A Milwaukee-based businessman acquired World Marketing Inc, the marketing and direct mail division of Omaha, Neb.-based Berkshire Hathaway’s Media Group. Milwaukee-based Optimus Financial Services helped secure acquisition financing from Associated Bank for the transaction.

How to Optimize the Return on Investment | Bobby Kraft | New Edge Marketing

Bobby Kraft and his company focus on how to maximize ROIs for the clients. There are strategies planned after the careful analysis of Data. Watch the video to know more.

State of digital marketing in 2020 bobby kraft

Bobby Kraft talks about the advancement and changing trends in digital technology, digital marketing will make enormous progress in the future. The major trends that have shaped digital B2B marketing in recent years are accelerating into the 2020s.

Bobby Kraft: Our FREE New Edge Marketing SEO Audit Tool is now Live on our Home Page

CEO Bobby Kraft shares great news: "We have just added a completely FREE SEO Audit tool on our website for anyone. Check it out and let us know what you think. We are very excited to offer this as a huge value add to the marketplace" Read it here!