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Top plants Ideas

uilding on experience working on the family farm to transition into a full-time career as a Farmer on a commercial farm.

How To Grow A Pot Plant: Top Container Gardening Tips - Best Gardening Tools and Supplies

In this article, we will walk you through the steps on how to grow a pot plant to help you save more space in your garden.

Dragon Fruit Tree - The Tree with Attractive and Tasty Fruit

Dragon fruit also called as pitaya, pitahaya or strawberry pear. Know everything about dragon fruit tree from plantation, growing to start getting fruit.

The fruit is oval, elliptical or pear-shaped. Every fruit weighs between 150-600g and is often employed in fruit salads, smoothies and salads. It’s very little flavour and its texture closely resembles that of kiwi fruit. The flesh features a subtly tasteful sweet style or typically slightly tart style. The flesh is either white or red, with edible black seeds dotted everywhere.

Lipstick Plant Propagation – How To Perfectly Grow Lipstick Plant

Are you searching a plant with unique leaves and flowers than it is definitely lipstick plant. Learn the steps of lipstick plant propagation.

This tropical plant life puts on a stunning show ahead of a bright window and is a wonderful selection for adding a splash of color to bright bathrooms, eating rooms and lit kitchens.

Champa Tree Guide - All About Plumeria Tree Growing & Caring

Are you searching a tree with extra fragrant and freshness then a Champa tree (Plumeria) is good choice for you. Learn how plumeria tree grow.

It flowers has most fragrant at night. The shoots, young petioles, the stock attaching the leaf blade and therefore the leaf blades are yellowness and sleek. Leaves are ovate. The fruits of the tree grow in clusters, seem like grapes, contain capsule like 1-2 seeds, brown in color.

Majesty Palm Care - Simple Steps To Care Revena Palm

Majesty palm is very beautiful plant as house plant. There are simple steps to care and maintain it. These steps make your palm extra beautiful.

Majesty plant is growing in indoor and open air (outdoor) both. This plant is culminate for gracing any indoor space.

Hosta Plant - The Most Attractive And Perennial Plant

Hosta Plant is nonwoody perennial plants. Hostas are native to Japan, China, and Korea. Hostas are wide cultivated as shade-tolerant foliage plants.

Pothos Plant Types in 9 Easy Steps (With Pictures)

Looking for a houseplant that add extra effect in your house or workplace? Pothos is the right choice. Learn about Pothos plant types in 9 easy steps.

The Pothos plant is considered by several to be an excellent way to start caring for houseplants. This is often a simple to worry plant. This trailing vascular plant has pointed, simple green leaves, typically varicolored with white, yellow, or pale green.

Whereas pothos likes bright, indirect light-weight it will thrive in areas that don’t get heaps of daylight or have solely fluorescent lighting.

Dieffenbachia Plant – Method To Grow & Care Dumb Cane

Meet with Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) house plant having attractive and unique leaves. Learn the complete method of growing and caring Leopard lily.

The large and showy Dieffenbachia may be the right living decoration for the house or workplace. You’ll notice it to be female to completely different styles of lighting and conditions within which you would possibly not expect a Dieffenbachia flora to grow.