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Flutter - App Development and Trending News

Read the latest Articles, Blogs, and many more trending news related to the Flutter Framework of Google.

Flutter – A Boon to Mobile App Developers -

Flutter app development is in trend; ever since flutter - the mobile app development framework, has been helping app developers to build amazing applications.

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What will be the impact on your pocket if you opt for Flutter app development? » TopDevelopers.Co

We cannot imagine the modern world without mobile apps as apps have become an integral part of our lifestyle. We have mobile apps for all our daily needs right from food to travel to medicines to movie or hotel bookings and many more. Mobile app development is indeed playing a prominent part in making the world fast-paced. Almost everything can be managed through mobile apps as they are rich in features and impeccable in making the life of users easy.
The high performance of mobile apps has made it inevitable for businesses to opt for them or lag behind in the competition. Thus, companies are looking to develop mobile apps that can run on both the leading mobile OS platforms, iOS, and Android. In this situation, Flutter app development comes into the picture as it provides precise and fast mobile app development on both the mobile OS platforms with minimal coding.

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What makes Flutter the Leader in Mobile App Development? - TopDevelpopers.Co

Flutter is a powerful and feature-rich platform that helps app developers to design and develop a cross-platform mobile app at a much lesser time and cost.
Whether you believe it or not, but Flutter programming language is going to make its presence felt in the mobile app development domain. So it becomes necessary for the mobile app developers and the app development companies to opt for Flutter in order to stay relevant in the market.

Moreover, Flutter app development is easier to understand and implement for mobile app developers and will yield rich results in the future.

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Why is it essential to learn Flutter to remain relevant in the market? - TopDevelopers

Flutter is a revolutionary new mobile app development framework released by Google. Flutter has broken all the records of popularity within a short period. It is one of the most trending topics in the tech arena, but isn't it something which happens with every new technology? Could Flutter prove to be just another fad in the tech world? Every now and then, we hear about a revolutionary new language that promises to change the way we code.

Still, more often than not, the interest of the developers drops once they have learned it, and they roll back to the same old languages to code new applications. But, with Flutter, things aren’t the same.

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Dart 2.5 and Flutter 1.9: Everything you need to know about the transforming release -

Let's have a quick look at new Flutter 1.9 Combined with Dart 2.5 Update Google Release and what these updates mean for mobile app development in the upcoming days.

Kotlin vs Flutter: The game changers of Cross-Platform App Development from Google - TopDevelopers.Co

Over the past decade, mobile apps have become the pivot or the fundamental pillar around which a successful modern-day business organization is built. If you have expert app developers by your side, your business has a definite edge over your competitors.

With the expansion of mobile technology, more and more entrepreneurs and developers are relying on cross-platform apps so as to expand their user base in a budget-friendly manner. For years, top business houses have relied on React Native and Flutter app development to fulfill their cross platform app needs.

Best Flutter app developers help the businesses to develop state-of-the-art cross-platform apps with limited resources without compromising on the quality of the app.

Meanwhile, Kotlin, due to its advantages, has become the favorite of many among the leading mobile app development companies and is giving stiff competition to Flutter app development, leaving everyone confused about which platform to choose for cross-platform app development.

Therefore, without much ado, we’ll try to paint a clear picture of the overall comparison between Kotlin and Flutter app development.

Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development: A Good Idea Or Not? by TopDevelopers.Co

There is no middle road between quality and quantity. That's why while developing cross-platform apps, the developers are puzzled to choose which technology stack that can help them deliver a native experience in the budget. Further, avoiding cross-platform road leads to double the investment of efforts, dollars, and time in developing the app for different platforms. Google created a new platform- Flutter to bridge the gap with a prime focus on native performance, elegant UI, and improved productivity.

Besides, the great performance, code reusability, swift testing, stability, high compatibility, and rich set of widgets accelerate the development speed, which makes Flutter perfect for developing cross-platform applications. It's also a good fit to quickly build an MVP when you want to show it to the prospective investors to get the app idea validated.

The shortcomings of the Flutter are far weighed down by its features, advantages, and upcoming improvements. Don't give up the idea of building cross-platform apps using Flutter. Get the ball rolling!

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Flutter for Startups - Why companies are excited about it? - TopDevelopers.Co

Know how Flutter helps startups who want to develop a top-class cross-platform app.

Many entrepreneurs start with the dream of becoming the next Uber or Airbnb of the startup world. There are many hurdles which the startups need to face in their journey. In this world of high competition, startups need to be nimble-footed, changing their product according to the demands of the customers as well as the updates released by their competitors.

Choosing the technology on which your mobile app will be based is the first step towards startup success. Flutter has all the requirements to become your preferred technology for developing your app.

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React Native Vs. Flutter: The Epic Comparison between two trending Frameworks -

React Native and Flutter are among the two most widely used frameworks for cross-platform app development. To make it easier, we have described the major aspects using which you can decide on a framework that’s more suitable for your app development project.
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Why Flutter is the Future of the Cross Platform Development? -

Flutter is a trending open-source platform backed by Google and is in trend today. Get to know more about Flutter app development, its features along with its pros and cons in detail.

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Flutter - The new game-changing app development framework from Google

Smartphone technology has taken over the human race. You could find everyone on their smartphones, messaging their loved ones, watching videos, watching scores of their favorite games, or watching the news. There is so much to do with this little piece of metal and plastic electronics.
Smartphones are nothing but just an expensive paperweight without applications, which make all the above-listed activities possible. If you into mobile application development, you know that there are a lot of processes and aspects involved that need to be looked into before the start of the app development process. It includes numerous cycles of meticulous planning, market research, designing, coding, and testing, before the final deployment on the app stores.
If you want to maximize the reach of your app, then you must publish it to the two most important app stores currently available, Apple’s App Store and the Android’s Play Store. While you need to code in Swift or Objective C if you want to develop an iOS app, Java or Kotlin are the languages required for an Android app. Hence, publishing your app on both these app stores requires you to build two separate apps.
Two apps mean double the effort and also double the cost as you need to hire two separate developer teams to build two different apps. This problem has been solved by cross-platform app development SDK like Flutter, which is released as an open-source product by Google.

Top 10 Apps built with Flutter -

Here’s some top apps developed using Flutter, and those that reckon Flutter app development provides many benefits have more reasons to support their claim.
Flutter provides a fast way to build creative apps for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Many among the top mobile app development companies are adopting Flutter but it isn’t surprising. What’s more surprising is that Flutter framework is extensively used to develop Flutter apps for Google’s new operating system Fuchsia.