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Enterprise IoT Solutions: Customization is the Key - Bridgera

Identifying challenges ahead of time is important when planning IoT enterprise software solutions. These considerations often guide the solution’s requirements.

IoT Waste Management | Renewing the Face of Waste - Bridgera

IoT management systems have been used in supply chain logistics for years. However, mainstream adoption of IoT waste management is lagging.

Sensors and Actuators in IoT | Enabling Industrial Automation - Bridgera

In IoT, automation is enabled by connecting data to a machine. Sensors and actuators in IoT represent these two end points of the system.


IoT Dashboard: An Upgrade to Remote Monitoring

IoT Dashboard: An Upgrade to Remote Monitoring

When it comes to enterprise level technology, technicians require a great degree of specialization. In contrast, the people using this equipment usually do not understand how it works. A perfect example of this is the common car. Most people do not understand the inner workings of their car. Even mechanics these days usually specialize on a specific make, due to proprietary tools or software. However, these individuals can get behind the wheel of almost any car, and drive it with ease.

This is made possible by an intuitive dashboard that provides data relevant to the driving experience. As it relates to industrial IoT Dashboards, this technology allows workers the ability to operate manufacturing equipment efficiently without a degree in mechanical engineering.

Turning back to the car dashboard analogy, if an individual desires more driving insights, then newer cars can provide this. However, it is rarely practical to replace manufacturing equipment in this way. Instead, a company like Bridgera can customize an IoT dashboard that is compatible with existing equipment. Think of it as an aftermarket upgrade that provides new features without upgrading the whole vehicle. Learn more about how Bridgera specializes in creating IoT Dashboards for your industry sector!

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Smart Logistics Solutions Powered by IoT

Smart Logistics Solutions Powered by IoT

The real winners of online shopping are logistics companies. Transportation and logistics providers have grown with the shift to the online marketplace over recent years. This has largely been driven by the increased demands of consumers for faster and more transparent delivery options. The fact that everyday consumers can drop in at home via an IoT connected camera or thermostat translates to the expectation to track a package in transit the same way. In fact, IoT enabled smart logistics solutions are common throughout the modern supply chain.

Several transportation and logistics providers both large and small employ at least some degree of automation in their workflow. Not every logistics or supply chain workflow is the same and off-the-shelf IoT products may not fit well. The IoT remote monitoring platforms can be easily customized for specific needs such as monitoring the vehicle, tracking the packages, configure and receive geo-fence alerts, and automated alert for cold chain logistics.

An IoT solution provider like Bridgera can help to navigate through the initial hurdles.

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Indoor Asset Tracking Made Easy

Indoor Asset Tracking Made Easy

IoT solutions are changing the industrial landscape by bringing powerful capabilities, like indoor asset tracking, to the mainstream. Once reserved for the largest enterprises, this technology has become available at commercial cost. As with the early days of the internet, early adopters of IoT technology will have a distinct advantage over their competitors. Asset tracking platforms show among the most potential to benefit from new IoT technology.

New standards for low power, wide area networks (LPWAN) allow for a new generation of indoor asset tracking. LPWAN addresses fundamental issues faced by indoor asset tags. Namely, battery life, indoor reception, cost, and range.

Join Bridgera as we break down four of the most common and up and coming IoT technologies behind modern indoor asset tracking. We will explore the pros and cons of these technologies. And, by extension, discover the ideal use cases to employ each.

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Industrial IoT is Changing the Face of Manufacturing

Industrial IoT is Changing the Face of Manufacturing

New technologies are continuously evolving to shake up competition and disrupt established industries. Such technologies give startups a foothold in established industries as well as allowing existing companies to expand their offerings. The new generation of remotely enabled devices is largely thanks to a new class of technology called the Internet of Things, or IoT.

Iot is changing the game in industrial applications. These industrial IoT solutions allow factories to improve operational performance of their existing equipment with minimal investment. Retrofitted sensors are inexpensive and interchangeable, so upgrading an entire factory is very practical. Once installed, these remotely connected devices can help to ensure safety and compliance by monitoring equipment continuously in real-time. This is made possible by remote connections to a centralized monitoring platform often overseen by a powerful AI algorithm.

Once established, these solutions are flexible, and agile to scale. With such a powerful new tool at their disposal, manufacturers around the globe are adopting Industrial IoT technologies fast. Soon, IoT will be a standard in the industry, but it is not too late to become an early adopter, and give your company an edge over the competition. Read more about how IIoT is changing the face of the manufacturing landscape with Bridgera.

Industrial IoT is Changing the Face of Manufacturing - Bridgera

Industrial IoT or IIoT combines different technologies like machine learning, big data,sensor data, M2M communication, and automation. Read More about IIoT.

Indoor Asset Tracking Made Easy - Indoor Asset Tracking Made Easy

Indoor asset tracking solutions show the most potential to benefit from emerging IoT technology. Longer battery and better indoor range are just a few benefits

PERS & Remote Monitoring are Changing Senior Care - Bridgera

Bridgera's custom IoT platform is helping companies like WellAware Care usher in the next generation of advanced remote monitoring and home-based senior care.

Remote Patient Monitoring is Healthcare's Future – Bridgera

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of trends like telehealth and remote patient monitoring. They're now a permanent part of modern healthcare. Bridgera is making that possible.

Indoor Asset Tracking, Now Possible For All Industries

Join Bridgera as we explore how IoT technology enables powerful use cases for indoor asset tracking potentials through the lens of a variety of industries.

Why Remote Transportation Condition Monitoring Is Important to Your Business

The need for unbroken cold chain logistics has never been greater. IoT is powering a new generation of condition monitoring systems that will propel the transportation industry forward.

Healthcare Asset Tracking and Indoor Hospital Navigation: A Mutual Development

IoT enabled indoor asset tracking platforms are enabling new healthcare focused solutions. Also, these platforms have multivariate and flexible use-cases.

Enhance Machine Performance Through IoT-Enabled Monitoring and Automation

From the machine-as-a-service (MaaS) model to Industry 4.0, IoT remote monitoring solutions are forging stronger relationships between OEMs and their customers.

Remote Patient Monitoring Augments Telehealth – Bridgera

Telehealth services are forecast to grow to meet patient demand. Their success will depend in large part on IoT-driven remote patient monitoring systems like Bridgera myHealth

Benefits of using an IoT platform with Indoor Tracking

Indoor asset tracking is an invaluable tool in various industries. IoT takes these solutions to the next level with custom integrations and automated workflows.

Bridgera Accelerates the Delivery of Your IoT Service, Driving New Revenue and Competitive Advantage

Bridgera is a leading custom software development company specialized in enterprise solutions. We offer custom IoT services for every industry. Request a free demo now!

Remote Patient Monitoring | Telehealth Services | myHealth App

Bridgera myHealth is a secure, HIPAA compliant remote patient monitoring platform for healthcare providers. Get started with Bridgera's telehealth platform today!!

The Technology Behind Smart Farming: IoT in Agriculture 4.0

Modern farming is pushing the limits of the land with severe consequences. However, smart farming and IoT in agriculture 4.0 farming can be the solution to this!

Smartphones in the Internet of things (IoT) Era

As the name suggest, the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting ‘things’ with the ‘internet’. Once connected, a ‘thing’ becomes an IoT device.

IoT Waste Management | Renewing the Face of Waste - Bridgera

IoT management systems have been used in supply chain logistics for years. However, mainstream adoption of IoT waste management is lagging.

IoT Systems and Medium Range Radio Solutions - Bridgera

Sometimes IoT systems require the reach of a long-range solution and the stability of a short-range solution. Luckily, there's a middle ground!

IoT Implementation Cost Overview and Optimization Strategies

IoT implementation costs can be impacted by several factors. Learn about what these are and how to manage them within your budget.


Industrial IoT Application Development with Bridgera Monitoring

Industrial IoT Application Development with Bridgera Monitoring

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) calls for robust, tailored IIoT solutions like Bridgera Monitoring.

Monitor industrial and manufacturing equipment in real time.
Enjoy wide compatibility with Windows, Mac, tablet and smartphone devices.
Access historical trends and performance insights on demand.
Set custom SMS and e-mail alerts for notification of a status change.