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All The Things You Want To Know About The Labrador!

All The Things You Want To Know About The Labrador!

Do Labradors Drool? - SPIRE PET

Drooling is very natural in Labradors and there are many reasons why they drool. In this article we will discuss reasons why your dog may be drooling and if

Should You Shave a Labrador? - SPIRE PET

When the weather becomes hotter, you may think shaving your Labrador will help them stay cool. In fact, it does not, it actually does the opposite. The double

How Much Exercise Does a Labrador Need? - SPIRE PET

Labradors are a breed known for being sweet, intelligent, loyal, and rarely aggressive – merely big lovers. But adding a Labrador to the family means being

Are Labrador Retriever Aggressive? - SPIRE PET

A Labrador is a beautiful family dog, and they can also be great helpers, too. Making sure your Lab is bred to be friendly and kind is important, as

Do Labrador Retriever Smell? - SPIRE PET

Labradors are beautiful and friendly dogs. They get along well with adults, kids, and other pets, including cats. But do they smell? We answer that question,

Best Dog Brushes for Labradors (2020) - SPIRE PET

As sweet and charming as your Labrador may be, if there is one thing you can’t escape from it is the relentless shedding.

Best Dog Treats for Labrador Retriever (2020) - SPIRE PET

Treats are an important part of the way that we bond with our dogs, and this is especially true for the Labrador. The average Lab is very food motivated. He’s

Best Puppy Food for Labrador Retrievers (2020) - SPIRE PET

Finding the best puppy food for your Labrador can be difficult. However, equipped with the knowledge in this article from a practicing veterinarian, we will

Labradors & Kids: Everything You Need To Know - SPIRE PET

Want to know if Labradors are good with kids?

Are Labradors Easy To Train? (The Answer Might Surprise You) - SPIRE PET

Want to know if Labradors are easy to train?