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Updated by Jerry Zhao on Dec 31, 2020
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6 Best Books to Make Your Sleep Come Again

Do you have insomnia at night? Take a look at this article.
Nearly one-third of life is spent in sleep. In a sense, the quality of sleep determines the quality of life. The following booklist hopes to help you get sleep back again.

The Promise of Sleep: A Pioneer in Sleep Medicine Explores the Vital Connection Between Health, Happiness, and a Good...

Sleep better, live longer with the groundbreaking information and step-by-step program in this revolutionary book.

Healthful sleep has been empirically proven to be the single most important factor in predicting longevity, more influential than diet, exercise, or heredity. And yet we are a sleep-sick society, ignorant of the facts of sleep–and the price of sleep deprivation. In this groundbreaking book, based on decades of study on the frontiers of sleep science, Dr. William Dement, founder and director of the Stanford University Sleep Research Center, explains what happens when we sleep, when we don’t, and how we can reclaim the most powerful–and underrated–health miracle of all.

“Lively…extremely helpful…unlocks the secrets of a good night’s sleep.”

— San Francisco Chronicle

The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It

If you want to fix your sleep problems, Internet tips and tricks aren’t going to do it for you. You need to really understand what’s going on with your sleep–both what your problems are and how to solve them.

The Sleep Solution is an exciting journey of sleep self-discovery and understanding that will help you custom design specific interventions to fit your lifestyle. Drawing on his twenty-four years of experience within the field, neurologist and sleep expert W. Chris Winter will help you…

– Understand how sleep works and the ways in which food, light, and other activities act to help or hurt the process
– Learn why sleeping pills are so often misunderstood and used incorrectly–and how you can achieve your best sleep without them
– Incorporate sleep and napping into your life–whether you are a shift worker, student, or overcommitted parent
– Think outside the box to better understand ways to treat a multitude of
conditions–from insomnia to sleep apnea to restless leg syndrome and circadian sleep disorders
– Wade through the ever-changing sea of sleep technology and understand its value as it relates to your own sleep struggles

“I call Dr. Winter a sleep whisperer. Through his work with top athletes, he’s found an amazingly effective way to show that sleep can be the ultimate performance enhancer–in sports, at work, and in every aspect of our lives.”

— Arianna Huffington

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

Walker answers important questions about sleep: how do caffeine and alcohol affect sleep? What really happens during REM sleep? Why do our sleep patterns change across a lifetime? How do common sleep aids affect us and can they do long-term damage? Charting cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs, and synthesizing decades of research and clinical practice, Walker explains how we can harness sleep to improve learning, mood, and energy levels; regulate hormones; prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes; slow the effects of aging; increase longevity; enhance the education and lifespan of our children, and boost the efficiency, success, and productivity of our businesses. Clear-eyed, fascinating, and accessible, Why We Sleep is a crucial and illuminating book.

“Why We Sleep is an important and fascinating book…Walker taught me a lot about this basic activity that every person on Earth needs. I suspect his book will do the same for you.”

— Bill Gates

Say Goodnight to Insomnia: A Drug-free Programme Developed at Harvard Medical School eBook: Jacobs, Gregg D.: Amazon....

The book features scientifically proven methods for achieving greater mind-body control to improve not only sleep but also overall health and wellbeing. This is more than just a book about sleep; it is a book about improving yourself and your life.

“The breakthrough program with the scientifically proven power to help you sleep again.”

— Joan Borysenko, author of “Minding the Body, Ming the Mind”

Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day

Pelayo’s approach is to first take a step back and teach us how sleep works. He explains that nobody sleeps through the night; that the need for sleep is biological, but the way we sleep is learned; how much sleep you actually need each night, and that you can’t get by with less. Then, once readers understand sleep and why it’s so essential to our health and well-being, he offers a clear path to better sleep, with a flexible approach that will work for anyone. He offers a strategy for combatting jet lag: use your circadian rhythms to your advantage by maximising your exposure to daylight. He advises you to think of napping like snacking: snacks are fine to tide you over during long stretches between meals, but if snacking too much or too late keeps you from eating dinner, it’s a problem – same goes for naps and a good night’s sleep! And he cautions that alcohol is a double-edged sword: it may help you fall asleep, but it also disrupts your sleep cycle. The information in this friendly, accessible book will help readers sleep better, wake up refreshed, and have a healthier life.

“Easy to read and comprehensive. This book offers real practical guidance.”

— Matthew Walker, PhD, bestselling author of Why We Sleep