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Bridgera is a custom software development and service company specialized in building Internet of Things solutions.


Sensors and Actuators in IoT | Enabling Industrial Automation

Sensors and Actuators in IoT | Enabling Industrial Automation

IoT projects have more potential now than ever before. Sensors and actuators in IoT projects are key components of success. Sensors allow for machines in a system to receive data from the real world. On the other end, actuators allow the system to interact with the real world. As a result, the sensors and actuators available dictate the abilities of an IoT project.

This is an exciting time because technological advancements in recent years have made these devices mainstream for a number of reasons. Mainstream adoption typically reduces production cost and makes these devices even more available.

The sensors and actuators available today can work together with an enterprise software solution to enable almost any type of automation or remote monitoring. With basic knowledge of how these devices operate it becomes easy to see the potential an IoT solution can unlock. Join us as we explain various types of sensors and actuators in IoT projects.

Bridgera consults with businesses to identify their pain points and discover the devices that can address them. From there, an IoT solution can be designed to stand alone, or integrate with your existing systems.


IoT Waste Management | Renewing the Face of Waste

IoT Waste Management | Renewing the Face of Waste

IoT technology seems to be appearing everywhere these days, and for good reason too. This is especially true for jobs that are tedious, unpleasant, and even dangerous. This is why, when it comes to IoT management systems, waste management seems like a no brainer.

IoT waste management has many potential applications. From logistics like route planning, to the sorting of recycled materials. In fact, the next-generation supply chain has already proven that custom IoT enterprise solutions almost always have a beneficial ROI.

So what is holding IoT waste management from mainstream adoption? In most cases, it is a clear understanding of the potential use cases. Join us as we explore scenarios and explain the possibilities of the new technology.

Bridgera has a proven track record in creating custom end-to-end solutions for private sector waste management. Contact us for a demonstration of the platform, and how it can be used to manage your fleet, routes, and drivers with a single app.


Enterprise IoT Solutions: Customization is the Key

Enterprise IoT Solutions: Customization is the Key

For those who have ever made something, having the right tools for the job makes a huge difference. A table cannot be built with bare hands. Furthermore, a table built with modern tools is often more refined than one built with rudimentary tools.

This analogy can explain the place of IoT in a variety of settings. The rapid evolution of IoT enabled sensors, actuators and gateways parallels the advancement of modern tools. These tools make tasks easier and more efficient.

However, whereas a master craftsman is required to use these tools effectively, an IoT solution requires a system to manage all of its connected equipment. The best tools are wasted on an unskilled craftsman. Similarly, the best sensors and actuators are wasted if not implemented efficiently. In this respect, the customization of an Enterprise IoT solution represents the years spent refining one’s craft.

With business at stake, there is no place for amateurs. Enterprise level solutions often require integration into larger systems, smaller error margins, and unique use cases. These requirements are only possible with a customized product.

It takes experience to anticipate issues that require a custom approach. Join Bridgera as we discuss potential pain-points in Enterprise IoT solutions, and consult with our experts to learn more.

IoT Dashboard: An Upgrade to Remote Monitoring

Most people understand their car’s dash, even if they have no idea how it works. An IoT dashboard is similar, but can do much more. Often, these analytics can be added to your current solution.

Customized IoT solution from Bridgera

Is your company looking for a customizable enterprise IoT solution?Bridgera offers an established IoT Application Enablement Platform that can be seamlessly ...

Custom IoT Videos and Demonstrations | Bridgera IoT Platform

Watch videos of Bridgera's Custom IoT Platform, cloud IoT software platform and dashboards, the Internet of Things.

IoT Success Rests On Rapid IoT Prototyping – Bridgera

Deploying an untested IoT solution can be expensive and risky. Bridgera's rapid IoT prototyping engine eliminates the unknowns and streamlines IoT development.

Driver Location Tracking & Monitoring App | Bridgera TrackMe

Bridgera TrackMe is the best real time location monitoring app for tracking the status, location and route history of your assets & drivers. Request a free demo now!!

Industrial IoT (IIoT) Monitoring | Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Monitor industrial equipment anywhere with custom IoT applications offering insight into performance and data trends in real time via Bridgera's IIoT solutions.

Custom IoT Software Development Services | Enterprise Solutions

Bridgera is a leading custom software development company specialized in enterprise solutions. We offer custom IoT services for every industry. Request a free demo now!

IoT Wireless Technology: Radio Solutions of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a collection of components all working in concert to transmit and process data in real time. IoT wireless technology is one such component, and is an absolute necessity for sending data over any distance. But which radio technology is best for your application?

IoT Device Control Systems Enabled by the Simple Microcontroller

Curious about the world of IoT? This is the next entry in our series about IoT systems, and focuses on the brains of every IoT device: the control systems!


Real-Time Driver Location Monitoring

Real-Time Driver Location Monitoring

Whether you're new to the world of GPS tracking solutions and looking for a starting point, or you're looking to bolster an existing solution with more comprehensive tracking capabilities, Bridgera can help.

With driver tracking capabilities enabled by the Internet of Things, business owners can be confident that their operators are getting the job done on time. Contact us today to learn more, or request a demo to see our solutions in action.

Healthcare Asset Tracking and Indoor Hospital Navigation: A Mutual Development

IoT enabled indoor asset tracking platforms are enabling new healthcare focused solutions. Also, these platforms have multivariate and flexible use-cases.

Indoor Asset Tracking Made Easy

Indoor asset tracking solutions show the most potential to benefit from emerging IoT technology. Longer battery and better indoor range are just a few benefits.

Enhance Machine Performance Through IoT-Enabled Monitoring and Automation

From the machine-as-a-service (MaaS) model to Industry 4.0, IoT remote monitoring solutions are forging stronger relationships between OEMs and their customers.

IoT Healthcare Solutions | Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in Healthcare

Monitor patients and devices using custom IoMT dashboards offering insight into performance and data trends in real time via Bridgera's IoMT platform.

Telemedicine is reducing healthcare costs with IoT technology

Telemedicine has been proven to reduce readmissions and other adverse events at a cost that is less than the cost of the problems themselves.

Software Platform Basics: Understand What You're Buying

A software platform may accelerate a project timeline, but don't confuse it with a complete solution. Here's what to consider when building on a platform.