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Must-read books and recommended reasons for kids aged 10 to 14

Experts call this stage around the age of 10-14 as the “historical story & knowledge theory period”. During this period, children’s reading volume and reading speed have improved, and they have begun to discover that reading is also a pleasure. At the same time, they have a clearer understanding of the world and can look at problems from multiple angles. The bibliography read has also transitioned from simple storybooks to reading materials covering all kinds of knowledge and exploring profound issues.

Anne of Green Gables, Complete 8-Book Box Set

This is a novel describing the lives of children, a classic for centuries. The growth process of an insignificant little girl is warm and touching. Her body and mind, her sensitivity, her vanity, her pride, children will be touched after reading. The description of the scenery is very delicate, which makes people feel peaceful after reading it. It is not only suitable for children, but also suitable for adults.

“Anne…epitomises everything I hope to be: someone who takes joy in the world around her, and, with her fantasies (though up in her red head) shares that joy around her.” —The Guardian

The Secret Garden (Vintage Children's Classics)

“The Secret Garden” is the most prestigious work of the American children’s literature writer Mrs. Burnett and a classic in the world’s children’s literature. When Burnett arranged his garden in New York in 1909, he had a sudden inspiration and conceived this wonderful story. In the book, the author proposed to us her own concept of education-expensive education does not necessarily produce good children. Children love nature and desire to get rid of the constraints. Complying with the requirements of lively nature, children who grow up in the wilderness and in the garden, bathed in natural breath, are truly healthy.

The Secret Garden should be on every child’s bookshelf. — The Times

Giver (Essential Modern Classics)

This book is too classic. This is one of the masterpieces of American writer Lois Lowry, a two-time winner of the Newbery Gold Medal and a candidate for the International Andersen Prize. This is a profoundly thoughtful science fiction novel that tells the process of the growth and awakening of young Jonas, while also reflecting on the utopian system and the form of social organization. The story of a primary school student shows us a world different from reality. It has been made into a movie of the same name, but it is said to be a bad film. Let’s read the original.

“The Giver, a powerful and provocative novel, is sure to keep older children reading and thinking.” — New York Times

Heidi (Puffin in Bloom)

This extremely cute and caring Heidi is already the “spokesperson” of Switzerland. The author Johanna Spyri portrays the countryside and the city, the poor and the rich, the adults and the children, and presents a beautiful scenery, the fragrance of birds and flowers, people love and help each other, and live in harmony with nature. Natural, simple and touching.

I just love this book. It was one of the first books I had as a child and loved the story. I have visited snow-covered mountains and whilst there Heidi was always in my thoughts. That is why I purchased the book to read again. I would definitely recommend this book and the seller, as I received it very promptly. — Mrs J Matthews, a reader

The Graveyard Book

This is another classic fantasy novel by Neal Gaiman, which won the Newbery Award and the Hugo Award. It tells how to raise a child in a cemetery, how the protagonist gradually grows up in a desolate cemetery, and how to socialize with friends who are alive and dead. Gaiman’s style is horrible, but the theme is positive, giving people good hope and believing that life is beautiful.

“Like a bite of dark Halloween chocolate, this novel proves rich, bittersweet and very satisfying.”

— Washington Post

The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread

This is a get Newbery Award fairy tale, although there are princess, castle, fairy tale, this is different from the previous story. The little mouse Despereaux was born with a personality, brave and fearless, and completely violated the rules and precepts of the mouse kingdom, so he was expelled. But it is also the long-lost sunshine his bravery brought to the hazy human kingdom, which is worth reading for boys.

The author of Because of Winn-Dixie and The Tiger Rising here shifts gears, demonstrating her versatility while once again proving her genius for mining the universal themes of childhood. . . . I must tell you, you are in for a treat.

— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

My Side of the Mountain

This is an adventure novel that won the Silver Medal of the Newbery Children’s Literature Award. It tells the story of a boy learning to live alone in the wild. Those teenagers who are eager to go out and take risks will love it. There are adventures that urban children have not experienced, various nature and animals that they have not seen, and how to get along with these animals. More suitable for boys.

I purchased for my baby nephew as his birthday present and he loves it…a beautiful story at bedtime with youngsters when snuggled up and excited to know what happens next 🙂

— Lauren Davies, a reader


This is a Gold Medal work of Newbury. It tells the adventure story of a 13-year-old boy. It is worth mentioning that all the scenes of forest life in the book are the author’s personal experience, so it looks very real and enjoyable. In addition, after reading a set of books, children can understand a lot of survival skills in the wild. Boys will be more interested than girls. Cultivate the courage of boys, this is the first book.

I liked this book. There was a lot of suspense – you did not know if Brian would survive. I recommend this book to ten to fourteen-year-olds, girls and boys.

— Fiona, a reader

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

This book was named “No. 1 Book of Inspirational Life” by the National Library of New York. The girl in the book is not very beautiful, nor is it noble and perfect. She is lively and active, and she has a happy atmosphere all over her body. She always wants to bring happiness to others. The former mayor of New York said that this book established the entire American spirit-optimistic, positive, cheerful, friendly, and curious about external things.
This book tells children how to face an unfamiliar new environment, it does not depend on the environment itself, nor does it depend on how people here treat you, but only depends on your attitude towards life.

This is classic girl’s reading of a bygone age. I hope it will inspire my granddaughters to view the highest principles in life as something to aim for, even in a very different modern world. It is funny and sad by turns, but Rebecca is someone all normal girls should be able to identify with. She is up there with Anne of Green Gables, and Katy, and all the “Little House” books.

— epitome, a reader

Understood Betsy

This book is named one of the “World’s TOP 100 most classic children’s books”. It tells a story of a girl who grew up from timid to independent and brave. This story of a nine-year-old girl named Betsy shows children, especially young girls the way to be independent, strong and mature.

“A lovely book. One of my favorites as a child and now my daughter’s favorite. Heartwarming, funny and gentle, it celebrates a young girl’s emotional growth through love of family. A classic.”

— Bardgal, a reader

Mary Poppins

The author of this book, Richard M. Sherman, is a world-wisely influential fantasy literature writer in the 20th century. Her works is known for its abundant imagination and strong sense of humor. She created a superhuman figure, Mary Poppins, with her rich imagination. Like harry potter, Mary is a symbolic character for the Great Britain. Being a nanny, the way she manages to educate naughty children is an inspiration to us all. This book bears a certain level of literariness. Mary Poppins would be a nanny in every kid’s dreams.

“I was so pleased with this purchase for my daughter as it contains all the one you dont find in the Disney books for example. I love to laugh and the perfect nanny, plus stay awake which is just lovely.”

— Beetroot queen, a reader

Harriet the Spy

This book is an award-winning work and named one of the TOP 50 best children’s books in the 20th century. Harriet is a curious, and smart girl. She spies on adults and classmates around her and records her observations in a notebook. But one day, Harriet accidentally lost the notebook. Her classmates found the notebook and read through it. It was real and hurtful. The whole story is imaginative. It teaches children that sometimes it is alright to tell a white lie considering the feelings of others.

“As Harriet Welsch unravels mysteries about Annie, she comes to embrace many kinds of different love–of parents, of friends, of herself, and others who will come into and out of her life.”

— BookLoons

Bridge to Terabithia

This book is a classic written by international Hans Christian Andersen award and international Lindgren award winner, Katherine Paterson. It tells the story of a ten-year-old boy, Jess, living in the countryside farm with four sisters and endless chores to do. It talks about friendship, dream, death and growing up in hope that children could learn to prepare before making a decision and calmly face sorrow and death.

“Set in contemporary rural America, the story is one of remarkable richness and depth, beautifully written.”

— The Horn Book

Esperanza Rising (Scholastic Gold)

This is a book telling the story of how a Mexican girl, Esperanza, grew up. The story draws a beautiful picture of how Mexican American communities unite and rake care of each other. The brilliant portrayal of the dust storm of California or the defeat of the police in a labor protest are impressive. It also provides a basic understanding of cultural diversity and related history.

“Ryan writes a moving story in clear, poetic language that children will sink into, and the book offers excellent opportunities for discussion and curriculum support.”

— Booklist

Watership Down

This is an animal fable, the author’s description of his ideal country. The text looks very smooth, and there is nothing obscure. Since its publication, this book has gained a superb reputation and has been highly praised by major British media. The British “Guardian” commented on the book and said, “This is an amazing book. A complete and extremely real world is also a profound revelation of the human world.” So adults and children are suitable for watching: adults can look at the social structure, children can listen to adventure stories, and they can learn a lot about rabbits.

I chose the book because I heard a commentator in Britain talking about it Then I realised it was about rabbits! Still, by the end of tne second chapter I was hooked Their lives are personified with the same likeable traits, stiving for life and then, MUCH MORE. I am glad I heard that stray commentary which led me to pick up this book.

— An amazon customer

Misty of Chincoteague

Margaret Henry’s Newbury Silver Award novel is based on real life in Cincoti, and tells the adventure story of the boy Paul and his sister Maureen on Cincoti to protect the wild horse “Phantom” . The story is very exciting, realism is intertwined with psychedelic colors, encouraging children to work hard to realize their dreams, and implying that people and animals should live in harmony.

King of the Wind was my favourite book for a solid decade after I read it when I was nine. Bought this for a young friend who likes reading.

— Stephanie, a reader

The Diary of a Young Girl

“The Diary of a Young Girl” is a record of the life and emotions of the author Anne Frank when she hid in the secret room two years before her death. It records how a growing girl faced war and racial persecution, self-growth and positioning, and the emotions and emotions of seeking freedom. The experience, although not so turbulent, ups and downs, but used the most sincere description to write to the world the painful experience of the dark age, showing amazing courage and perseverance.
This little girl’s diary has received a very high evaluation in the world. Former U.S. President Kennedy commented that “Among the many people in history who spoke for human dignity at the time of major suffering and loss, there is no voice more than Anne Frank’s. Sonorous and powerful.”

Before reading this book I thought this book is for kids but anyway I gave it a try and I am so gladful that I didn’t miss it and also I have a regret that I didn’t read this one for this much longer.

— Ramees Rahman, a reader

A Short History of Nearly Everything

This book is the most popular popular science book in recent years. The author uses a clear, humorous and witty brushwork to compile the many interesting stories from the Big Bang to the development of human civilization. The author’s writing is fluent and interesting, and the rich philosophical taste of the language is deeply enlightening. It is both easy to understand and fascinating, which inspires and exercises children’s thinking ability.

A genuinely useful and readable book. There is a phenomenal amount of fascinating information packed between its covers … A thoroughly enjoyable, as well as educational, experience. Nobody who reads it will ever look at the world around them in the same way again.

— Daily Express

Number the Stars

This is a historical novel that won the Newbery Prize for Literature. It allows children to learn what courage is. Since the Nazis occupied Denmark, many things that Anne was familiar with as a child have disappeared from her life. There are always German soldiers standing guard on every street corner. It was not until the Nazis launched an operation to hunt Jews in Denmark, when Anne had to stand up to protect her Jewish friends, that she realized the difficulty of maintaining courage for the first time through her actions.

The whole work is seamless, compelling, and memorable–impossible to put down; difficult to forget.

— The Horn Book

Out of My Mind

As soon as the book was released in the United States, it was on the New York Times bestseller list and was awarded many awards in the United States. Major book reviews have given high praise. The story and text of this book are very good, and the principles in the book are also very helpful to children. The author’s optimistic and positive attitude towards suffering, persistence in life and unremitting efforts are a role model for every child, as well as a review and care of our adult society about tolerance, understanding and acceptance of the growth of tolerance, understanding and acceptance. Everyone is imperfect, and we are unable to change this, and accepting everyone is something we can strive to change.

A real thought provoker, this book really challenged the way I viewed the disabled community in a way that many other books and television pieces have failed to. Take a look at Melody’s everyday struggles as she navigates her days with no way to communicate with others, not even her mother and father, or as she tries to fit in and make friends like a normal 5th grader. I appreciate that this isn’t just a book about a kid in a wheelchair, its a story about that kid’s journey and how she has to make the world stop and listen to what she has to say. I’d recommend this read to anybody of any age or background. Easy enough for younger readers and interesting enough for the older ones as well.

— A teen reader

The Neverending Story

“The Neverending Story” is the pinnacle of children’s book master Mitchell Ender, and has been adapted into films, TV series, cartoons, ballets, operas, plays, etc., and has won many international awards. In short, it is a very good fantasy novel with great structure and connotation. The metaphor seems to be drawn from the subconscious, and the aftertaste is meaningful. The author’s rigour and an amazing imagination, as well as many beautiful passages with an amazing imagination, make this book full of philosophical meaning.

This was my favourite book when I was a kid but I could never find a copy to buy. I was disappointed there was no kindle version but I’m happy to finally have a copy of my very own! Arrived quickly and in good condition.

— Ant, a reader

Inside Out & Back Again

This is a children’s novel that won the Newbury Silver Award for Children’s Literature and the National Book Award for Youth Literature. The author delicately tells the story of a strong and beautiful growth experienced by a little girl when she was ten years old. Combined with her own experience and insights, her description of the psychological changes of the protagonist He is particularly delicate, true and touching. Everyone will encounter such and other setbacks as they grow up, and love and dreams are the eternal force that supports us. Poetry text is easy to read, and while reading the story, you can also savour the beautiful language in the book.

Written by Felix, age 10
I like how this book has a great storyline, though it is in writing in the style of lots of different poems. It also fits in with the lessons I am learning about in class. I am learning about WWII and discrimination so it’s great to learn about the effects of another war too.

— Felix, a reader

The Callender Papers

This is a grand prize novel that won the International Authoritative Award Allen Poe Award for Best Youth Mystery Novel. It tells a story about the love and growth of a secret attic in a special form of mystery. The plot is compact and a little bit thrilling. Through the protagonist’s daily stories and the results of inferences from the clever mind, the themes of greed, sin and self-eating are expressed.

“Entertaining, interesting, and well-written”.

— New York Times Book Review

My Sweet Orange Tree

The author of this book is a very legendary Brazilian writer. Many of the characters and scenes in his works come from his rich life experience. My Sweet Orange Tree is his autobiographical novel, a story conceived for 42 years but written in only 12 days. Accurately “simulating” the tone of a five-year-old boy, recording a warm and sad piece of life. The mental journey of a five-year-old child allows readers to understand what the child thinks and also see the great power of positive education.

A great light children’s book about the pains of poverty from a naughty child’s perspective set in Brazil. Justifiably popular across the world but for some reason relatively unknown in the UK.

— John, a reader

Dead end in norvelt

This semi-autobiographical historical novel contains elements that children love: history, horror, and adventure. The little boy in the book is directly called the author’s own name: Jack Gangtos, showing a thrilling, exciting and suspenseful fantasy journey experienced in Norfo Town. The author perfectly combines real history and unconstrained imagination. The storyline is full of tension. It depicts the growth of a child from an interesting and insightful perspective. He also won the 2012 Newbery Gold Award and also won the Soho in the same year. Thayer Award for Historical Fiction.

“This is a brilliant book, full of history, mystery, and laughs. It reminded me of my small-town childhood, although my small town was never as delightfully weird as Norvelt.”

— Dave Barry