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The Best Google+ Communities

These are the best Google+ Communities active today. By "best" we mean the most active and engaging - not necessarily the most members.

Feel free to suggest more communities, but please note that all submissions will be moderated.


Google Plus for Small Business - Google+

Google Plus for Small Business focuses on using tools and techniques that will actually help your business make the most out of Google Plus. External links are only allowed if they are to a post about Google Plus.

Christians in Business - Google+

Christians in Business Community is a place where Christians from all faith traditions can gather and discuss Business. Especially topics about what it means to be a Christian workman, business owner, community leader, and taking the Gospel message of Jesus Christ with us everywhere we go.

Google+ Helper Community

We are trying to create a helpful Google+ library here, that's why the questions don't belong in any other category. When the newcomers click on any category, we wish them to quickly find advice, tips and help, not any questions.

Spammers are reported and banned immediately. Think if your post is fitting - is it about Google+? If not, don't post here, please.

Fitness & Nutrition - Google+

Mission*: The Fitness and Nutrition Google + Community is dedicated to providing an engaging, motivational, and informative environment, focused on addressing health as a total condition. This includes the integration of nutrition, exercise, preventative medical care, and emotional health. The community embraces a range of views on these topics, but with an eye on maintaining the highest quality sources.

Google Authorship & Author Rank - Google+

Discussions and news updates relating to Google Authorship, which allows content creators to connect their content from across the web to their Google+ profiles. We also discuss the theoretical Google Author Rank search ranking factor. Please keep posts on-topic and submit to the appropriate category. NO LINK DUMPING.

APE: Authors, Publishers, Entrepreneurs - Google+

Welcome to the APE community! Started by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch for authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs to discuss writing, publishing, editing, and marketing books. We're open to any writers that wish to join and are interested in the above topics. Our goal here is to learn how to write, publish, and market a book. This is not a community for you to market your next great book, promote your services or share your latest blog post.

Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed & Small Business - Google+

This is a community for entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup founders and the self employed. All are welcome her no matter how small or humble the business or venture. This community is for anyone who owns or is building their own business. READ BEFORE POSTING 1. Self promotion.

Strategic Social Networking - Google+

The Strategic Social Networking community is focused on discussing all topics related to social media, content, and social networks. Spam will be deleted. Linked content must be compelling, engaging, understandable and result oriented. Incomprehensible, irrelevant or advertising laden posts will be deleted.

Zero Links Blogging Discussion - Google+

This community is for all topics surrounding blogs, blogging, blog platforms, blog hosting, webmastering, generating income, SEO and all other blog or website management related discussion. THIS IS A ZERO LINKS COMMUNITY We have a zero tolerance policy on links & promotion of any kind. Before posting please see the Rules & Guidelines link below.

Real Estate - Google+

Using Google Plus to discuss anything related to Real Estate whether it be general in nature or more specific topics including financing & mortgages, home staging, short sales & foreclosures, social media & SEO, as well as tips to improve your business. This IS NOT a place for personal promotion!

LinkedIn for Business - Google+

A community of people who love spending time on LinkedIn to expand their network, increase leads, drive more sales, and achieve their business goals. Please support members by +1ing, commenting, and sharing great posts. Rules: To keep our community valuable and interesting, I will remove any posts that are irrelevant, redundant, inappropriate, or overly self-promotional.

Social Media Mentors - Google+

Social Media Mentors has a dual purpose: One aspect is creating a space on G+ for thought leaders, early adopters and social media aficionados to gather, share new ideas and discuss topics of interest.

The other is to be a resource for those who are less well versed in the art of socia media, to offer ourselves as a resource to give back to the Google+ sphere.

WE are a No SPAM Zone. The best way to get noticed is to share quality content, help others, be a true leader. When you do that, shameless self-promotion is not necessary.

Social Media Strategy - Community - Google+

A heavily moderated/curated community talking about all possible uses of Social Media for business and promotion. This community may have one of the highest moderation bars of any community on Google+, but we do this to provide the best value for our members.

Google+ Updates - Google+

Your community to discuss any Google+ updates, brought to you by Google Plus Daily. This is the community to speculate what updates might be coming, report updates you've found, and to share feature requests. This is NOT the community for posting help related questions, these will be removed without notice.

St. Louis Networking - Google+

This Community exists to help business owners connect with other business owners to exchange ideas, discuss relevant topics, share referrals and get to know one another better. St. Louis Networking is your virtual networking meeting. St. Louis Networking supports and encourages local networking chapters, and any networking group is welcome to use this forum for discussions and announcements.

Niche Site Community - Google+

A community to share tips, discuss issues and help each other become more successful with niche sites. This is a community for honest and responsible owners wanting to learn from and help others. LINKS: Only on-topic and high quality links will be accepted. Links must have an introduction. No affiliate links allowed.

Social Recruiting - Google+ is hosting a July 30th conference on recruitment in the social media era at Google's Tel Aviv campus. Topics to be covered include employee referrals in the social media age, the art of networking and changes in work culture. To read coverage of the conference, check Tomigo's blog ( right after the event.

Social Media Professionals - Community - Google+

Are you a social media professional? Are you in charge of public relations or marketing for your business, or perhaps for promoting yourself? Use this community as a sounding board - talk to other professionals in the field, get advice and feedback on ideas and thoughts you may have on current, past, or future marketing campaigns, and we can have some water-cooler style chat as well, hopefully centered on the topic of social media, of course!

Sales, Management & Business Tips - Google+

Sales, Management & Business can be tough, really tough. We understand this so we decided that we would put together this group to round up some great information and advice to help everyone out there. We encourage everyone to share their blogs, anything interesting they find and general advice!

Podcasters - Google+

For those podcasters that want help with their shows or pass information along. This community to help with your podcast or to give help in podcasting. RULES: * - If you post, please post in ENGLISH. - Although this is NOT a self-promotion board, you can *post important shows or events only.