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Email NewsLetters Tips

What are your top email newsletter tips?


Makes Lists A Regular Expectation

Makes Lists A Regular Expectation

Think of your emails as a newspaper. You gotta have different sections: News, Sports, Dear Abby, etc. If you're a subscriber? Part of your newsletter should be a list of the week. I simply save content that I like, add it to my lists, and when I hit 7-8 on the list? It's good to go. Content curation is incredibly value-add for your audience... there's so much crap out there that you become an expert when you can sort through it all and give people the goods. I make lists for business owners... click my name (above) to see what I'm talking about in action.

Are your customers ignoring your emails?

An email marketing campaign starts with getting names and emails, remember we gain permission first. But that's not the end of your email campaign, not by a long shot. People need to be emailed in order to read them! I know too many businesses that collect the emails but get too scared to email their customers!


ROCK the subject title!

ROCK the subject title!

What makes you open an email?
If your subject title is not compelling, you lose before you hit send. Make it a question. Push envelopes while staying business-friendly. Make it so tempting to open that email, they can hardly wait!! :)

Make your email personal, text only and use conversion tips

I add a bit of personality and humor to my e-mail newsletters and send them text only with no fancy graphics. I often get great feedback and get 40% open rates. I also use lots of techniques to convert people to e-mail subscribers on the blog, see the link!

My top tips for increasing email readership

I think that it’s very important to remember that however many subscribers you have, most of them will not be reading your newsletter (that’s just to avoid disappointment). But in order to get those few readers to act after reading your newsletter, I think that it’s very important to customize it, keep it short and concise (the more there is to read the less likely they are to do it) and always include one call to action (if you have too many it can give less results).

Want to get more from your old newsletter content?

Here's my 1st tip with a link to example.

Make a list and share and embed the list on your blog.

This was a great idea that I first saw implemented by Mark Jones of @Collaboris and the SharePoint Community


Less pomp & circumstance

Less pomp & circumstance

I think great newsletters have less pomp & circumstance AKA plain text and limited images/multimedia. It could be one compelling video or photo.

Then talk directly to the reader and be personal. Share your feelings and stories.

Incorporate frequent line breaks so it's easy to read. Long paragraphs make us think it's a heavy e-mail!

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