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5 Things to Do in Chanthaburi – Thai Excursions in the East

Located in the eastern reaches of Thailand, Chanthaburi is a culturally diverse town that's full excitement and adventure. There's plenty of enthralling things to do here – so, here's a look at the very best experiences Chanthaburi has to offer.


Visit Chantaboon

The Chantaboon Waterfront is a great place to start your Chanthaburi adventures in. This is an area that has had strong ties to China for centuries, and the Chinese influence is obvious in Chantaboon's architecture, cuisine and people. Over the past few decades, this small town has transformed into a popular tourist attraction. The main draws of Chantaboon are the majestic churches you'll find here – a reminder of the area's colonial roots.


Explore a Massive Cathedral

The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is Thailand's largest cathedral, and it's found right here in Chanthaburi. As far as Chanthaburi attractions go, they don't get more impressive than this marvel of construction. The architecture and design of the cathedral lean towards a Gothic style and includes decorative features like stone sculptures and intricately painted stained-glass windows. In front of the cathedral's altar, you'll find one of the most well-crafted statues of the Virgin Mary in the country. This fantastic attraction is found right at the centre of Chanthaburi and should be a quick visit for anyone staying at one of the region's prominent hotels – say, for example, the Chatrium Golf & Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi.


Peruse the Gem Markets

Selling gems is a popular trade here in Chanthaburi and you'll find plenty of gem markets all around town. The best place to peruse gems is the aptly named Gem Road. Here you'll find a number of stalls all lined up along the street. These markets are usually open on Friday and the weekend and you won't find a better deal for some precious gems anywhere else in the region.


Trek Through Namtok Phlio

Namtok Philo is a national park that's renowned for its mountains and waterfalls. In fact, the park owes its name to the massive waterfall found at its centre. The park is found around 14 kilometres away from Chanthaburi Town, so it isn't a travel commitment either. There's a long hiking trail you can follow here. This will take you to most of the park's highlights including the aforementioned waterfall and up to several mountains. Be sure to bring your camera with you for this as you'll be treated to some spectacular views from the mountain tops. Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for flashes of colour amidst the trees – there're several rare bird varieties that call the park home.


Visiting Wat Khao Sukim

The Wat Khao Sukim is an important cultural landmark found in Chanthaburi. It is considered to be sacred ground by the region's Buddhist populace and the temple attracts pilgrims and tourists from all across Thailand. What you'll notice immediately when you arrive here is just how calm everything is. The Wat's gardens are shaded by a myriad of trees and complemented via intricate carvings and statues.