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Exotic tattoo blogs

By reading tattoo blogs, you can get answers to many questions about the tattoo industry and know a lot of information.
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Tattoo Spree—— Tom Hardy - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

*Tattoo Spree—— Tom Hardy *
The man loves tattoos too much, and there are more than 20 tattoos on his body. He will occasionally be a guest tattooer. If you see this face and you haven’t recognized who he is, you must be impressed by the role he played in the movie. The first is the 《Mad Max:Fury Road》 which is seen in this year’s release.

Three things for American soldiers in the harbor: picking up girls, getting drunk and tattoos - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo m...

Contemporary tattoos can be traced back to the 15th century in the West. European pilgrims marked the places they were going to and their hometowns and spouses on their bodies. If they died on the trip, they could help identify their identity. From the 16th to the 17th century, western sailors brought New Zealand’s colorful tattoo culture to Europe. The first voyager who brought the tattoo back to Europe in 1691 was known as the “Tattoo Prince”, who had 338 tattoo designs on his body.

How Much Do You Know about Prison Tattoos II - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

How Much Do You Know about Prison Tattoos II
Last time I wrote an article “Prison tattoos to express self-esteem and rights”, which explored tattoo elements in American prisons. Today I will talk more about prison tattoos.

Tattoos and Religion - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

Tattoos and Religion
In the Middle Ages, many Christian soldiers would tattoo their crosses on their hands to indicate that if they died in battle, they asked people to bury them in a Christian funeral.

How to Fix Tattoo Machine Problems - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

*How to Fix Tattoo Machine Problems *
What’s the difference between a coil tattoo machine and a rotary tattoo machine? What if the tattoo machine stop working? Mr.Shi is going to teach you to fix tattoo machine problems. Click the video and share it.
Mr.Shi: Today, I will talk about the tattoo tools we use. Tattoo tools have 2 types. One is used by hand, the other is driven by electricity.

Not Just Tattoo | They Tell Stories with Their Bodies! - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tatto...

*Not Just Tattoo | They Tell Stories with Their Bodies! *
David Beckham

“I do not regret every tattoo, each of them has meaning. I think the importance of these tattoos is that sense, if they make sense, you will never regret it.”

Recently, David’s wife Victoria on Instagram post Beckham’s new tattoo on the palm of his hand, is a cartoon little man and a little heart, so why tattoo a so cute pattern? It is said that David’s daughter, Harper, tattooed her daughter’s graffiti on his body. Beckham’s love for her daughter is also “blind”!

How to take care of new tattoos? - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

** How to take care of new tattoos?**
Mr.Shi tells you aftercare for tattoos. What should you and your guest do to avoid infection? Read this article or watch this video, you will know how to take care of a new tattoo.

Want a tattoo but afraid of the pain, maybe you can try henna tattoo - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨...

Want a tattoo but afraid of the pain, maybe you can try henna tattoo
Once I have told you about “Tragedy Caused by Black Henna Tattoos“. Today I want to introduce you to the real Henna tattoo.

Henna tattoo originated in India, also called “mehndi”, is a short period of time that can be saved body painting, is an ancient art of body decoration, very popular in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Henna tattoos and tattoo are not the same, its biggest advantage is that not make you feel pain. Both can be seen as body art, the former approach is painted, the latter needling. Henna tattoos on the body of the short residence time (Probably it will disappear after a few weeks). The tattoo will leave a permanent mark.

In the early days, Henna tattoos mainly to the bride before the wedding ceremony for decoration. According to tradition in India, every woman must draw henna tattoos while married.

The bride must be the gorgeous dress, wear gold and silver jewelry, a symbol of the future of the noble and rich; in the body, hands, and feet painted with patterns, to Allah, God, pray for happiness.

According to the survey, this hand-painted art has 5,000 years of history, it became popular in the 1990s. In China’s Xinjiang, Yunnan can also see specialized in painting henna tattoos painted division.

We are familiar with the tattoo needle into the skin with a colored bottom. The Henna tattoos are painted with hand-painted pigment in the skin surface. After completion of the pigment and the like after dry drawing and then scraped clean, prior to the draw, a good pattern will emerge. This left a reddish-brown mark.

Henna tattoo pigments used are called “Henna” plants. I was a child who also uses it to dyed nails.

This shrub with leaves and buds of plants, ground into an extremely fine paste. It has become an important hand-painted raw material for Henna tattoos.

In India, the bride Henna tattoo patterns have lots of meanings. A lot of flowers represent the bride” blessing many sons, “the peacock and lotus is the national bird and national flower of India, the symbol of beauty, wealth. Raising the nose of an elephant represents family prosperity and good luck.

But now many other areas of the Henna tattoo artists will incorporate other patterns into the Henna tattoo according to their own design style. In addition to Indian flowers, birds, and elephants, Henna tattoos can be different.

I was lucky enough to get to know a Chinese Henna tattoo artist——Felix.

He also incorporates his own style in Henna tattoos, such as the Henna tattoo with Chinese style elements.

In fact, Henna tattoos can also be painted by ourselves. Anyone who wants to paint can draw their own paintings. If they are wrong, they can be wiped off immediately. This is much more convenient than going to tattoos. It is especially suitable for people who want tattoos and are afraid of regrets.

If you paint Henna tattoo by yourself, it is not recommended to buy Hannah tattoo cream on the Internet. According to Henna tattooist Felix, many of the Henna tattoos sold online have added chemical ingredients that are likely to make skin allergic. After all, the real Henna tattoo cream is a pure plant dye that is not added, even can use for women and children.

You can also find your friends who good at draw pictures and help you draw some large patterns. When the Henna tattoo cream is dry and peeled off, it will be very beautiful. If you are worried about poor painting, you should go to a professional Henna tattoo artist!

About Henna Tattoo Color:
Henna only natural brown-red can be maintained 10-15 days, Henna improved color as well as black, etc., to maintain 3-7 days, a metal such as gold, silver,  white color for 1 day or 3-7 days, depending on the material depending black and color contain some chemical substances, allergies need to be cautious and easy to use.

After the Henna tattoo is drawn, is it automatically dried or washed off after drying?
When I looked at the information, I saw that some of them were scraped off after drying out, and some were washed after 20-60 minutes after painting. According to Felix, this is based on color. (The longer the paste stays, the darker the color)

What's the Tattoo that Okinawa has been Spread for Hundreds of Years? - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies...

Tattoo culture of the Ryukyu Kingdom’s 
Okinawa, Japan, used to be the Ryukyu Kingdom. They have a culture completely different from the Japanese mainland, 「ハジチ(Hajichi)」is one of them.
From the southern tip of Japan’s Amami Islands to the area around the Ryukyu Islands, women have been accustomed to tattoo from the fingertips to the elbow, and called it “Hajichi”.

Women will stab such a tattoo on the hand, it used to ward off evil. Hajichi tattoo also a symbol of married and maturity, after the stabbed woman, will be blessed, and it has entered a new stage of life meaning.

There are different tattoo parts and patterns on each island. Some of the islands are also handed down the ancient belief that there is no “Hajichi” female afterlife will toil a lifetime.

Japan tattoo experienced appears and disappears constantly repeated, it has a great form and aesthetic development in the Edo period. On the other hand, the Ainu of Hokkaido is Japan’s indigenous people. Adult women will tattoo on hands and beside the mouth. Currently, in the Ainu ceremony still is implemented in such a tradition, adult women will draw with paint next to the mouth.

Limited ancient art
Meiji government, strictly limited tattoos. Canceled the isolationist policy, trying to become civilized countries in Europe and America shoulder to shoulder, for both tattoo artists and tattoo off imposed strict limits.

In addition, the practice of female tattoo in Ainu and Okinawa regions is also affected. Although some people secretly tattoo, once they are found, they will be arrested by the police due to their fall behind and rough. And forced to remove with surgery or hydrochloric acid cleaning method. Now, tattoo customs from generation to generation in these areas are disappeared.

Now 70-year-old Lensman Hiroaki Yamashiro in 2012 published a collection entitled 《Hajichi》 of photography. He said all subjects lived to be 100 years old or more, and proudly showed off their tattoos. Introduction of this tattoo.

Today, people are working to restore the ancient art of the centuries-old grounds that Okinawa and Kagoshima’s unique customs are of great significance in culture and history.

How to Make Tattoo 2020 | Tattoo Skill Levels and The Differences - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wor...

How to Make Tattoo 2020 | Tattoo Skill Levels and The Differences
In this part, Mr.Shi will share his idea about tattoo skill levels and tell you their differences. I cannot wait to hear what he is going to talk about.

Mr.Shi: As I said in part 1, you need to learn the tattoo techniques, tattoo needle skills, tattoo styles, and painting. Someone told me it was too difficult. But you can learn it in a simple or complex way. You can make money even if you are just at a primary level. If you want to do it better, you must learn all the practical skills. Well, I divided tattooing into 3 levels, primary level, intermediate level, and advanced level. The primary level is the first level, but it is not the easiest. The primary level means that you can add a program in your shop and you can make all tattoo patterns.

Question1: What is the primary level?
In my opinion, the primary level has 8 characteristics. The first characteristic is that your tattoo machine technique not bad. The tattoo machine technique means you do know how to use a tattoo machine when you are making tattoos. Many people, especially tattoo beginners told me they could not use the machine well since the machine is too heavy and shakes heavily. When they were making complex tattoo, it was difficult to make outlines. And the shading is uneven either. That ‘s because their tattoo machine skills aren’t perfect enough. They are at the primary level. They can only hold the machine steady, but can not make an outline at a high standard. What is a high standard? High standard means that he can finish a line in one time when someone is making outlines. What is more, the thickness and smoothness of the lines and the depth of needles are controlled perfectly. You can make tattoos even if you are just at the primary level. But it may take you double time to finish a tattoo or to achieve the effects you want.

The second characteristic is that your tattoo needle skills are not bad. Like pencils, tattoo needles also have different sizes. Tattoo needle diameters, counts, and groupings are various. We need to use different needles according to different body parts and tattoo patterns because the thickness of the skins on different parts is different. Shall we make the line real or virtual? Shall we tattoo regularly, fast or slow?  If you are at the primary level, you don’t know the answers and you can’t control the depth of needles well. And you can not control the speed of the tattoo machine, power supply or your hands perfectly.

The third characteristic is that you can not change needle depth perfectly. The most difficult is to control the needle depth. Even though we can not see how much the needle goes into the skin, we can feel the depth by training tattoo needle skills. I will teach you 20 to 40 needle depths. The thickness of skin is between 1.2mm to 1.5mm, so there are 40 depths from the surface to 1.5mm. Well, how do we judge needle depth? It depends on the thickness of lines, light, and shade of the pattern, and body parts. In order to make a perfect tattoo, reduce skin damage, and avoid the risk of infection, we have to learn tattoo needle skills. We talk about skin complications in the later videos. For example, hyperplasia, demitint, rejection action, swelling, excessive bleeding, ink become blue, etc.

The fourth characteristic is that you don’t know much about skin structure. Many students practice tattooing on fake skins. The needle goes in the fake skins as deep as it can. Fake skins don’t feel painful, but people have feelings. The thickness of the skin on different body parts is different. So we must know the skin structure when we are tattooing. Like painting, you need to the objections before you paint. For example, what paper do you use? white paper, cardboard, sketch paper, or canvas? After you understand its characteristics, you can take advantage of its characteristics, so you can show better skills. In a word, you may not know the skin structure very well if you’re at the primary level.

The fifth characteristic is that you can not transfer jigsaw puzzle onto the skin perfectly. Tattoo artists need to transfer tattoo designs. It seems simple to transfer tattoo design onto a body part with a transfer paper. And for some big tattoo designs, the combination and splicing between the patterns maybe not good after you transfer them on skins. In other words, you don’t understand the structure of the jigsaw puzzle well if you are at the primary level. Even though you can transfer it onto the skin, the pattern is not good enough.

The sixth characteristic is that your operation skills are not such good. For example, you may not know how to deal with the guests’ pain, or how to communicate with your guests. besides you can not deal well with the hygiene and your preparations either.

The seventh characteristic is that you can not offer health enough environment for your guests. A tattoo is a kind of traumatic art or traumatic beauty. We make needles penetrate into the skin and deliver dyes to the dermis layer. Then there must be wounds. That is why we must have good hygiene. You may have trouble if you don’t use qualified disinfectant or disinfectant tools, especially disposable tattoo products. You may also be in trouble if your disinfection method or tattoo aftercare is not professional. A primary tattoo artist always can not make every aspect perfectly. Maybe his tattoo studio environment is not healthy. Maybe his tattoo products are not good enough. Maybe his disinfection method or tattoo aftercare is not professional.

The eighth characteristic is that you don’t know how to attract customers. Even though you are just learning a skill, you also need to know how to do business. Many primary tattoo artists are not good at attracting customers. They just open a tattoo studio and wait for customers. Someone may create posts on their social media accounts. When we open a tattoo shop it is not wise to wait for customers. We need to be not only a professional tattoo artist but also a good boss. A good boss needs to know skills about how to run a tattoo shop, how to attract more guests, how to maintain a relationship with your guests. Remember that we are in the service industry, so service is vital. But primary tattoo artists don’t know much about it, as a result, his business may not be good. What is worse, they don’t know how to maintain a relationship with guests.

Question2: What is the intermediate level? And what are the differences between the primary level and intermediate level?
Firstly, intermediate tattoo artists know more about tattoo needle skill, tattoo machine skills, and tattoo style.  An intermediate tattoo artist can make the outline or color perfectly every time when the tattoo needle moves. For example, when he is doing a gradient from 100 to 0, he just needs to shade 1 to 5 times to finish it. But a primary tattoo artist needs to shade more times. What is worse, the skin will bleed or the color is uneven. An intermediate tattoo artist just needs to shade 3 or 5 times and the color is even and beautiful. The same thing goes for the outline. An intermediate tattoo artist knows more about the thickness and virtual of the outline. In other words, an intermediate tattoo artist can shade gradient well and all his tattoo skills are higher.

A primary tattoo artist knows 50 tattoo styles, an intermediate tattoo artist may know 100 to 150 tattoo styles. I once did a butterfly tattoo. That guest asked me how much it would cost. I said the cost could be 50$ or150$. Even higher than 150$. The guest doesn’t understand why the prices were so different. He thought I was kidding. No, I was telling the truth because styles were not different. I could add a line in the butterfly pattern. I could also add a simple pattern or a colorful pattern in it. I could make an ordinary colorful or a 3D colorful butterfly tattoo. I could use 1 or more than 10 colors. The more complex it is, you need to get more work done. The more time you spend, the more detailed your tattoo work is. You must practice more if you want your skills at a higher level. And you can get a higher payment. Generally, an intermediate tattooist gets more skills than a primary tattooist.

Tattoo Knowledge You Should Know - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

Tattoo Knowledge You Should Know
1. Who is not suitable for tattooing?
A. Skin disease patients
B. Diabetic patients
C. Patients with blood diseases
D. Heart disease patients
Correct Answer: ABCD
The tattoo has become a new trend in today’s fashion. It has got rid of the fate of “Get into a groove” and has become a kind of catharsis of people’s expression of self and personality. It has become a new interpretation in fashion trends, and it has become a kind of Special body art technique to burn stories that will one day be faded by time. But for the following people, don’t try to “challenge the law personally.” Do not use your own health to show your personality.

  1. Skin infection patients: it will cause cross-infection and bad healing.
  2. Diabetic patients: The wound is difficult to heal and has poor immunity.
  3. Heart disease patients: Strong stimulation can cause illness.
  4. Patients with blood diseases: avoid cross-infection.
  5. Colorants and anesthetics allergies: will cause color rejection and allergies.
  6. Female menstrual period: poor immunity.
  7. During pregnancy: Strong stimulation can affect the fetus.
  8. Those with mental disorders or those with spiritual history.
  9. Drunken and unconscious: avoid troubles after tattoo.
  10. Physical exclusion: refers to the body does not absorb foreign objects and produce rejection.

  11. What are the health risks of tattoos?
    A. Blood infection
    B. Cause heart problems
    C. Skin cancer
    D. Allergies
    Correct Answer:ACD

  12. Infection. Although tattooists use routine disposable precautions and sterilize their equipment after each use to reduce risk. However, it is difficult to guarantee a sterile environment like a hospital, so bacterial infection cannot be completely avoided as long as it is puncturing the surface of the skin.
  13. Allergic reactions. There have been records of allergic reactions to tattoo inks. Sometimes it is because of the metal nickel in the ink pigment, which causes metal allergy. Red or similar colors, such as purple, pink, and orange, tend to cause more health problems and skin damage than other colors.
  14. Inducing skin cancer. The tattoo process involves the incorporation of metal salts and organic dyes into the dermal layer of the skin. The resulting trauma and chronic inflammation may stimulate the malignant transformation of the cells. There have been many skin cancer cases related to tattoos, such as black tumors, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and keratoacanthoma. In addition, tattoos can make cancer on the skin less likely to be detected. Especially when the large area is tattooed, and most of them are dark, the color blocks the abnormal changes of the skin.
  15. Interfere with skin sweating. The study found that the sweat from the tattooed skin was reduced by about 50% compared to non-tattooed skin. If the tattoo area is large, especially in the back, arms or other areas of sweat glands, the tattoo can interfere with skin cooling and retain important nutrients, and may also cause thermoregulation problems.

  16. What preparations do you need before the tattoo?
    A. Fasting
    B. Investigate the tattoo artist
    C. Eat anti-inflammatory drugs in advance
    D. All of the above
    Correct Answer:B

  17. To check whether the equipment of the tattoo shop is hygienic. The tattoo can be called a minor operation, so the hygiene of the device is very important. The tattoo operator should use disposable gloves and needles, and the tattoo machines should be made of stainless steel.
  18. Be sure to carefully choose the pattern you like before tattooing because it will be the pattern that will accompany you for the rest of your life.
  19. To understand the quality of tattoo inks. Today’s tattoos generally do not use the dyes and inks used in tattoos, but instead, use liquid plant pigments soaked in alcohol. Since plant pigments are extracted from natural plants, they are less susceptible to infection when infiltrated into the skin.
  20. Animal blood or cinnabar and other tattoos are not available. Pigeon blood cinnabar tattoo is extremely dangerous.

  21. How to care for the skin after tattooing?
    A. Rinse with water every day
    B. The wound needs to be kept dry all the time.
    C. As long as the scab is good
    D. Can be disinfected with alcohol
    Correct Answer: B
    After the tattoo is finished, you need to apply professional tattoo or medical Vaseline, wrap the plastic wrap, rinse the ointment and blood with warm water after 2~3 hours, and dry it with absorbent cotton or professional paper towel, then do not apply for any medicine. After a few days of tattooing, itching, crusting, and peeling are normal. Do not scratch the wound to avoid infection or discoloration. The underwear should be soft and not too tight. Before the tattoo has been cured, you can’t swim, sauna, sun, sea, shower only. If there is ulceration, suppuration, running water, delayed healing or fever, please consult the tattooist or go to the hospital for examination. If the tattoo is in the joint or the part that is easy to be pulled by God, it is necessary to pay attention to the movement when the scar is too large to avoid the cracking of the knot. Try not to drink alcohol, eat seafood and spicy foods before the tattoo is completely restored because these will cause redness and itching of the tattoo parts and even allergies (especially seafood).

  22. What is the correct statement about washing the tattoo?
    A. Washing the tattoo is easy
    B. After the tattoo should taboos
    C. The tattoo needs to be cleaned many times
    D. The blister has been picked up better with a needle
    Correct Answer: BC
    Washing the tattoo is to remove the original pattern on the body through certain technical means. With the rapid development of science and technology, there are many methods for washing tattoos, such as freezing method, pigment removal, magic needle transfer, high-frequency electronic needle washing tattoo. Laser-washing tattoos, etc., commonly used is laser-washing tattoo method. The human skin is divided into a shallow epidermis layer and an underlying dermis layer, wherein the epidermis layer can be renewed quickly and the dermis layer does not. Pigments in tattoos are generally implanted in the dermis and are therefore permanent and cannot be eliminated by themselves. Therefore, it is not very easy to remove tattoos, at least three times. It is forbidden to eat spicy, pigmented and irritating foods within one to two weeks after each tattooing. No water can be applied for the first 3 days after washing. Keep your skin dry after each tattoo wash. Do not apply any medicine to avoid skin irritation. Pay attention to cleanliness. If there are blisters, it is a purely normal reaction. It should not be scratched or punctured. It should be allowed to dissipate on its own. The skin’s itching process can’t be scratched. The second wash of the tattoo after the first wash of the tattoo is 75 to 90 days (the interval is determined according to the skin condition of each person), and the third interval is about 90 to 120 days (and so on).

How to Make Tattoo 2020?-Learn to Tattoo from Mr.Shi - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo ...

How to Make Tattoo 2020?-Learn to Tattoo from Mr.Shi
Today, I am going to interview a famous Chinese tattoo artist-Mr.Shi. His full name is Shi Xiangding. He has been working for more than 28 years in the tattoo field. Now let him talk about how to make a tattoo in 2020.

Mr.Shi: Many people learn tattoo skills from me. Firstly, you must know whether you are ready or not. You may ask me what you should prepare. Some people think they just need to prepare money and time. That is not true. So, what do you need to prepare?
Question1: what do you need to prepare before learning to tattoo?

(1) Make sure you can do it for a long time.

Make sure you can do it for a long time. Tattooing is a kind of body art, but it is different from other arts such as painting, printmaking. Remember that you are learning a skill. No matter what skills you try to learn, the most important thing is persistence. Only after plenty of practice, you will apply this skill well. Anyway, practice makes perfect. When you use your skills perfectly, you can make good work. So persistence is really important.
(2) You must have a peaceful mind.

Secondly, you must have a peaceful mind. Because you need to control the needle length very carefully when you’re making a tattoo. The details of each tattoo must be dealt with perfectly, such as deep and shallow, dark and light. And the way how your needle goes into the skin. You have to handle these very precisely. So you must calm down even when you are practicing. Many people think it takes only a few days, even a short time to learn a skill. Opinions like this are wrong. You need a long term persistence and calm down. When your heart is quiet, then you can tattoo skills. There are a lot of details that you can dig into
(3) You must have patience
Thirdly you must have patience. Many people are impetuous when they are learning tattoo skills. Maybe you need to practice one action for a long time. You’re going to be restless and impetuous even throw away the machine. After lots of practice, you don’t want to do it anymore. It’s not that easy to learn a skill. Tattooing‘s a practical skill. You have to reach a certain level of proficiency. You have to be skilled and you have to be persistent. You have to be patient. Just like a metaphor I often told to my students. You’re going to learn Kung fu from a famous master, and then the master gave you this method. So you learned how to do it. Could you beat everyone? That’s not true. If you are not good at every action or other methods, then you leave your master, to be honest, I am afraid you will be beaten by someone easily. Any skills, as long as you are good at it, you’re going to be a master in this field. And you can be called master. If you are not skilled, it just wastes time to learn the methods. Since you don’t know how to use it. This is one thing you need to prepare.
Question2: What is your purpose?

Which Season Best Suited to Get Tattoos? - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

Which Season Best Suited to Get Tattoos?
Seasons change always affects all aspects of life, all sectors will be adjusted as appropriate depending on the season. Each season the fashion industry has the different United States and France, of course, the same as the tattoo industry.
In fact, I like summer, in addition, to wearing a lot like the skirt, but also because summer is really suitable for exposed tattoos.

In addition to the exposed tattoos, If you have a tattoo artist friend, you will hear he say every season is different. let’s look at how tattooists generally say:
In the eyes of tattoo artists who, in the spring recovery of all things, active cells, most suitable for tattoos. The tattoo will recovery fastest in spring, the tattoo is not susceptible to spring.
The most suitable for the tattoo is summer because in the summer we all have tattoos. Summer is the season that makes people most wanted tattoos, revealing to see other beautiful tattoos, you’ll immediately want to have a tattoo.

Fall is neither hot nor cold a good season, the most difficult tattoo infections, care is relatively simple, it is most suitable for an autumn tattoo. Because the weather is relatively dry, so the tattoo recovers relatively quickly. For the big tattoo, the fall is the best season to get tattoos. Seize the tail of the summer, you can also reveal a tattoo of a few months.
In winter, for the entire tattoo industry is not so busy, most of the tattooist appointments may not be so full, which means tattoo artists have more time to design your production. As we all know, the ultraviolet is tattoo’s rival, the tattoo in winter will be more time to be wrapped in clothes, so recovered will be more bright. Winter season is the most suitable tattoo.
Impatient to see a lot of friends here might think, this is not to play ball it? According to the above statement, it seems every season suitable for a tattoo!

Which season is more suitable for a tattoo? In fact, you probably saw it, not the most suitable for tattoos of the season, only for tattoo mood. As long as you consider good to be tattooed, each season is the best season, every day is the most suitable day.
Each season has its advantages, as long as you choose a reliable professional tattoo artist, tattoo no matter what the season, he will use a wealth of experience and deep stab power to bring a perfect tattoo for you. Of course, you also need to strictly follow the tips for tattoo aftercare.
So, time is not a critical factor in obtaining a tattoo, as long as the right person, Regardless of a sunny rain-snow world, one day you can harvest the best tattoo. If sadly misplaced in person, Monday to Sunday, every day tattoo is risky.

The key is that you consider good? Are you looking for tattooists to fly it? If you consider the good, the right person, every day is the best time, everyday tattoos are the safest.

In Addition to the KOL and Rapper Get Face Tattoos, as well as Border Tribal Headhunters - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machin...

In Addition to the KOL and Rapper Get Face Tattoos, as well as Border Tribal Headhunters
If you want to talk about the most prominent part of the tattoo, face tattoo is definitely doing NO.1.
Facial tattoos and even has fast become a rapper’s standard, such as a regular on the music charts Post Malone.

Top 20 placemets for tattoo - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

Top 20 placements for tattoo
Go your own way, be yourself
Anyway, people who care about you are not worthy of your attention, and people who are worthy of your attention will not.

Why you must choose a Beginner tattoo Kit - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

Why you must choose a Beginner tattoo Kit
At first glance, the person who raised this question seemed unbelievable.But in fact it is also excusable. Can I buy a tattoo machine to tattoo myself?

Chinese Character Tattoos - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

Chinese Character Tattoos
When getting a tattoo, everyone often chooses designs that are of great significance to them, such as the portraits of loved ones or pets or choose some wisdom statements that have illuminated your life and supported yourself through dark moments.

Old school tattoos were popular among the rich in the past - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole T...

*Old school tattoos were popular among the rich in the past *
It looks like an element that does not touch the edges but is often inseparable from retro lovers of various styles. That may be a tattoo. For example, nearly every hairstylist in the retro barbershop wears tattoos.

How Much Do You Know about Prison Tattoos II - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

How Much Do You Know about Prison Tattoos II
Last time I wrote an article “Prison tattoos to express self-esteem and rights”, which explored tattoo elements in American prisons. Today I will talk more about prison tattoos.

Magic tattoo elements about COVID19 - Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies丨Wormhole Tattoo Supply

*Magic tattoo elements about COVID19 *
In July, I  talk about some thoughts during covid-19  3 months later, the cumulative number of diagnoses worldwide has exceeded 12.34 million, of which more than 9.26 million have been diagnosed in the United States. According to the latest data, the United States has newly confirmed more than 8.01 million cases in a single day, and the global spread of COVID19 is “accelerating” .

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Do you like African tattoo styles?
The oldest known evidence of a symbolic tattoo was found on the bodies of two mummies. Believed to be more than 5,000 years old.

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*Girls with a tattoo on breast *
Tattoos have always been the most powerful means of self-interpretation. The breast is the most powerful part of all tattoos.

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Can tattoos cause cancer? Researchers have been exploring this problem for many years. Although there is no direct evidence that tattoos can cause cancer, people always regard tattoos as an established fact. When it comes to cancer, black ink is undoubtedly an unavoidable factor. As the most commonly used color for tattoos, black ink contains high levels of benzo(a)re, which is classified as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). At the same time, blackout tattoos have sprung up in the past period of time. This new thermal trend may be particularly dangerous because it requires thick black solid ink to cover most of the individual’s body. In addition to worrying about carcinogens in ink, individuals are also concerned about the way these tattoos cover the body. Changes in skin pigmentation are one of the earliest signs of skin cancer, especially melanoma. When the body is “blackened” by tattoo ink, individuals may not immediately notice these changes. Therefore, never place the tattoo on the original mole, birthmark or other skin discoloration or abnormality.

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*Prison tattoos to express self-esteem and rights *
The tattoo is like a passport, an autobiography, reflecting the prisoners’ likes and dislikes, outlook on life, and world view.

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Tattoo shops under the pandemic
According to the state’s official business portal, tattoo and body piercing shops are part of the Personal Care Industry — the same designation given to barbershops, hair salons, nail salons, massage parlors and spas.
Last week under an executive order from the governor while owners of hair salons and barbershops are rejoicing that they can reopen indoors next week, but not all beauty and personal care businesses are celebrating. When hair salons and barbershops were allowed to reopen to customers, tattoo parlors were not, leaving shop owners and tattoo artists in a dilemma. Many of them are independent contractors, ineligible for unemployment assistance in their states. And if they’ve followed state orders, it’s been nearly three months since their last paycheck. At the same time, in some states where the control is not so strict, many tattoo shops have opened business several months ago and have made a fortune. Obviously, this is unfair.