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Updated by Millennial Mind Sync on Oct 28, 2020
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Top Free Digital Distribution Services for Musicians

These top digital distribution services will get your music placed in Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and YouTube for absolutely free.


From now through December 31, 2020, independent musicians have access to unlimited uploads for each release with 100% distribution royalties and full control of their music rights through Songtradr. This service delivers to all major platforms worldwide, such as Spotify and Apple Music. After December 31, 2020, you can choose to become a paid subscriber for $19 per year with unlimited releases and 100% royalties or remain a free user with a 10% transaction fee that is only applied after they earn from a release. There are a lot of benefits to becoming a paid subscriber like and endless supply of sync licensing opportunities at your fingertips, but free digital distribution is a great place to start!


Routenote is a robust digital distribution service that has been catering to independent musicians around the globe. With Routenote and its FREE option, they keep 15% of what you earn from your music, but you have the option to scale to the Premium version at any time. You keep 100% of your earnings through the Premium option. The premium version costs $9.99/year, but each release has additional fees: 1 track is $10; 2-6 tracks (EP) is $20; 7-18 tracks (LP) is $30; 18+ songs is $45. There's both YouTube and Soundcloud monetization included (even with the FREE plan) and they take out 15% or 0% depending on what you're currently working with.

Level Music

Now the free plan does limit you to only 2 track uploads, but that is awesome for an independent artist or band just getting started. Upgrade to the premium plan and those 2 tracks will get increased to 200. Level also does playlist, blog and social promotion. See for yourself if this seems like a good fit for you.




Amuse is absolutely FREE. Yes - anyone can join, release new music and retain 100% of their earnings! You can also release music directly from your phone with their advanced mobile app. So how is this possible? Amuse also run their own record label. This free business model enables them to discover new artists to sign, and when they find one they think has what it takes, a record deal will be offered. They're playing the long game hoping to get first access at discovering the next big global star. Could that be you? If you're using money as an excuse to why you aren't distributing your music, you can stop that now. Amuse makes it possible for everyone to distribute their music for free.


Soundrop is owned by CD Baby and is an excellent resource if you're looking to distribute cover songs (although original music is also accepted). And similar to that of Routenote, their free business model takes just 15% of your earnings.




ONErpm is another FREE to sign-up option that you should check out. They have one of the better user interfaces out of those mentioned on this list and will be a good option for many to choose for their digital distribution. ONErpm's speed to market is also among the best in the business. Now they do take 15% from your earnings (similar to Routenote and Soundrop), so if you're anticipating a high volume of sales, you'll likely want to opt for one of the paid 0% commission options available. The reach of their distribution is also slightly lower than the competition, but your music will still end up with all the major players.