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Reptile Range Colubrids

Reptile Range is a website dedicated to providing andice, care guides and general information on a wide variety of reptile related content. This list consists of a compilation of Colubrid Snake articles on

Corn Snake Care Sheet - Reptile Range

The Corn Snake is a non-venomous snake that is found in the USA. They are mainly active at dusk and dawn and are commonly mistaken for Rat Snakes.

Dragon Snake - Information and Care - Reptile Range

The Dragon Snake is a unique species of snake that is very rarely seen in captivity. They have 3 rows of dragon-like scales running along their back.

Garter Snake Care Sheet - Reptile Range

The Garter Snake is a species of colubrid snake found in North and South America. There are currently 35 recognised subspecies of Garter snake.

Mexican Black Kingsnake Care Sheet - Reptile Range

The Mexican Black Kingsnake is a subspecies of the Common Kingsnake. The Kingsnake has a number of different sub-species including the California Kingsnake.

Pine Snake - Information, Habitat and Breeding - Reptile Range

The Pine Snake is a non-venomous snake native to the South-Eastern United States. They have a small head with a pointed snout that helps them to burrow.

Pueblan Milk Snake Care Sheet - Reptile Range

The Pueblan Milk Snake has been a popular snake in the reptile hobby for a long time. They are very colourful snakes that are quite easy to care for.

Southern Black Racer Information - Reptile Range

The Southern Black Racer is a very common species of snake found in Southern parts of the United States. Its scientific name is Coluber constrictor priapus.

Taiwan Beauty Snake Care and Information - Reptile Range

The Taiwan Beauty Snake is a relatively large species that is only found in Taiwan. It is one of the 9 sub-species of Beauty Snake.