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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Fun facts about Singapore – Singapore is amazing, more than you think!

The Republic of Singapore can be named as one of the most densely populated states in the whole world. Yet, everything about Singapore is interesting. Their laws, stories about history, lifestyles, and even the way they think. Here are some fun facts you never knew about Singapore.


Singapore is an honest country

Do you know the reason why Singapore is called an honest country? That's because, this country is the least corrupted one in the Asian continent, and 5th least corrupt in the whole world. Yes, Singapore can indeed teach other countries a good lesson on honesty.


Singaporeans walk very fast

You can be an extremely slow walker, but when you join the Singaporean pedestrians, you automatically become super-fast. Go to a park nearby in an evening during your stay at one of the serviced apartments in Singapore the likes of PARK ROYAL Serviced Suites Singapore and observe how fast they walk! No, they are not even jogging, that's how they generally walk.


Singapore thinks about a greener environment

People say Singapore is more of an artificial state. But, that's not true. This country is one of the very few countries in the world that thinks about a greener tomorrow. It celebrates the national tree planting day on the 7th of November annually, and on this day, everyone (even the Prime Minister) plants trees.


Singapore has a special concern on toilets

The passion that Singapore as a country has for toilets is impressive! It was Singapore to want a World Toilet Day for the first time in the world, and it was also the same to form the World Toilet Organization in 2001 with the support of 122 countries.


A big 'NO' for chewing gum

In Singapore, you can't use chewing gum. Even if you carry one with you, make sure you don't chew it when police officers are near. It's banned in Singapore (probably because that's a threat to the overall cleanliness of the country), but you can purchase certain brands if you have a medical prescription.


Cars are expensive - beyond imagination

The government of Singapore has decided to discourage the use of cars in the country. So, if a person needs to get his car registered, he will have to pay an additional amount of 1.5 times the original car price. So, Singapore is not so popular for car lovers out there!


Singapore has a height limit on buildings

Yes, Singapore has many sky-kissing buildings, but all these buildings are less than 280m in length. 3 building structures exactly match the height limitation, but all the others are lower than that.


Singapore has one of the best zoos

Anyone who visits Singapore doesn't miss visiting the zoo. It's a must-visit attraction in the country (especially if you are on a family vacation with kids) because it's the best zoo in Asia and the third-best in the world.