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Get your copy of a detailed explanation of Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistan Muslim League's "Vison Plan" detailing education and empowerment.

I asked for eggs - This Happened to Me

This morning, hungry and scanning my TweetDeck for news, I happened across this tweet from Gary Vaynerchuk, and replied. Now I don't know G...

HubSpot's 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Europe Report is the most first and only comprehensive review of the inbound marketing industry in Europe. Download the full report here.

Living Above The Madness

Bipolar Disorder by: Libby Baker Sweiger (by Libby Baker Sweiger)

Not All Carbs Are Evil ¦ Nutrition

Carbs have been getting a bad name of late, but not all carbs are evil. If you want to build muscle, you can't do it on protein alone. So what are the best sources of carbohydrate? Carbohydrates don't only provide you and your muscles with the energy they need to perform, they also help to process the protein you are taking on properly.

Fear and Loathing in the Social Media Space

Fear and Loathing in the Social Media Space: An Observation How many times have you read a blog post from some social media marketing consultant about how the industry has become overrun with false prophets and phonies? How the current fast track to social media success is more about creating perception than producing results?

Fitch, Please

Ellen weighed in on the conversation surrounding the policies of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Why Society Still Needs Feminism Becaus...

Why Society Still Needs Feminism Because to men, a key is a device to open something. For women, it's a weapon we hold between our fingers when we're walking alone at night. Because the biggest insult for a guy is to be called a "pussy," a "little bitch" or a "girl."

heckyeahpresidents: Wherein I take a br...

heckyeahpresidents: Wherein I take a break from writing a 20-odd-page paper on party politics and remind myself that I have a blog

How Adult Tumblrs Could Land Yahoo In A Legal Pinch

Of all the questions about monetization, advertising, and scale that have surfaced since Yahoo announced its $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr, one giant point is getting buried: what to do with Tumblr's porn?

Over 100 activists of banned outfits released in Punjab

ISLAMABAD: Over a hundred activists of banned sectarian organizations, who were arrested by the former PML-N government as a part of crackdown against these outfits after deadly bombing in Quetta that killed over 180 members of Hazara community in first two months of this year, have been released.

Like That TV Ad You Just Saw? Twitter Wants to Show You Another One.

Digital advertising is big, but not nearly as big as TV advertising. So Twitter, like everyone else who sells bits and bytes, would like some of that TV ad money. Here's their latest attempt: " TV ad targeting," which promises that it can find Twitter users who saw a TV ad, and then show them another ad from the same marketer when they come to Twitter.

Social Media Networks: Robot Friends with Off Switches | Social Media Today

You can go "off grid." You can turn off your email. In unplugging yourself from your social media networks and the online world, I posit what you're really doing is unplugging your robot friends till you want to deal with them again. Friends have become objects of convenience.

Are there any open-source (read: free) software that are coded specifically for the money transfer business?

Answer: None are available, in so far as I know. There were a few attempts to have this going, but no progress was made. A few commercial vendors have put out a free version, which is nothing more than a watered down version of their commercial packages, hoping that by using the free version you...

Howard Marks: 'Prison isn't very high on the list of life tragedies'

Howard Marks didn't see his latest career, as a crime fiction novelist, coming. "I didn't see any of them coming," he quips, with a throaty giggle which erupts into an alarmingly bronchial coughing fit.

Iran Induces Internet 'Coma' Ahead of Elections - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

With the Iranian presidential elections coming up on June 14, high-speed, filter-free Internet access in the Islamic republic has become scarce. Earlier this month, the Iranian daily Ghanoon likened the state of the Internet in Iran to being in a coma - alive but barely functioning.

What are the most inspiring poems ever?

Answer (1 of 66): 'Ekla Chalo Re' by Rabindranath Tagore If they answer not to thy call walk alone If they are afraid and cower mutely facing the wall, O thou unlucky one, open thy mind and speak out alone. If they turn away, and desert you when cross...

PHC orders two Facebook pages be blocked for 'blasphemy' - The Express Tribune

A division bench comprising PHC Chief Justice Dost Muhammad Khan and Justice Qaiser Rashid also sought a reply from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Information and Broadcast, secret agencies and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on a petition filed by Advocate Arif Jan.

Do we really want Facebook to decide what qualifies as hate speech and what doesn't?

A A As my colleague Eliza Kern has reported, Facebook has apologized for the way it handled "hate speech" against women on the social network, after repeated complaints from advocacy groups alleging that it was turning a blind eye to what was clearly offensive behavior.

Al Qaeda's Inspire Magazine Sings Praises For Boston Bombings

Al Qaeda's most recent issue of its propagandist magazine, Inspire, focuses almost exclusively on the Boston Marathon bombings, celebrating the suspects and taking credit for providing inspiration for the attack that killed three and wounded hundreds more.

Kyrgyzstan declares emergency after bloody gold mine clashes - The Express Tribune

BISHKEK: Parts of Kyrgyzstan were under curfew Saturday after clashes between security forces and protesters who want a Canadian-owned gold mine nationalised led the president to declare a state of emergency. President Almazbek Atambayev signed the declaration Friday for the Dzheti-Ogyzsky district of the northern Issyk Kul region, where the protesters have converged on the mine.

In a nation where crime is a given, where cheap, second handsets are a necessity, and where food arrives faster than ambulances, how can people stay safe? The key lies in being proactive and in accepting the reality that we have come to know as life in Pakistan.

Why do ghosts possess women more than men?

Note: Please read our article Definition of demonic possession and being affected by ghosts before reading this article, so as to understand it better. 1. Why ghosts possess women more than men - an introduction Demonic possession is when a ghost or some other type of negative energy controls the mind (emotions or thoughts) and intellect (decision making ability) of a person by merging with the person's consciousness.

Google Glass Gets Its First Porn App

The first porn app came to Google Glass on Monday, called - in true tongue-in-cheek form - "Tits and Glass." Adult company MiKandi is behind the first adult-centric app intended for the high-tech specs, allowing users to watch videos and photos filmed with Google Glass.

Turkey's protests explained

(CNN) -- What started as a peaceful sit-in over plans to demolish a park in central Istanbul has grown to become the biggest protest movement against Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan since he was elected more than 10 years ago. What prompted the protests?