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Updated by Patent Services USA on Jul 08, 2021
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How to Patent an Idea or Product - Patent Services USA

If you have an idea or product or you have an idea and want to launch a new product then have a look at this patent company that works for improving security of your idea by applying legal patent procedure.
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A Step-By-Step Guide to Patent Your Mobile App Idea | by Patent Services USA | Feb, 2021 | Medium

If you have an exclusive idea for building an application, you might be afraid that someone might steal it from you. Well, luckily, you can implement the intellectual property law to save your idea. Intellectual property law contains patent, copyright law, and trademark that helps in safeguarding your plan. Most application developers and entrepreneurs use patent law and copyright law to keep their ideas safe from others.
How to patent a mobile application” is one of the most asked questions by entrepreneurs before launching a mobile application. In this post, we are covering the ultimate patent application guide.

What Do You Need to Patent an Idea: 2021 Guide - Patent Services USA

Before diving into the intricate details of how to patent a business idea, here’s a trivia for you…
What is one thing that is common between The Monopoly, The sewing machine, The Radio, The Bulb, and Facebook?

Well if you are still scratching your head! The answer is:

“All of the products and inventions above are the byproducts of stolen ideas.”
Yes! Ideas are precious, especially those that have the potential to change not only your fortune but also people’s lives.
If you have a great idea that you believe is unique and has excellent industrial potential, here are a few things that you need to know to patent your idea in 2021.

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Patenting Your Invention - Patent Services USA

If you have made a great invention, then filing a patent is the best way to secure exclusive rights to your product or service. But if you are wondering how to patent an idea? This blog will answer all your doubts and by the end of it, you will have all the information you need to file your patent in a frictionless manner.

How to Conduct a Patent Search in 5 Basic Steps: 2021 Guide | patentservicesusa

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Roll up your sleeves if you are to Patent Your Idea or conduct a Patent Search. It is not as simple as doing a google search, it involves a lot of digging. This is really important to ensure that there is nothing else out on the globe like your invention or idea, this can be done if you patent it after conducting a thorough Patent Search.

Before moving ahead to patent your idea or invention, a professional patent search along with an expert legal opinion from a Patent Attorney is what you or any other inventor needs.

6 Ways to Protect Your Idea During a Business Pitch

Behind every great product or service is a great idea. That’s why ensuring that your idea is well protected, especially when pitching it to fellow investors and business partners is crucial. Most innovators and startups patent their inventions to prevent competitors and other people from commercially exploiting their product or service.

What is the difference between provisional and non-provisional patents? · Product Design

If you are planning to sell your invention idea, patenting it will surely increase its value by a substantial factor. Plus, a patent will also protect your…