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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 24, 2020
Headline for 5 reasons to have a home office in your apartment – stay motivated while you work from home
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5 reasons to have a home office in your apartment – stay motivated while you work from home

During this time where social distancing is the priority, most offices have made arrangements for employees to be able to work from home for their own safety. Even if you are going to work, you've probably got a lot to catch up on which means working hours will be extended once you get home. You'll need the perfect working environment at home to keep your mind clear and focused.


Select your space

If you are living in one of the larger Colombo apartments, then looking for a space to set up your home work station will not be that much of an issue. You can simply opt for a room that is quiet and away from distractions like the television. If you are living in a smaller apartment, however, you will have to squeeze in somewhere, perhaps in the living room. Whatever place you select should be quiet and have enough room to fit in your table, chair and PC. Don't forget, the room or space should also have plenty of natural light to boost your productivity.


Design your space

Apartments at complexes like Cinnamon Life already offer modern, chic interiors, but if you feel like you need a personal touch to your home office set up, do some research. It can always be fun and more motivating to work in a space that is customised to bring you maximum comfort. For instance, you can play with a few colours. Research states that blue brings out the creativity of the brain while red helps focus on the details. Try adding something to your workspace with these colours and see the difference.


Order your equipment & furniture

Once you've decided how to place your work station, then it's time to get down the furniture. Go through items that will match your unique design for the space. Also, get started with ordering the immediate items like a table and chair. Especially when it comes to a chair, getting one from your kitchen isn't the answer. When working, your spine will need to be in a comfortable position so that you will be able to work without dealing with backaches and neck pains. The best option is to go for a chair providing a strong back support.


The tech set up

Whether you are an employee at a firm or have your own little business, you will need help from the tech team to set up all the data and applications you will need to carry on working seamlessly. You'll need access to your company's VPN. If you are multitasking, you will also need to have two monitors to be set up. There might be other web applications you need as well.


Add the finishing touches

You will need a table lamp to provide enough light if you need to work during the nights. Also, make sure to fix a place with a charger close by so that your phone will not have to be elsewhere while you work. It would help if you could also get a phone stand, this way it won't get under paperwork.

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