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Highlights of Nine Arch Bridge - Train Ride, Nine Arch, Demodara Loop, Scenic View

One of the must-visit attractions in the scenic Ella village of Sri Lanka is the 30-metre high Demodara Nine Arch Bridge. An exquisite piece of architecture that is nestled amid a lush green landscape, it can be reached by walking half an hour through the jungle.


Reaching Demodara

The journey from Kandy to Ella by train is considered one of the most scenic train rides in the world. You will zoom past thriving tea plantations and mesmerising woodlands that would offer an absolute feast to your eyes. To experience this spectacular ride to the central highlands of Sri Lanka would be easy – you just have to purchase tickets through the Kandy Railway Station! However, it would be best to get your tickets pre-booked, especially during the holiday season. Nine Arch Bridge, a stone train bridge that was built by the British, can be located between Ella and Demodara station. The best way to reach these beautiful arches is to trail towards Little Adam's Peak and turning left at the temple. You can also get a tuk-tuk to drop you off at the bridge, which would cost you around 300 LKR.


Train Times at the Bridge

It is truly a sight to behold when a train hoots its way atop these iconic arches. Many tourists can be seen lounging at a good vantage point, with their cameras beside them, awaiting the train, to capture that highly coveted picture of the blue train on the Nine Arch Bridge – this is considered as one of the best things to do in Ella. Trains pass this bridge around six times per day; the trains may not be on time but you can look forward to seeing one every hour, therefore you wouldn't have to wait for a long time for this aspect of your journey. During your wait for the train, you can buy some food and drinks from the small cafés in the area. It would be best if you can reach the area around 9 am – don't forget to ask your hotel or guesthouse about the latest train times before you leave! You can find out more about Ella via popular travel sites such as Travel to Ella.


Demodara Loop

Considered as one of the engineering marvels in Ella, Sri Lanka, Demodara Loop entails a spiral railway – here, the rail tracks can be seen wounding like a spiral loop beneath itself and appearing out of a tunnel that lies exactly under the Demodara Railway Station. The legends in the area claim that the idea for this fascinating structure was inspired when a supervisor in a tea estate in the area retied his turban. Demodara Loop is also known as the circular loop, spiral loop, or even as the spiral ride. The construction of the Demodara Loop has taken place during the colonial times when it was necessary to transport the tea produced in the region to Colombo.


The Best Views

For some of the most spectacular views of the bridge, one can stand below the bridge and look up at the sky, noticing the charming blues through the arches. It also sets a perfect scenery for that most-coveted photograph. A visit during the sunrise would offer you incredible views as the sun rays cut across the bridge and light up its surroundings. A walk along this unique bridge will make you feel at one with the sky while observing the stunning scenery beyond at the same time.