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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 22, 2020
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Five Amazing Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary – Creative Ways to Celebrate Love!

Time does fly when you are spending memorable moments of your life – and this is particularly true if it's being spent with that special someone. As the years pass by, however, your anniversaries probably start to sneak up on you and you may find yourself giving the same gifts repeatedly.


Relive your first date

After so many years together, it would be difficult to remember why you fell in love in the first place. Maybe you fell in love while stargazing or simply at a quaint restaurant – try to recreate that first day when you knew for sure that you have found the one with whom you're going to spend your entire life. However, things may not always be easy to recreate – probably that restaurant has closed since then, and that campground where you stargazed is no longer accessible. Still, you could choose to relive the experience by selecting different locations, where you can talk about that long-lost memories with your loved one.


Recreate your wedding menu

Another special way of making your wedding anniversary extra special is to recreate the reception menu from your big day. Look for recipes with your spouse and go shopping together in search of ingredients that added scintillating flavours to your special day, some way down in history. The recipes wouldn't be something you'd usually put together at home; however, taking time to make it yourselves would be an incredibly challenging yet fun activity leading to your anniversary. For those who want to take this experience a bit further, consider recreating your wedding cake as well.


Organise a special photoshoot

Make a list of all your favourite romantic destinations and have a photo shoot at the places that hold special meaning to you and your better half. It would be an excellent idea to stop at places where you had your first kiss or the venue you got married. Ask someone who passes by to take a couple of shots of you together with that special spot in the background. Another great idea for those on a tight budget is to simply take photos of you together on each anniversary and watch that album grow with each passing year


Splurge on an adventure

As you're closing in on the middle age, think of splurging on an adventure that you've always dreamt of embarking together as a young couple in love. Going out to a restaurant is great, but visiting some of the most romantic places in the world is unrivalled by any of the close-to-home outings you may experience together. Yes, it can be expensive, but who knows what life might bring you the next year. Do not put off enjoying life – not only it would let you have the time of your life, but it'd also make you more close to each other.


Give thoughtful gifts

For each year of married life, there are designated traditional gifts that you can offer your loved one. For example, for your first anniversary, you can consider giving customised stationery, a book, or anything else made out of paper for that matter, as it's customary to offer paper according to tradition. These gifts do not have to be expensive. After all, it's the thought that really matters!

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