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Blockchain Tech News

Engage in Business Transformation by Involving in Platform Development for All Assets

Investing in a digital asset management platform offers a plethora of benefits in the form of time and cost savings as all the assets can be stored in the form of a repository. It also helps in reusing and redistributing assets effectively.

The details regarding asset utilization can be tracked on a real-time basis across various geographies by analyzing the data of consumption related to area, region, and market.

Starting platform development for all assets has some challenges such as integration as you need to work with several legacy systems such as Customer relationship management (CRM) and Content management system (CMS). The maintenance expenses will be huge as the organization grows. Acquiring a cloud-based platform will reduce the costs of traffic in your network environment and it is quickly scalable according to the level of your demand.

Blockchain app factory services include governance, management, and distribution of digital assets for enterprises by eradicating the usage of outdated techniques.

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your ICO

Twitter is one of the leading micro-blogging platforms there in the world. With a limit of 280 characters per tweet, is the best medium for sharing quick posts and sound bytes. Many popular celebrities, companies, and other influential personalities regularly interact on Twitter. It also possesses tremendous analytical capability as advertisers gain access to huge volumes of data in the form of tweets, retweets, number of views, interactions, and likes. By not using the power of Twitter, you are missing a great chance to generate more sales and quality leads for your business.

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Analyzing If Blockchain App Factory Is the Best ICO Marketing Agency in the Industry

Analyzing If Blockchain App Factory Is the Best ICO Marketing Agency in the Industry

Blockchain App Factory utilizes data-driven marketing campaigns for promoting ICO’s. Their team comprises marketing specialists, web developers, and content strategists. They have offices in India and Japan.

They mainly serve finance companies, trading platforms, and asset management companies. They are proficient in different platforms like Stellar, Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Azure Blockchain.

Their Pre-ICO strategies include public relations, investor outreach, community management, influencer marketing, social media promotion, organizing events and roadshows, email marketing, sponsored posts, banner ads, whitepaper preparation, smart contract auditing, assistance in listing the tokens on the leading exchanges in the market, and analyzing the economic model of the token.
Their Post-ICO activities include assistance in product launch, content creation for promoting the brand’s image and ensuring secondary market price protection. They maintain constant communication with the investors, educate the users, encourage innovation on the platform, enhance stakeholder and community participation, focus on organically acquiring a huge number of token holders, build a local ambassador and influencer network, and organize airdrop and bug bounty programs to accelerate adoption.
The process they follow comprises conceptualizing a marketing strategy, implementing it, analyzing the results using various tools, and restrategizing the plan based on the feedback received.
They render featured coverage on the leading websites such as Hackernoon, Reuters, Forbes, CCN, CoinSpectator, and Bitcoin News. They supply three different packages for covering crypto-related news and events on different websites ranging from $63,000 to $261,000. Blockchain App Factory also takes steps to list your ICO project on ICOBench which is a rating platform for different ICO’s in the market.

Hence they are one of the leading online marketing companies rendering customized solutions. Choose them for their massive visibility, solid reputation in the market, affordable result-oriented packages, and 100% response rates to achieve mutual success.

Discovering How an ICO Twitter Marketing Strategy Will Support Your Project
  • Since most of the regular users of Twitter open their accounts daily, the content will get easily consumed and shared ensuring higher traction for the firm’s project.
  • It helps in sharing real-time updates about your project along with details of your goals achieved and the events conducted by the firm in the future.
  • You can witness healthy growth by not dealing with spammy, fake, bot and inactive accounts. Create realistic action plans according to the interests of your coin by targeting the countries of your audience through the use of your hashtags.
  • You can become a thought leader of your burgeoning industry by engaging with an active and interested audience.
  • A positive ROI will be experienced if you get conversions which depend on the effectiveness and reach of your marketing campaign.
  • Do not indulge in random user engagement and follow targetted people related to your brand, interest, hashtags, and countries.
  • Twitter can also be used for sharing information about any changes to your token distribution strategy, updates in the whitepaper, reminding prospective investors about the deadline of your ICO, and warn users about ongoing scams.

Blockchain app factory having an experienced social media team well-versed with dynamic market trends. Having successfully completed several projects beforehand, they will develop a well-rounded and flexible plan for your ICO.

Tips for ICO Marketing to Implement in Your Campaign

As the number of ICO’s increases in the industry with every passing day, raising a significant amount of funds is getting more difficult and many projects are failing to reach even their soft cap.

Some of the Best Tips on Marketing an ICO are

  • Kickstart a powerful bounty program
  • Increase your visibility through productive partnerships
  • List your ICO on a reputed exchange in the market
  • Be active on Telegram
  • Partner with the right legitimate marketing agencies
  • Diversify and introduce more variety into your message
  • List your ICO on the popular ranking and tracking sites
  • Focus more on influencer marketing
  • Introduce attractive discount codes
  • Establish a sophisticated conversion funnel for your investors

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How to Create TRC20 Token

TRC20 token is a technical standard based on the implementation of the smart contracts when using the TRON network to issue a token. It is fully compatible with Ethereum’s ERC20. A TRON address with a smart contract will be required for creating a TRC20 token. A TRC20 token can be traded on the leading exchanges in the market, can be offered in a firm’s ICO crowdsale, in DApps as a payment method, and for developing your own projects. TRC20 tokens cannot be accessed via API and have bandwidth costs for API transfers and deposits made by users. TRC20 tokens can be used for facilitating conditional and instant transactions. The bonus distribution system works on a first-come-first-serve basis. It has a higher energy level and bandwidth capacity than the TRC10 token.

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Raise a Huge Amount of Funds via DeFi

Raise a Huge Amount of Funds via DeFi

Improve the income levels of the most economically weaker sections of the society by allocating resources for decentralized finance development.

Our solutions include borrowing and lending platform development, smart contract creation, DApp development, token creation, decentralized exchange development, yield farming development, wallet integration, and synthetic assets development.

*Benefits of Collaborating With Us for Decentralized Finance Development Are *

  • It is open-source and can be used by anyone from any part of the world. The validation of DeFi’s features and security can be audited by anyone without any restrictions.

  • Transparency is ensured as all the transactions executed on the platform are made visible to the users as it runs on the public blockchain network.

  • No approvals like submitting your bank account details, KYC, or credit score are needed to participate in decentralized finance projects.

  • Since it is deployed on the top of the blockchain network, supreme security measures are taken and there is no chance for a single point of failure to take place on the platform.

Hence, offer the ultimate user experience by getting in touch with the innovative developer team of Blockchain App Factory right away.

Decentralized Finance Development- Everything You Need to Know!

Though the DeFi space is nascent now, it can play a game-changing role in the way conventional financial systems function. It offers individuals irrespective of their income level or geographical location access to basic financial services and applications without the interference of any intermediaries in the system. Hence, the unbanked sections of the population are the biggest beneficiaries of Decentralized Finance development. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is being developed on platforms like Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and IOST.

Aim of Decentralized Finance Development?

It aims to create a permissionless financial ecosystem accessible to everyone in the world based on blockchain infrastructure which operates using public distributed ledgers.
It covers every activity of the mainstream financial system like trading, investment, borrowing, lending, wealth management, insurance, asset management, and payments.
It is based on DApps or protocols and ensures a peer to peer financial network.

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Advantages of Hiring a Crypto Influencer Marketing for ICO
  • Investors trust an influencer blindly than a paid advertisement or a celebrity endorsement.
  • They can engage a target audience through their promotional content without leaving anyone frustrated and contribute to a rise in organic community growth and token value.
  • They can release content that is both informative and entertaining and contribute to the general discourse of the community.
  • They build a solid reputation by generating organic interest.
  • They tastefully expose a brand or product to the target audience by using their notable following within demography or a subculture.
  • They can expand a brand’s reach by adjusting the information presented to their followers and creating the content themselves.
  • They prevent frauds in KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and ensure that only real people click your link.

At Blockchain App Factory, they help you to stay ahead of your competitors by tying up with the leading Crypto influencer marketers by spreading your brand’s message far and wide leading to a huge demand for your tokens.

How to Initiate ICO Marketing Through Crypto Influencers?
  • Pick the best influencer suitable for the needs of your project after studying the specifics of local markets. Give ample creative freedom to the selected influencer and ask him to communicate the message clearly for the target audience and certain benefits for new users.
  • In case you are sharing content to multiple regions simultaneously, keep the different time zones in mind. Analyze the results achieved and aim to improve the organic traffic over time. Calculate the click-through rate (CTR) and return on investment (ROI) regularly.
  • The fewer content releases per month, the larger period should be analyzed.

If you are looking Crypto Influencers for ICO Marketing then At Blockchain App Factory, they help you to stay ahead of your competitors by tying up with the leading Crypto influencer marketers by spreading your brand’s message far and wide leading to a huge demand for your tokens.


Launch Your Own ICO and Raise Funds from Investors

Launch Your Own ICO and Raise Funds from Investors

When you decide to launch your ICO, it will be a mix of traditional fundraising and modern blockchain technology.

*Some Steps to Keep in Mind Are *

Make sure if you really need an ICO by forming a technical and economically feasible solution which will help you to easily attract investors.

Understand the current competition and offer something unique which has not been offered yet by any of your rivals.

Make sure you follow all the legal regulations with due diligence to ensure smooth execution of your operations.

Fix an appropriate value for your ICO token and decide the total supply and the distribution plan.

Prepare the whitepaper and include all the details about the project like tokenomics, legal terms and conditions, information about the team managers, the development strategy, the technical architecture, and the benefits offered to the prospective investors.

Market your ICO far and wide across various channels to ensure a positive buzz.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to reap huge success quickly.


Enhance Your Credibility in the Industry by Initiating ICO

Enhance Your Credibility in the Industry by Initiating ICO

Build your own crypto coin or token by commencing ICO launch services in the competitive environment.

*The Process to Follow for Starting an ICO Is *

Be clear about the start date, end date, soft cap, hard cap, and the currencies accepted for the exchange to the investors.

Undertake static code analysis to detect any bugs and fix them immediately.

Test it against a working blockchain network to ensure its full-fledged functionality.

Prepare a whitepaper and disclose all the details of the project like the distribution plan for tokens, legal issues, market analysis, development strategy, and description of all the team members involved in the project.

Invest in adequate security measures to prevent any sort of hacks, phishing, and spam attacks.

Undertake an extensive marketing campaign to promote your ICO to your target audience by using free as well as paid tools like Google Ads. This will create the necessary hype, satisfy the investors’ expectations, and ensure constant communication with the users.

Follow the above-mentioned aspects to get your ICO up and running in no time.


Conduct Transactions on a Permissionless Medium by DeFi

Conduct Transactions on a Permissionless Medium by DeFi

DeFi lending & borrowing development Services connects the requirements of debtors and creditors directly.

The process to follow is users have to deposit their assets, the smart contract will dictate the terms and conditions of the loan, lenders can fetch interest income by assessing the risks involved beforehand, the borrower has to submit collateral and it will safeguard him if he fails to repay the loan on time, and the lender releases the collateral which acts as a security if the borrower repays the full loan amount (principal and interest).

The advantages of using DeFi lending and borrowing are plenty as it offers a high level of transparency, ensures quick access, high speed, greater interest rates than traditional savings, automated processing without depending on any third party, great flexibility, resistant to transaction censorship, price and capital efficiency, and immutability.

The features to experience for the borrowers and lenders include margin trading, long-term investment rewards from capital appreciation, earn arbitrage fees by pledging assets, flash loans, and non-taxable liquidity.

How to Promote Your ICO using BitcoinTalk

ICO Bitcointalk marketing involves promoting your ICO on the internet forum with a target audience that includes crypto enthusiasts, professional blockchain developers, and prospective investors. You can discuss various topics like technical aspects, crypto mining, project development, cryptonomics, crypto trading, and the speculation of altcoins.

Why Is Advertising an ICO on Bitcointalk Extremely Important?

Bitcointalk has a whopping 2.3 million registered users and is growing quite fast.
Regular posting on Bitcointalk to promote your ICO will result in a greater inflow of traffic.
The altcoin announcement section of the site can be used for ICO promotion by business firms.
Using Bitcointalk for your ICO promotion will help you to establish a meaningful and lasting audience that will be pivotal to the growth of your business.

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DeFi Smart Contract Development: a Brief Guide

DeFi Smart Contracts operate decentralized finance in a pre-programmed manner according to various terms and conditions without the intervention of any central authority in the system. Our DeFi Smart contract developers can establish smart contracts on Ethereum, TRON, and EOS. Read the blog to know more -

A Detailed View of DeFi Ecosystem Development

Defi ecosystem development services aim to break away from the shackles of the traditional financial system that involve powerful authorities like governments and banks. DeFi operates through smart contracts, DApps, and well-defined protocols established on the immutable blockchain network. According to DEFI Pulse, a web portal that keeps a close watch over the industry, a whopping $14.13 billion has been locked in various DeFi projects worldwide.

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Real Estate Tokenization Strategy: A Short Note

Real Estate Tokenization Strategy: A Short Note

Real estate tokenization strategy involves the sale of tokens that represent some shares of the asset to prospective investors. It can be done for various types of property, like commercial and residential with ease.

The procedure to follow is

A blockchain platform would be required to store the ownership of the tokenized property onto the tokens.

The ownership rights must be easily transferable to anyone by the owner in an authorized way.

The token should be able to be exchanged for a specific value backed by an underlying asset.

The plethora of benefits for the investors is lack of a middleman in the system, low trading fees, adequate provision of liquidity, and low risk.

The main documents to prepare in the Real estate tokenization strategy are KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, token service agreement, regulatory and compliance, service agreements for the promotion and distribution of tokens, listing services agreements, a smart contract for each token, and custody agreements.

Hence, establish a Real estate tokenization strategy now and make maximum use of this promising phenomenon.


How Blockchain Technology is used in Real estate Industry?

How Blockchain Technology is used in Real estate Industry?

Blockchain technology has massively disrupted the Real estate industry. It has changed some processes forever.

*Let Us See Its Impact Below *

Intermediaries like brokers, banks, agents, and lawyers have been eliminated from the system as blockchain technology automatically takes care of legal documentation, payments, and the listing of different properties. The process is highly quick and cost-effective.

Since the tokens can be readily traded in the leading exchanges in the market, it creates more liquidity for the investor.

The barriers to entry are significantly reduced as fractional ownership is provided. The costs involved in maintenance and leasing are decreased. More small investors can easily participate in property investment.

Data storage is made immutable and transparent by blockchain technology. This reduces the chances of fraud.

As seen above, Blockchain technology is a welcome addition to the Real estate industry as it makes the market more transparent, secure, and equitable by establishing a decentralized network that facilitates peer to peer transactions.


How to Create Dapps On Tezos Blockchain Network?

How to Create Dapps On Tezos Blockchain Network?

Tezos is a popular open-source blockchain network where assets and decentralized applications can be built by developers easily. It is safeguarded by institutional-grade smart contracts. It also has a native cryptocurrency named XTZ priced at $2.31.

It uses the delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism (DPoS) where stakeholders take part in the creation of new blocks to obtain rewards. DPoS uses less computation power and is highly energy efficient while validating transactions executed by the users of the platform. The stakeholders will be rewarded by the DPoS protocol for lending their support to the stability and the security of the network.

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Steps Involved on Launch a DeFi Token

Steps Involved on Launch a DeFi Token
  1. The aspects to take care regarding the token
    Decide the token name, the symbol or logo, and the total supply, choose a blockchain network for launching it, be clear about the purpose of the token, and what problem it is aiming to solve, and create an account to build your Defi token.

  2. The factors that help in the management of the Defi token

Deploy a smart contract that automates the operations, the token should be able to be sent to different user addresses, Create a token transfer event that alerts the DeFi wallets instantly, decide the transaction fees whenever your token is transferred.copy your wallet address which will help to transfer the token from the wallet, the wallet will store and manage all the tokens for the easy processing of transactions.

  1. Listing of the Token
    List your Defi token on leading exchanges in the market to facilitate its trading and sale. This will be done after creating it.

  2. Establish a secure storage mechanism
    Introduce a cold storage facility that will assure users to safe keep their tokens from any unauthorized access. This will ensure that there is no compromise in the security of the DeFi tokens.

  3. The other steps to take for the creation of the Defi token
    Update all the token information by copying the token contract address, save it after pressing the submit option,the updated token information will be displayed, You can send your token to another user by performing a transaction, the transaction will consist of details like the block number, hash, and the total amount, add the wallet address, and your token will be created soon and will be ready for use.

Blockchain App Factory has also kept pace with the changing trends and is a leading DeFi token development company that helps in boosting the growth and usage of your decentralized applications. This will help in garnering a lot of attention from the mainstream economy in the future.


Scope of Tokenization of Real Estate in the Years to Come

Scope of Tokenization of Real Estate in the Years to Come

It will change the way investments are made in property. It will achieve more momentum in the future by making rapid progress as Real estate tokenization offers increased liquidity, faster settlement of funds, and decreased operational costs.

The main challenges it has to face are the regulatory uncertainty, concerns regarding the scalability of blockchain technology, and confusion in the code of conduct among the participants. Digital asset management is possible in the future only if regulatory bodies, policymakers, real estate professionals, banks, and blockchain developers work together in a coordinated manner. Political and institutional support is a must to get the full benefits of blockchain technology.

Organized tokenized marketplaces for properties are emerging in nations like Malta and Switzerland. Real estate asset tokenization needs a proper structure in place to become mainstream soon throughout the world.

The public awareness regarding Tokenization of real estate is still low. Cybersecurity attacks where tokens get swindled also affect the credibility of the investors to a great extent. The full potential of Digitization of real estate assets is yet to be realized by the industry completely. It can improve the efficiency of the market and address long-term issues convincingly.

It creates a permissionless and trustless business environment without the need for any third parties in the system. Higher demand for transparency in the world economy has led to Proptech companies creating innovative products for property tokenization.

In case if you are looking for tokenization solutions then Blockchain App Factory is one of the industry leading cryptocurrency and blockchain technology development solutions companies in the market. Their expert team of developers will offer tailor-made solutions for tokenization of real estate assets, that includes cutting-edge blockchain technology, core functionalities and features, technical and security integrations that will completely secure the user and asset’s information and ensure a risk-free hassle-free business.


What Are the Key Advantages Rendered by the Digitization of Real Estate Assets?

What Are the Key Advantages Rendered by the Digitization of Real Estate Assets?
  • It eliminates the role of the middlemen like banks, brokers, agents, underwriters, and lawyers from the system.

  • The tokens can be instantly traded at low fees by the investors in the market.

  • Tokenization of real estate ensures that the barriers to entry are greatly reduced and high returns can be fetched even with a small investment in a percentage of a tokenized asset. This promotes the tendency of fractional ownership.

  • Since they are financially supported by various real-world assets, they are less risky when compared to Cryptocurrencies or ICO projects.

  • Controlling methods are present to prevent the value of the security token to fall below the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Real estate asset.

  • A high level of transparency is ensured as the investors can know what is happening on a real-time basis by looking at the distributed digital ledger.

  • It reduces economic discrimination as property investment is not reserved only for the accredited and institutional investors, but also for a large number of retail investors.

  • Property owners can make efficient use of their capital by utilizing the limited financial resources available to the fullest extent.

  • Property investors can put their money both in over-developed markets and upcoming markets.

  • It will also divert funds flowing into other popular alternatives like private equity and venture capital.

  • Real Estate Tokenization will ensure that property owners manage their different rights and responsibilities easily.

  • It can revamp different aspects like property search, property management, due diligence, financial evaluation, and deed management efficiently.

If you are looking for tokenization then one of the well-founded real estate tokenization companies with an experienced and dedicated team of professionals is Blockchain App Factory. They offer all inclusive solutions for tokenization of real estate assets, with the top functionalities, technical and security integrations which will ensure a seamless experience for the investors.


Decentralized Finance Solutions (DeFi) Are Storming the Market Currently

Decentralized Finance Solutions (DeFi) Are Storming the Market Currently

Decentralized Finance solutions (DeFi) aim to create an alternative financial system without the presence of any intermediaries. It provides basic financial services, especially to the unbanked sections of the population who have been completely isolated by the current system.

It covers lending, borrowing, payments, insurance, data analytics, yield farming, staking, decentralized fund management, decentralized asset management, stablecoin development, market-making consulting.

Features of Decentralized Finance Solutions (DeFi)

  • It is built on top of existing or completely new blockchain networks.
  • The entire system is permissionless and trustless.
  • A high level of transparency is maintained by the immutable distributed ledger.
  • Anyone can access DeFi irrespective of their economic or social background.
  • Automation of operations is ensured by smart contracts without any human intervention.
  • Users have full control over their assets in the non-custodial system.
  • Transactions are processed very quickly.

Going ahead, Decentralized Finance Solutions (DeFi) will rise in popularity and become the order of the future and needs progressive regulations to make a big mark in the world.

ICO Marketing Checklist 2021- To Promote your ICO

ICO marketing is an essential part of every project. It involves promoting the benefits of the tokens to the prospective investors. Since it has become the numero uno option for capital raising in an organized manner, marketing becomes crucial to fulfill all the objectives that the project seeks to achieve.

  • It involves gathering business requirements.
  • Preparing a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Sharing insightful content through a variety of communication channels to introduce your ICO project in the market.
  • Analyzing the results achieved regularly.
  • Tweaking the strategy by making suitable changes to enhance it and improve the overall effectiveness.

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How Decentralized Finance Development Will Move on from Now

How Decentralized Finance Development Will Move on from Now

The total amount of assets locked in various Decentralized Finance solutions (DeFi) has sky-rocketed to a whopping $22.46 billion according to data provided by DeFi pulse that watches the industry closely.

The traditional financial system has too many intermediaries, lack of liquidity, absence of transparency, and is influenced heavily by several external factors. A DeFi development solution is antifragile, distributes more power to users, and transferring funds is quicker and cheaper.

** What Is DeFi Development?**

DeFi development involves the creation of financial applications on existing blockchain networks. It maintains a high level of transparency and ensures fast processing of transactions without the presence of any intermediaries in the system. It offers various services like loans, yield farming, crypto staking, asset management, insurance, margin trading, and decentralized exchange of assets. The lack of adequate access and the absence of blockchain awareness are roadblocks to the growth of decentralized finance platforms.

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