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Updated by World News on Nov 05, 2020
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President Trump has posted photos of 60 Minute Interview with Lesley Stahl

US President Donald Trump has tweeted out pictures of the 60 Minutes interview he walked out of because he didn’t like the journalist’s tone.

President trump and Joe Biden will meet on Thursday for final presidential debate

US President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden are set to meet in their final debate on Thursday. It is one of the last high-profile opportunities for the trailing incumbent to change the trajectory of an increasingly contentious campaign.

Robert Cahaly predicts President Trump’s Victory and warned about Hidden Vote

The conservative pollster Robert Cahaly appeared on Fox News’ Hannity and discussed the Hidden Vote. The alleged hidden vote was often missing predominantly from polling showing Democratic challenger Joe Biden leading nationally and in certain swing states.

Pre-order Deals started for Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Apple is ready to launch its iPhone 12 series, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, as well as the all-new iPhone 12 Mini.

CBS News claimed the White House violated an agreement with the Network

CBS News has claimed that US President violated an agreement with the News Network to withhold releasing footage from interviews with the president and Mike Pence.

Trump administration’s Top Officials to visit India to discuss Global Influence of China

US President Donald Trump’s 2 top national security aides will visit India for meetings. Their supposed meetings will largely be focused on countering increasing global Chinese influence.

President Trump’s campaign will sue against dropping multiple ballots in drop boxes

US President Donald Trump’s campaign is reportedly videotaping voters as they deposit ballots in drop boxes in Philadelphia. Republican candidate’s campaign is attempting to catch violations and surveillance.

President Trump to declare Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch as anti-Semitic

US President Donald Trump’s administration is reportedly planning to declare that several high-profile NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are anti-Semitic in a move designed at influencing other governments not to support them.

Get Standard Mate 40, Pro, Pro Plus & Mate 40 RS on New Year Eve

Huawei is planning to launch its Mate 40 series as the last major flagship phone at the end of 2020. The new smartphones from the company are the Mate 40, Mate 40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro Plus, and the super-premium Porsche Design Huawei Mate 40 RS.

President Trump has declared his Victory with Great Margin against Joe Biden

US President Donald Trump has claimed his victory in the 2nd presidential debate against Democratic contender Joe Biden by 89% to 11%. But, he didn’t mention what polling showed the alleged landslide victory.

President Trump is getting support from nearly Half of Americans

US President Donald Trump is getting support from nearly half of Americans over state and federal probes based in New York City of his finances, business dealings.

President Trump suggests a similar situation in 2020 as his 2016 win

US President Donald Trump and his advisers are suggesting a high-octane replay of the closing two weeks of his 2016 campaign.

President Trump’s administration is looking to Reunite 545 Children with Parents

US President Donald Trump’s administration earlier claimed the US government is looking to reunite 545 children with the parents. They were separated as part of a zero-tolerance crackdown on immigration.

Samsung 55-inch and 85-inch 8K QLED TVs are Compact & Cheaper

Some major 8K TVs manufacturing companies are moving ahead with various models featuring high resolution. It is noteworthy that 8K TVs traditionally don’t get smaller than a 65-inch size screen, and we are expecting around 75-inch and 85-inch screen sizes.

Trump’s top official Brett Giroir says We Can Control the Coronavirus Pandemic

US President Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff Mark Meadows earlier said, “We’re not going to control the pandemic”. Now, a top Trump administration health official, Assistant Secretary for Health Adm.

President Trump criticized Bad Republicans over the Lincoln Project

US President Donald Trump attacked the Lincoln Project during a rally in Pennsylvania. He alleged them of being Republicans in name only RINO.

President Trump to host a celebratory reception for Amy Coney Barrett

US President Donald Trump White House is set to host a celebratory reception for Amy Coney Barrett on Monday evening. It is widely anticipated that she is confirmed to the US Supreme Court.

President Trump’s former friend Joe Scarborough criticized him in Morning Joe

Some reports have indicated that TV host Joe Scarborough provoked a controversy. He earlier claimed Donald Trump would kill reporters if he could get away with it, like Vladimir Putin.

OnePlus will release Nord N10 5G and cheapest Nord N100 in November 2020

OnePlus has announced two new affordable smartphones, the Nord N10 5G and Nord N100. These handsets bring some extraordinary impressive specs considering the cost.

President Trump will not get favor from Department of Justice over Jean Carroll case

US President Donald Trump will not get favor from the Justice Department because a federal judge blocked the efforts of DOJ to intervene in a defamation case against him.

President Trump has planned Election Night Party at his Hotel in Washington DC

US President Donald Trump has planned to host an election night party at his own hotel in Washington D.C. The campaign pushed out fundraising emails in the president’s name offering.

President Trump said kamala Harris can’t be first female us president but IVANKA

US President Donald Trump’s companies received more than $2.5m from taxpayers during his first term as president. The Washington Post has compiled record requests.

President Trump again compared himself with Abraham Lincoln

US President Donald Trump said he has always competed against Abraham Lincoln. He again attempted to draw comparisons between himself and the iconic 19th-century president, who was born into a poor family.

Samsung’s Premiere projector can convert your home into a Cinema

Samsung has offered the latest solution for those looking for an in-home cinema experience. The company has presented a lifestyle projector that offers whatever viewers might want in terms of size.

Trump requested Federal Courts to Block entire Vote-counting before the Election Day

US President Donald Trump is convincing federal courts to block any vote-counting by states that intend to tally ballots well beyond Election Day.