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Technological News and Blogs

A perspective to talk about new ideas, future technology, and its impact on enterprises - all the latest musings of the digital industry.

Technology Blogs: Get insight into the latest trends and innovations happening in the Information & Tech industry with our highly informative news.

Drupal 9.1.0-alpha1 will be released in the week of October 19th

Drupal 9.1.0 is entering its alpha 1 phase in the week of October 19th, 2020 and will be available for testing. Check-out what's have been updating.

The 5G Effect: Accelerating Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR in Mobile Applications

The low-latency properties of 5G enhance Artificial Intelligence, AR, and VR in Mobile applications. Let us see more in this article.

Flutter - Future of Mobile App Development?

Flutter is Google's UI toolkit for crafting natively compiled application for mobile, Is flutter the next future of mobile apps? Know more.

What is Middleware in ASP.NET Core And How Does It Work?

Middleware is one of the most important layers in ASP.NET Core, taking software development to next level. In this article, know more about .NET Middleware and How does it work.

Bootstrap 5 Alpha released! Dropped support for jQuery and Internet Explorer

The first alpha version of Bootstrap 5 has finally arrived with many exciting changes and updates. Read more details in this article.

Introduction to JAMstack: A New Way to Build Websites (2020)

JAMstack is the new way of Front-end Stack to building websites and apps. Here is a simple guide to get all the details on the JAM stack.

Web Worker- The Secret Accelerator of Web Applications

Are the heavy computations degrading your Angular app performance? Here are the tips to speed-up your Web Applications using Web Workers.

Google Unveils Android 11, Debuting The Most-Awaited Security and Machine Learning Features

Turning it up to Android 11: Here is the first Developer Preview of OS 11 and Learn more about how this will impact on your Applications.

Front-end Developer: Look These Essential Skills Before Hiring

Hiring a Front-end Developer for your Business? Here are tips to look for these Essential skills before you hiring a Front-end Web developer.

A Guide to work with GraphQL(Apollo Client) in Angular

Get the most value out of Apollo Client, Here is the guide for you, use it with one of its view layer GraphQL in Angular.

Android Library: List of 15 Best Google Play Support Libraries

List of best 15 Google play support Android Libraries for developers should know about and which you should definitely try out.

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Front-end Developer

10 Useful Chrome extensions for Front-end developers, meticulously crafted to boost your productivity, so you could build better websites, faster!

Authentication and authorization for SPAs through ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core offers authentication in Single Page Apps (SPAs) using the support for API authorization. Here is the guide on it.

Breathe Life in Your Idea: Scope and Prototype Your Project

This article explains How prototyping can define the project scope, with the scope definition, prototyping model, and prototype development.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA): Why Your Business Needs It?

A Progressive Web Apps is proving to be the next application development standard. Get more information on What is PWA and Why your business needs it.

Augmented Reality App Development: Best Tools for Building Apps

Augmented Reality is getting immensely popular and is used in many different mobile apps. Here is the list of top tools for AR Mobile apps development.

How Digital Marketing Trends Have Changed Since COVID-19 Pandemic

Business is declining at these COVID 19 pandemic. Here is the guide of digital marketing trends to focus on during the covid 19 times.

Angular 10 Framework: What's New In, Updates and Features

Development of the next major release of the popular Google-created web framework Angular 10 is underway. check out the what's new in and its features.

Full-Stack Vs Specialized Developer: Which Should You Hire?

Would you hire a full-stack developer or specialized developer? Who’ll benefit for your business? Let's discuss their skills, pros and cons.

App Store Review Guideline: Avoid App-store Rejection [2020]

If you are worried about the app store review, this post will help you. Here is the guideline to avoid App-store rejection by taking care of these 5 points.