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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Spa Facial – Choose the best for the best results
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Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Spa Facial – Choose the best for the best results

When choosing the spa facial for you, there are a lot of facts you should be aware of. Most of the time, they advertise about a superior experience, but in reality, it's just a general facial treatment with steam and massage. Don't be deceived, here are some good tips for you to choose the best.


Don't make unrealistic expectations

This tip has something to do with your mentality. Plastic surgery and a facial treatment are two different things, and you can't expect magical transformations as a plastic surgery would do after a basic facial spa therapy. A facial treatment is for making you feel good, cleansing your skin, and unclogging pores. Right after a spa treatment, you will (most of the time) get rid of signs of ageing on your face, but please note that these will be temporary. Your skin needs time to heal and you should understand this fact.


Know exactly about what you need

Spas, today, are mostly concerned just about making profits. This is why most of the spa centres have been unable to retain their clients for so long. So, once you go to a spa for a consultation, let them know the issue you have and address it directly. What most of them do is pointing out other minor defects and suggesting treatments they have for you. Don't fall for this! Know your issue and get the remedy from them for that only.


Have an understanding of the offerings

Just like a restaurant would give you several offerings once you go there, a spa will also offer you many things. They will come up with many suitable packages for you, but be mindful to see if what you need is there included in the package. If that's a basic facial, that will have removal of dirt /oil on the skin, rehydration therapy, and some massage. When they offer you packages and describe their inclusions, know if they have understood your skin type properly and address your exact issues.


Before being a client, have a visit to the spa centre

It's okay to find a good spa centre online while scrolling your social media pages, but make sure you visit the spa physically before you sign up as a client. This is to have an understanding of their cleanliness and professionalism. For example, if you see an advertisement about Hunter Valley spa packages offered by popular names such as Elysia Wellness Retreat, call them and get an appointment to see them. They do understand this concept and will willingly help you. Go to the place as agreed and have a good analysis of everything there including the certificates and even the mirrors used.


Own the best deal

You can always negotiate with the spa, and this does not mean you are rude or unethical. It's your money that you are going to spend, and you have the right to get a good value for the dollars that you spend.