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Great Interior Design and Home Decoration Articles

A massive list with great articles (over 110!!) to improve your home and office decoration!


The Ins and Outs of Modern Interior Design

Buying a new home can be an incredibly invigorating experience. Once the closing festivities have run their course, however, families will likely want to develop some decorating ideas that will make the residence their own. Modern interior design techniques will allow most of the rooms to breathe.

2013 Interior Design Trends: The Year of Metal and Mirrors

Keeping up with interior design trends can be an exhausting experience, but the rewards are definitely worth it. Some trends have been around for years, and it's always important to get your head round classic design concepts before trying to do something totally new.

Create Your Own Beautiful Outdoor Space With These Design Ideas

Who says outdoor spaces can't be comfortable and well designed? If you are bored of your run of the mill garden, yard or patio area and want to try something a little different, there is a huge range of things you can do to add some design inspiration to the great outdoors.

Decorate Your Wall With The Collaboration Of Creativity

We all know that when it comes to decorating your home, the first thing that comes to mind is painting the walls. We believe this is an effort inexpensive and at the same time, exhausting process because it takes time to move the furniture in the road, then back to where it belongs after completing painter.

Tips For Adding A Personal Touch To Your Home

Creativity It's so easy these days to go along with the 'Standard IKEA look.' With many items of furniture being mass produced it's hard to put our own stamp on things. Your home should be personal to you, not chosen out of a catalogue.

The Importance of Finding the Right Frames for Your Images

Art is a physical manifestation of a singular vision. Great works of art come to be associated with the philosophical ideologies, political landscapes, literature and music of the eras in which they were created. Of course, they are also beautiful. It is only natural that people would want to have artwork in their homes.

A Complete Guide to Eco-Interior Design

With all eyes on global warming and the longevity of our planet on a scale unprecedented in comparison to recent years, the need for everyone to assess the way they approach things in life has never been more important.

10 Hot Interior Design Trends for 2013

Why wait until spring to freshen up your home? As January gets well underway, now is the perfect time to liven up your living space. But in 2013, there are a number of great interior design trends that will completely transform your home. Here, are 10 of the hottest: 1.

Thinking Outside The Box With Interior Design

Interior design can be a very personal statement and it shows a lot about the person who lives in a property. A house can be a great way to show off your personality and what interests you through the furniture and decor that you choose to live amongst.

Choosing Popular Paintings For Your Home

If you're looking to buy a reproduction of a well-known painting, then you may be interested to read more about the process involved in such a purchasing decision. There is, of course, an extremely eclectic choice here.

Your Go-To Guide For A Sleek Colour Scheme

All of us have our likes and dislikes when it comes to decorating just as we do in all other areas of life. Do you like a sleek, minimalist environment? Or perhaps you lean more towards a friendly, country cottage look? Maybe you love funky avant-garde interiors?

Innovative Ways to Integrate Plants in Your Interiors

Do you wish to integrate plants in your interiors and enjoy different health benefits and complete the ambience of your home or office? You don't have to worry about space constraints as you can integrate plants in your interiors making the best use of available space itself.

Use Mood Boards to Unlock Your Interior Design Flair

Many of us want to try our hand at decorating our homes ourselves - before we have to call in the professionals to fix our mess. DIY home decorating is a great way to save money (if it's done properly), and it's a great way to unlock some creativity that you never knew you had.

Why Minimalist Design Shouldn't be Ignored When Redecorating Your Home

In recent years there has been a trend back towards minimalist design. One of the reasons for this is the fact that we all lead much busier lives than in the past and the clean lines and spare look of minimalism make modern homes a lot easier to clean.

Incredible Futuristic Gadgets For Your Home

Turn your domicile into a sophisticated showhome with the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos. Featuring visionary designs and innovative concepts brought to fruition through the finest materials, our to-guide of exciting gadgets will ensure your interiors are not falling behind in the style stacks.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Metal Wall Art

When it comes to decorating your walls there's never been more choice with traditional frames, canvases and pictures of all kinds. Metal art work is often overlooked and that's a real shame because it's extremely durable while remaining emotionally expressive and let's face it metal art just looks cool.

Decorating Don'ts That Will Make Your House Look Great

So, you've recently decided to upgrade the decor in your home. But how do you do it? There are thousands of examples of ideas and tricks online and in magazines around the world. But it is easy to get carried away when it comes to home decorating.

An Inexpensive Way To Jazz-up A Room - Keboto

Do you have rooms in your house that are dull and boring? Painting is an inexpensive solution for adding life and excitement to any room in your house! Simple planning and prep work is all it takes to get you started for an unbelievable transformation!

From Grunge To Gorgeous - Give Your Home An Inexpensive Makeover

Times are tough at the moment and the cost of upgrading to a new home is out of reach for most of us. So unless you win the lottery, it is better to make the best of what you have than to waste time coveting a house you cannot afford.

How To Create Spatial Illusions In Your Home

You want your home to be bigger. If that sounds like you, then join us, and likely 90%+ of people around the world who probably feel the same.

Did You Evaluate These Factors When Planning Your Home Painting?

Are you planning to paint your home? Well, this article is for you. When you are planning to paint your home, there are things you have to evaluate before commencing on the process. With so many types and styles of paint to pick from, it can be an uphill task to select the perfect paint for your home.

5 All-Too-Common Bedroom Design Errors & How To Fix Them

Whether it's shelving stacked with hundreds of books, piles of clothes that have no place to hide or dozens of children's toys that have nowhere to be stored away, bedrooms can be difficult to organise, particularly if you lack space.

Kid's Rooms: Inspired Transformations

Does your child's room need a makeover? Is space limited, the color drab, and the fun-factor missing? Do you have plenty of desire but lack inspiration? Well, get ready to be inspired. Our lineup of cool, cute, dreamy and fun-themed rooms are sure to spark a flame of inspiration in you!

Interior Design Tips For The Absolute Novice

Interior design can be a subject that fills many people with a degree of fear and trepidation. Matters nearly always tend to be made worse still when the homeowner is a novice regarding such areas. However, getting the best from your home really shouldn't be all that difficult.

Decorating Your Home In French Country Style

French country style is known for its elegance and relaxed touches. This style has been adopted in many homes throughout the world. There are some key components to this style that are considered to be guidelines and not rules. There are no rules for how it should be done.