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Updated by Charles Heitz on Oct 19, 2020
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Content Marketing And SEO Are The Same Thing. Let's Take A Journey Together

Whenever you talk about content marketing or SEO (I believe they are the same thing) most people cringe or get really defensive. This list is intended to educate, enlighten and dazzle the mind. Come on a journey with me as we explore the world of content marketing and seo as we realize they are the same thing.

Most of this list will be dedicated to content marketing guides, technical papers, how-to's and insights. Along with content marketing we will parallel that with SEO to discover how they are similar and how they differ.


Content Is King Is Wrong - This Is How To Create Successful Content

Content is king is misleading. Content alone will not be successful. Learn step-by-step on how to create successful content.

The Case For Using Canva For Your Graphic Designs - Charles "CJ" Heitz

Why and who should be using Canva for your graphic design needs? Some should, some shouldn't. Get the details of Canva graphic design.

Pandemic Proof Marketing ~ COVID-19 Digital Marketing Lessons

Pandemic proof marketing is possible. Learn how with these COVID-19 digital marketing lessons I learned while running my business during COVID

Screw Your Passion - Solve A Problem - CJ Heitz

Screw your passion. Following your passion is a terrible idea however, you may find you're passionate about other aspects of your business. Learn more about building a successful business by NOT following your passions.

Digital Marketing - The Beginning - CJ Heitz

My entry into digital marketing, the complete story. I'm hopeful folks will find this interesting, funny and educational. I know I've learned quite a bit over the last decade and I share how it all began right here.

Internet Marketing Tips - Learn How To Easily Get Started - Heitz Digital

These internet marketing tips will help you get started and understand what is needed to succeed in the online marketing area.