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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 19, 2020
Headline for Facts About the Maldives That Will Blow Your Mind – A Nation of Many Wonders
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Facts About the Maldives That Will Blow Your Mind – A Nation of Many Wonders

While you may know all about the idyllic beaches, water sports and island resorts in Maldives, here are some fascinating facts about this country that will add to its charm; several of them may even tempt you to start planning a holiday as soon as possible!


An Underwater Cabinet Meeting

While cabinet meetings may be conventional, in the Maldives, they decided to change things up and hosted the first-ever underwater cabinet meeting in the world! This historic event took place in 2009 and was held in a unique location beneath the waves; it was part of an effort to put the spotlight on the dangers of global warming to this low-lying country. Those who took part had to don scuba diving gear including oxygen tanks, while desks and seats were specially set up.


You Can Dine Underwater

You may have thought it was just the Little Mermaid and friends or Aquaman and citizens of Atlantis that dine underwater, but in the Maldives, you can enjoy this too! How is this possible? Well, certain private resorts the likes of Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas have constructed special underwater restaurants so you can have a meal beneath the waves. As you dine, you can take in the sight of various marine species from tropical fish to turtles and whale sharks swimming around you for an unforgettable experience.


You Can Host Underwater Weddings

By now you would have realised that a great many highlights take place underwater including the chance to tie the knot with that special someone! Some resorts offer a divers' wedding where the couple can celebrate their special day in an underwater ceremony before heading back up to begin a magical honeymoon at a luxury villa in Maldives. Depending on the property and package they offer, couples will also be entitled to an underwater photoshoot and rings being pretested in shell-casings too.


99% of the Country is Water

With so many underwater happenings going on, you won't be too surprised to learn that 99% of the country is in fact, made up of water! This is also why water sports in Maldives are so popular since there is so much space to try them be it in the ocean or lagoons. Amidst this expanse of azure, you will find over 1,190 coral islands spread across 26 atolls; most of these islands are uninhabited as well, with some being used by locals to reside in and others being home to private island resorts.


World's Flattest Nation

Another fact you may not know about and which is listed in the Guinness World Records too is that the Maldives is the flattest and lowest nation on the planet. In fact, the highest elevation above the level of the sea is a mere 2.4 metres. Climate change which leads to rising sea levels, however, will put the country at risk which is why stringent measures are being taken for coastal protection and conservation. That said, there is no danger that the islands are at risk at present so you can plan a holiday here without fear!