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Utobo is the world’s simplest online tutoring platform. We help tutors' avoid paying for 4-5 applications to teach and grow online through a web-based SaaS platform seamlessly integrated with Android and iOS applications.
Tutors’ and institutes can conduct live classes, build courses and test series, sell it to the market with an e-commerce website, manage admission, accept fees online and offline.




ONLINE EDUCATION COURSES : Tutors’ and institutes can conduct live classes, build courses and test series, sell it to the market with an e-commerce website, manage admission, accept fees online and offline at UTOBO

7 Trends in Content Marketing to look forward to –

Man used to transmit messages orally when it all began after the pandora’s box opened after the discovery of fire. But the man can only speak so much, the man can only travel so much. This transmission of message was effective but slow. Man learnt writing then. The menial pages on the street were filled with invaluable ink of priceless knowledge and it spread like wildfire. These are the first traces o content writing that I can think of. People like William Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy made the best out of it and their content was known throughout the country in those times. Wars were won with the courage of pen and paper, love was spread with the delicacy of menial papers and formidable ink.

utobo | A platform to learn, share and personalize. –

We are in the world of the 21st century and technology sure seems the USP of this century. A lot has changed since the advent of the Internet and every day is a new start in the online world. Every industry has directly or indirectly been benefitted through the upscaling of the technology. Education has reached the masses, thanks to the internet and the classrooms are not restricted to the walls of the room anymore. With utobo, we aim to cater to the whole world as a classroom with no walls. Learning never stops and utobo bridges the gap between the learner and the one who is eagerly willing to learn.


Create , Market and sell your online course

Create , Market and sell your online course

UTOBO help tutors and institutions in creating courses and test series and helping them sell online. We help tutors' avoid paying for 4-5 applications to teach and grow online through a web-based SaaS platform seamlessly integrated with Android and iOS applications.
Tutors’ and institutes can conduct live classes, build courses and test series, sell it to the market with an e-commerce website, manage admission, accept fees online and offline.

utobo – Transforming e-Learning in this Coronavirus blizzard! –

What was the one thing that didn’t stop during the World Wars? What was the one thing that didn’t stop everytime the existence of human life was in danger? Lessons and their innumerable learnings. The moment at which the caveman’s eyes dilated looking at the newly discovered fire, the lessons we have learnt has known no bounds. Someone said it right, “Time, as it grows old, teaches all things.” And the mankind has been a constant spectator of this aphorism playing right by its words. From the menacing power of the atom bomb to the magic of penicillin; from the modest wheel of the bullock cart to having the footprints on the moon, we have learnt it all. So why are we shying away from gaining this knowledge due to a pandemic? Isn’t attaining knowledge one of the key factors to mankind’s survival? The reason we know about the transmission and symptoms of Coronavirus, is one magical word ; KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is how we have survived all the problems in the billion years of our existence and knowledge is how we are going to unite and defeat this pandemic.


Android application for education

Android application for education

Android application for education : enable your institute with a beautiful website, easy to use web apps and feature rich mobile applications with great UI-UX.

Unlocking the Student-Teacher potential with EdTech –

The relationship of a student and a teacher has always been perceived as one of the most sacred relationship in our world. It is the only relationship that stands high with a parent-child relationship. I never understood this analogy until my teacher gave up all his materialistic dreams in order to be a saint. The lessons were constrained to maths and science when he was my school teacher, but when we entered a different world, that is when I realized how important it is for a person to have a teacher in his life. In my case, our relationship unlocked its potential when we had the clarity of our goals and the syncing of it with each other’s. This is the scenario we need in this debatable system of education. And in this case, the solution happens to be the hustling world of Education Technology.

utobo - utobo's Plurk - Plurk

Online education in India


The pros and cons of online education for kids:

The different pros and cons of online education for kids are:


  • Online education is comfortable and flexible.
  • Online education teaches kids to be self-disciplined.
  • It add education to your home right away.
  • More individual focus is provided through online education.
  • Online education teach kids skills in the real world .

  • More time than on-campus classes is needed in online education.

  • Online education physically do not have an instructor hounding kids to stay on task .
  • Also long hours of online classes can affect the eyesight of kids.
  • Online education can reduce the socialization among the kids and can make them feel isolated.
  • It can also lead to addiction for mobiles among the kids which can be harmful for their minds. I hope it may be helpful. To further know about the education disruption that people are going through in this pandemic times and its solution do visit: COVID-19 Education Disruption and its Solution



Utobo is the SaaS-based one-stop platform to teach and grow completely online. We are creating a wholesome online learning experience that helps all the stac...


Is Digital Education the future of learning in India?

Is Digital Education the future of learning in India?

The evolution of digital education is nothing short of a revolution. India's digital learning will be the main face of future education in the middle east. It is surprising to see how advanced innovations are changing the country's overall educational system. We have seen educational efficiency digitally improve with each passing day. It not only provided teachers and students with unlimited teaching and learning opportunities, but also strengthened student erudition, interest in the learning process and innovation. Affordable high-speed internet and direct-to-device technology allow rural learners to study online courses and develop their skills and knowledge. Interactive teaching from chalk-and-talk lessons and assisted learning methods to new educational instruments, appears to be the new wave of learning. The state of education in India, especially in rural areas, is gloomy. The rural area is currently facing significant problems, such as obsolete teaching methods, teacher shortages, inadequate student-teacher ratios, and insufficient funding for teaching. Fortunately, with the digitization of education, the new teaching methods and methodologies are being taught to students in educationally backward areas. The technology also lets teachers communicate remotely with students spread around many locations at a time. Interactive digital media would undoubtedly help to solve the country's teacher shortage in the near future. The Edtech Revolution has allowed everyone to access education from anywhere, at any time. With the digital revolution, both in terms of how we study and what we study, the education system in the country is bound to recalibrate itself deeply. In many ways, digital education will inspire the youth of today to learn and participate in the vast sea of knowledge freely made accessible to them by the digital revolution. In summary, it can be said that digital education is India's future, taking the nation to a new raised platform of economic development and success.



    Now when you have decided to make your course first thing is to know about your passion. Ask yourself a question What are you passionate about? What you like to learn? Where your interest lies? What you enjoy to do and write it down. Being passionate about your work will surely make your course less a mission and more a passion project. This in return will result in more interaction and engagement with your audience. Knowing and contrasting your passion with your abilities will help you find the happy place where you are strongly interested in a subject and have the skills to provide outstanding training. Go ahead and build a list of all the stuff you're good at. Ask your friends and family to tell you what they think you are good at. You should also note down something that people ask for help with these skills, which you typically take for granted.

    You now know the topics you're passionate about and where your strength lies. In this venture, how much are you willing to risk? This type of question arises in your mind . Are you prepared to take risks? Let me tell you that online courses are worth taking risks because it will always be a win - win situation. As setting up an online education business is less risky than most of the other businesses. That is because the costs are incredibly low, and without the need for investors or borrowing capital, you can restyle your company in most cases. Other than this define your budget and note it down. Then work on the course according to it .

    Knowing about a defined target audience and knowing about their needs and what are they looking for would help you to plan your course in an effective way. It will also help you to market your course. All this would definitely bring clarity to your mind further. Also know How Can you help them by you course . When you have an understanding of who you want to represent and how you want to represent then move forth and create a perfect course for them.

    So now you have to choose a platform to create, market and sell your online course. Today, there are many different e-learning platforms available like Udemy, Lynda, Coursera in the market today. But seriously I won’t recommend any of these. If one wants to make their own course then they should choose a platform that provides the value proposition like content ownership and branding and freedom to isolate the classroom or the sell to the global market. This way you will have full control over the course. Here I can proudly say that UTOBO provides course creators the content ownership and branding.

    Remain updated about the changes in your industry and continuously Stay updated. In your business, you will need to adapt to changes. Continuously listen to your students and alter your course to give them exactly what they want. It will ensure longevity for your online education business and improve your position in your chosen niche by continuously learning and keeping up with the your audience.

The points need to be aware of before making a course are:
• Know about your passion and strength
• Be brave to take risk
• Understand your audience
• Choose a right platform
• Stay updated and keep learning


Online teaching applications for institutes

Online teaching applications for institutes
Business Blogging for Beginners –

We have already established the benefits of business blogging and if I have convinced your about its importance, here is a guide to get started. We have discussed about how it is important to gain leads and traffic and how it can help us rank higher, but we need to understand that business blogging is not just fitting a few paragraphs into a frame. It takes a LOT to establish the results from blogging.


Create your Online Education Course

Create your Online Education Course

Tutors can do several things like: Add multiple tutors, build courses and test series with rich media editor, manage admissions; accept an offline and online fee, conduct live classes, push notification, send SMS and email, create polls and forums, offer coupon codes, get reviews and feedback and access all the reports on one click.For more info click here

What are the strategies used by successful online tutors? –

The scorching summer of this infamous year has brought the virtual space for teaching and learning into a setting that has to be evolved with every single code. The teachers have already geared up to lead the pack of confused students to a place of continuous knowledge and learning. But there is a twist. The place where these students are led is virtual. As Robert Frost would put it, it is a road less travelled. As we are pushed by this pandemic, this less travelled road is trodden on frequently and it is only for our good because learning online has been more impactful than ever. It’s high time that the tutors of the world take charge and make this mark even more impactful. 

The 5 minutes Stress-busters –

During JEE preparations, our professor used to say, ” There is no benefit of taking stress about JEE. If stress burnt calories, then maybe we should all embrace it but as you see I carry a tire with me, so get back to studies and stop stressing about the exams.” Now, I didn’t take even a hint of stress in JEE days, maybe that’s what led me to be stressful after the exams. But the essence of what my professor said, is clear to me now. I get stressful before any important presentation or an examination and then I think about my JEE professor and it cracks me up. And with this tornado of digital transformation passing by our lives is asking a lot from us in order to make us evolve and be efficient. This is 21st Century and our lives are moving lightening fast. With this speed, comes a lot of stress. The stress to cope up, the stress to get up from a fall, the stress to fall and whatnot. But it is all in the mind and in the previous blog, we saw that the mind can be trained. So, let’s dive into the world of stress-busters that relieves us in 5 minutes or less.


APPS are necessary for all the service provider company

APPS are necessary for all the service provider company

The android app is necessary for every service provider company because of following reasons:

  1. Helps to connect better with customer- As the majority of people have high powered mobile devices and they use it everyday in their day to day lives. So it has become easy to connect with the customers not just face to face but also virtually. The mobile apps can be used to improve the customer service.

  2. Improves the Profits- The sale would increase if there is improvement is customer service. This would further result in the profit for the company. The more people are interested in your product the greater will be the consumer demand. The sales do depends on how a customer is treated. App can help to do this very well.

  3. Keeping users updated : Apps helps to keep users updated about the new services , offers or products. This would result in promoting your services further to your customers.

  4. Build a strong brand : Regular interaction with the users build their trust with the brand . Apps offers awareness to the consumers regarding to the brand.

If you don’t have your mobile app then there is a chance that you would be left behind by your competitors . The mobile app will not save only save your business but also secure your presence in the industry. Utobo - Apps on Google Play is a app that helps to create your own courses and also sell them online.It help tutors' avoid paying for 4-5 applications to teach and grow online through a web-based SaaS platform seamlessly integrated with Android and iOS applications.


How Can Technology Enhance Classroom Learning?

The technology has progressed and have entered in our day to day life . It also show some amazing impact on classroom teaching. Technology in education can open up to different experiences and knowledge to teachers as well as students. Some tools that can be used in the classroom to enhance the learning are:

  1. Canva : This tool has different amazing images , posters , icons, templates etc. So for the creative assignments this tool can be used and students can create presentations , posters , infographics and documents easily. This will enhance their imagination and will help thhem to inevent new things.

  2. Kidblog: This tool helps kids to improve writing skills and can be used by the kids to write thoughts on different topics . The content does not get published until teacher approves it . Here students can also add some images ,videos , audios etc to it

  3. Youtube : It contain many creative videos that can help learners to grasp different concepts of maths , coding ,science etc.

  4. Seesaw: This tool improves the communication between teacher , parents and college . Teachers can select assignments or can create their own and provide to the students .Students can do their assignments at the dashboard and parents can post it after it. This tools reduces the paper work.

  5. Utobo: It is a software that helps tutors to create their own course according to the subject they teach and can use it in the institutes . It helps institutions in creating courses and test series and helping to manage it online. The 5 Traps to Avoid While Teaching Online tells about the traps and Utobo is here to help you with them .


Online learning and teaching programs successful in India?

Online learning and teaching programs successful in India?

India is one of the fastest developing countries . Indian people have readily adopted technology in every field and domain. It would be really surprising to know that India is projected to have almost 735 million internet users by 2021, leading to a rise in traffic for online education providers. Online courses taken are much more economical than conventional programs i.e like students save on tuition and travel costs as they have the option of completing the course from home and in many cases at their rate . Another reason behind growth of online learning is that students are tech lovers while teachers are helped by different educational platform.

Course creating platform like Utobo have made it easy for tutors and institutions to conduct live classes, build courses and test series, sell their course to the market with an e-commerce website, manage admission, accept fees online and offline. Through this it has become much more easier for tutor to create their own course and start teaching online . And would really boost the online teaching and learning program in India.


India's online education system

India's online education system

India has a 50 per cent internet penetration. India is projected to have almost 735 million internet users by 2021, leading to a rise in traffic for online education providers. Recent government policies are expected to improve the infrastructure needed for students to pursue online education. It is very useful to find information on some of these initiatives, like the YUKTI platform, SWAYAM Prabha, eBasta, and e-VIDYA. Online courses taken are much more economical than conventional programmes: students save on tuition, lodging costs, and travel costs as they have the option of completing the course from home and in many cases at their rate. Almost 46% of the population of India falls between the ages of 15-40. This younger generation is a great online education target group. As online formats are generally more acceptable to this age and the lower cost is appealing to a price-sensitive market.

The following criteria show the advancement of digital education:

  • list text hereTo learn from the best: Shift and creativity have been harboured by global discussions, globally qualified instructors, premium courses and renowned institutes. One can have access to the best writers, scientists and experts sitting in the comfort of one's house. This has strengthened learning and resulted in a rich experience of teaching. In reality, 77 percent of online learning institutions claim that it is key to their long-term strategy.
  • list text hereInteractive Learning Advancement: Words like flipped classroom, formative evaluation and mobile learning have become popular with the rise of the virtual classroom. Via these models, the learning process over the years has been made more fun and engaging. In fact , 90 percent of students agree that online learning leads to a learning experience comparable to or even better than traditional classrooms, according to a few studies. Interactive learning modules have been developed by different educators that show a good balance between constructive games that entertain and those that impart educational values.
  • list text hereSocial networking as a platform for learning: Social media has evolved from being a simple means of networking to a learning tool. Many educators and colleges today integrate social media into their curriculum, making it an important part of the experience of e-learning. This relevant tool is also a sensitive way to keep learners involved and interested, in addition to being able to exchange knowledge anywhere, at any time.