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SkyDrive update brings photo timeline, more efficiency-minded features

Perhaps to celebrate passing the 250 million user mark, SkyDrive is rolling out an update which introduces some nifty time-saving features. Now, you'll

New App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto And More By Scanning Your Shopping Cart

Buycott shows you a product's corporate family tree while you shop. In her keynote speech at last year's annual Netroots Nation gathering, Darcy Burner pitched a seemingly simple idea to the thousands of bloggers and web developers in the audience.

Collaaj Launches An Easy Way To Create, Store And Send Video Messages

Collaaj has launched a service designed to make it easy to create videos and send them as messages. The SaaS tool includes an editor that people can use to make the videos, which might be in the form of a demo recording of an app, a drawing, annotations on a presentation or someone sending a video..

Skobbler brings its OpenStreetMap GPS navigation app to Android, with offline turn-by-turn directions

The day after Google previewed an all-new Google Maps for iOS and Android (as well as a desktop incarnation), Skobbler has finally brought its popular iOS GPS navigation app to Android. Founded in 2008, Berlin-based Skobbler produces a number of map-based products for iOS, Android, Nook and Kindle Fire.

Trying out Any.DO, so far it's awesome!

Any.DO helps you get things done with your friends in a simple & elegant way. It's free, simple & fun.

Stilly Is A One-Button GIF Maker For iPhone That's Even Easier Than Vine

Like GIFs? Tumblr? Got an iPhone? $2.00? OK, good, then you'll probably like this new app called Stilly which is either the most ridiculous thing ever or the most fun you're going to have all weekend. The app, in a nutshell, turns anything you capture with your iPhone's camera into..

Subtask wants to fuse mind-mapping with project management

There's a healthy market right now for project management tools, from Wunderlist Pro to the now-venerable Basecamp. And then we also have mind-mapping tools such as Mindmeister and Mindjet, which use diagrams in order to outline ideas in a structured way.

Postpone is a simple to-do list Web app with scheduling and shared workspaces for specific projects

Postpone is the latest productivity app on the block, selling itself as "the best way to keep a to-do list short, useful and motivating". Is there room for yet another to-do list app? We find out. How it works When you first sign-in to Postpone, you'll see what is essentially a blank canvas.

Twitter Is Testing A Feature That Will Use Your Location So Companies Can Tweet Promotions At You

Twitter wants to know where you are right now. Ad Age's Cotton Delo reports that the social media platform is working on a way to figure out mobile users' latitude and longitude so that retailers can tweet promotions and other ads to people who are close to their stores.

Microsoft wants YOU to complement Bing's search algorithms

Microsoft today announced Bing Boards, a "new way for passionate people to create highly specialized content," specifically for search. The company describes them as visual collections of images, videos, and links that tell a story from a unique point of view.

CloudUp Is A Fast, Dead-Simple Way To Share And View Files On Any Platform (Without The Folders)

In today's world of email, social networks, SMS, chat applications and cloud services, there are plenty of ways to share share a file, folder, photo or video. And as intelligent devices and cloud computing infrastructure proliferate, and processing power and capacity improve, we expect file transfer and sharing to be speedy - and simple.

AirAudio Makes Your Android Device Airplay Compatible

Android ( Rooted): AirAudio is a utility that lets you Android phone or tablet play nicely with your AppleTV, Airport Extreme/Express, or any other AirPlay compatible device in your home entertainment system. Best of all, it's free.

Twitter Starts Sending Notifications for Favorited | Social Media Today

Karan Chopra The micro-blogging giant Twitter has expanded an alerts to notify users as soon as when someone faves a tweet you have mentioned in. Not much a bigger update but despite it's an add-on to Twitter's current notification system giving users an understanding on what's happening beyond the connections.

Futureful takes its smart topic-based newsreader to the iPhone and launches globally

Part news reader, part browser and part social feed, Futureful is proving to be an interesting example of how smart design really is capable of bringing something fresh to the content discovery table. Backed by Skype Co-Founder Janus Friis, Futureful launched for iPad users in the US only in January.

Anchor Is Sort Of Like Yammer But Pretty

There are waaay too many social networks out there already, but people keep making them so what the hell, why not add one more. Anchor is social media for your office and is an easy way to keep all your coworkers' contact information available in one place.

YouTube founders remix Vine and Instagram with Mixbit for iOS

YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have finally taken the wraps off their new video creation service, MixBit. Initially teased back in April, MixBit attempts to take the best things about Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Vyclone, and other services and mash them into a single experience. Making a basic MixBit is very simple.

Quip Is Bringing The Word-Processing Era To Its End

That word processor you use at the office? It was designed in the early '80s, when the first version of Microsoft Word shipped. While revision after revision of this prehistoric technology have been released, all are modeled after a world long forgotten-a world of 8.5x11 paper, carriage returns, and ink ribbons.

Use Loop To Animate The World

I'm really bad at drawing. Really really really bad. Like hand turkeys and stick figures level. But Loop might be a way to bring me up a little bit. It's an iPad app for making hand-drawn animations, but you can use it with guides like other drawings or photos for tracing.

Twitter revamps TweetDeck's new tweet panel for easier posting, sending DMs, and previewing images

By Emil Protalinski, , 07:57pm Twitter today announced a revamp of the new tweet panel in TweetDeck to make it easier to tweet, send DMs, and preview images to share. The company says the changes will be rolled out to all users gradually, beginning with the Web and Chrome versions of TweetDeck and followed "soon" by the Windows and Mac apps.

Eventbrite acquires Lanyrd and Eventioz to speed up its global expansion and aid event discovery

Ticketing platform Eventbrite has reached a major milestone in its accelerated growth: it has acquired two companies that it hopes will help drive its international expansion and aid consumers in discovering relevant events. Today, the company revealed it has picked up London-based Lanyrd and Argentinean-based Eventioz for an undisclosed amount.

Kovert Is A GPS That Lets You Keep Your Phone In Your Pocket To Foil Would-be Muggers

When walking through a sketchy neighborhood that you don't know well, it doesn't always feel like a good idea to have your phone out. Disrupt Hackathon entrant Kovert is an app that allows you to keep your phone tucked away out of sight while giving you walking directions through buzz si..

SafeSpot Sends a Geo-Tagged SOS if You're Incapacitated

Android: There are a lot of 'in case of emergency' SOS apps on the Play Store, but the onus is on user to hit a button or tap something. Instead, SafeSpot turns your Android into a virtual dead man's switch, sending out an SOS text message if you let go of your screen.

Read Feedly Offline: Download Unread Items To An Ebook

The Google News downloading service NewsToEbook now works with Feedly. With it you can download y...


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Snippit Launches An App To Add (Brief) Soundtracks To Your Photos

Snippit is a just-launched app offering a twist on photo-sharing. The idea is pretty straightforward - instead of sharing a photo on its own, Snippit allows users to add a 4-to 10-second clip of their favorite song.