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Best Personal Finance Posts - Week of May 13

A list of excellent personal finance posts by bloggers for the week of May 13, 2013

How to Find a Summer Camp Your Kid Will Be Crazy About

Mock me, if you will, but I still remember the official song of the Girl Scout camp I attended as a young girl many years ago. ("There's a camp along the dusty road ....") Summer camp can be among the most memorable and wonderful experiences of a child's life.

Part Time Jobs for Stay-at-Home Parents

Tess C. Taylor, PHR, PayScale May 16, 2013 Why choose to stay at home as a parent? The decision to stay at home and hold down a part time job is one that more parents are opting for. There are several reasons for this.

2 Investing Concepts Everyone Should Know

Investing is arguably the most complicated and intimidating topic within personal finance. Understanding (and making use of) two key investing concepts will go a long way toward demystifying the process while dialing down the fear factor. Let's get started! (See also: The 10-Step Staircase to a Comfortable Retirement) Compound Interest At first glance, this one seems like no big deal.

Four Excuses Prevent You From Investing

This is a guest article by William Cowie, who writes at Bite the Bullet Investing. While I considered myself a late bloomer in the world investing, not doing much with my money besides spending it until I was about twenty-eight, William started much later in his life.

Investing now? Nervous? Here's what to do

Nervous about investing when stocks are at record highs? (Photo: Thinkstock) Investing in the stock market when it's at an all-time high seems like one of those ominous moments, like when someone decides to go for a swim in Jaws or peer at an egg in any of the Alien movies.