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Mobile And Web Development Information Era

Here you can find the best blog or articles on mobile development, web development, app development, Marketing, and more...

Tools Which can help You Manage and Market Your Website

There are great web management tools that you could use, these ‘must-have’ tools claim to help with managing your business website.

How to Market Online Courses Using Your Website, Email, and Social Media - Business 2 Community

Since COVID-19 turned the world upside down, education providers all over the world have shifted to online learning. This transition means a lot of

10 Best Image Formats for Web Development

10 Best Image Formats for Web Development Internet Marketing, Guest Post, B2B Marketing, SEO Tips

Top 10 Image Formats That Are Best for Web Development

Web application development Web application development is one of the biggest trends in this era because now a day’s software has tons of functionality that cannot work properly on our hand held devices and our home computers.

The Best Things that Every Successful Website Must Have

Today, we live in the digital era, and the importance of having a website, particularly for business organizations could not be stressed more.

How to create responsive websites easily without the knowledge of coding

A modern interactive website is the cornerstone of any business in today’s age. After all, a website serves as a visible face of your business in the virtual world. Visitors to your site will get to know your company via your website even before they might have ever gotten to know what product or services you have to offer.

How the eCommerce Industry is Affected by Machine Learning

Who would have thought that computers could recognize and learn patterns to decide for themselves? The same goes for the field of eCommerce. 

Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare E-Commerce Market | BioSpace

Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare E-Commerce Market - read this article along with other careers information, tips and advice on BioSpace

Checklist for A Successful Mobile App Development

These days, business organizations are more and more aspiring to be app-ready, thus making sure of unsurpassed consumer experience for prospective customers. For the present-day business owners, a mobile app development project inevitably would be on your to-do list. Due to the gigantic usefulness and popularity of mobile apps, they serve as a considerable opportunity for business development.

7 Latest Mobile App Development Technologies for Startups

Mobile applications have become an inseparable part of our lives. From socializing, shopping, travel booking, learning, to watching our favorite movies and TV shows, we have a mobile app for almost everything. Since millions of mobile applications already there on the Google PlayStore and Apple’s App Store, it is not easy for a new app to grab the attention of users.

10 Best Indian Chat Apps for Android

The highly digitized world today is all about the internet. The world gradually yet is steering clear of SMS and MMS as the default method of texting people. A few years back, it all began with applications like the AOL Instant Messenger and, since then has evolved into a plethora of choices, all of which work extremely well.

google: Google launches end-to-end encryption for Android messages, IT News, ET CIO

Google said Thursday it will be rolling out end-to-end encryption for Android users, making it harder for anyone -- including law enforcement -- to re..

Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Video Marketing

eCommerce or electronic commerce now has become a goliath industry. It’s not surprising really that people would want to know about its future. Last year, the eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to almost 3.5 trillion dollars, proving that the industry getting all the more a lucrative option for business organizations.

Ad market on road to recovery: Zenith Report, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

Ecommerce and video fuel faster-than-expected recovery in global ad-spend...

How to Implement Event Handler in Laravel Development

The event handler is simple and easy to implement in Laravel development. The Laravel event is the perfect way to reduce many aspects of your app.

3 PHP frameworks compared: Symfony, Laravel, and Yii |

We look at three of the most popular PHP frameworks: Symfony, Laravel, and Yii. See how they compare to help you decide which one might be the best fit for your needs.

How ReactJS And Node Back-end Server API Are Helpful While Developing An App

React JS is a JavaScript library mainly used for the development of front-end user interfaces. Maintained by Facebook, along with a wide range of individual developers and companies. One of the main reasons why React is highly used is to fetch rapidly changing data which also needs to be recorded. Still, confused about what exactly React is? Well, it is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and not a framework of any sort. Secondly, being an open-source project,  React is mainly used to build user interfaces (UI) on the front-end. Lastly, React js developers are able to create components that are mainly custom HTML elements that are reusable for a quick and efficient build-up for user interfaces.   

Redwood - Bringing the Ruby on Rails Experience to JavaScript

Tom Preston-Werner, co-founder of GitHub, released RedwoodJS, a new fullstack, edge-ready JavaScript web framework. Redwood is highly opinionated and integrates pre-determined back-end and front-end s

Why You Should Use Node JS for Web Development

Node is a cross-platform and open-source JavaScript runtime server that executes JavaScript code. It's the ideal choice for diverse platforms & web operations.

What is Node.js used for, and what global companies use it?

Hiring the software development talent pool for an innovative IT project has been a challenge for big companies and start-ups. They have to explore the subject and deeply study IT companies'' cases, when looking for Node.js developers for hire.

PHP is unquestionably one of the most famous and extensively used programming languages utilised for web app development that is powering around 20 million web fields. PHP is the best programming language that satisfies the necessities of little as well as prominent businesses.

Shopify vs WordPress: Which one to choose to develop an Ecommerce Website? | WP SpaceX

As the world proceeds to embrace the benefits and customer support of online shopping, eCommerce is growing one of the most essential business options for today’s businesspeople.

9 Amazing Laravel Features that every developer must know | Tycoonstory Media

Laravel is the best PHP framework for web development is that it’s a free and open-source PHP web framework that has its source code posted on GitHub and is licenced under the MIT License.