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Updated by mw roofline on Oct 16, 2020
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How Concrete Gutter Repairs Will Help Protect Your Home

For houses built in the 1950s and 60s, concrete gutters are a common feature. However, whilst concrete, or ‘Finlock’ gutters were designed to not only provide an all in one guttering solution, but also extra support for the roof internally, over time, this style of guttering can create many problems.


The benefits of concrete gutter repairs

The benefits of concrete gutter repairs

A key issue with old fashioned concrete guttering is that water eventually seeps through mortared joints as they deteriorate. Many attempted repair methods have been used, for example, lead lining, roof sealant, and tar, however, these sealants only provide short term solutions.

To protect your home from gutter related damage in the long term, EPDM seamless gutter lining provides the best solution. EPDM concrete gutter repairs help protect homes in a number of ways, including:


Preventing internal damp

A major issue associated with concrete guttering is that cold air travels from the outside of the guttering, to the inside, leading to internal damp. This issue is also made worse by water leaving through cracks and joints. This can lead to unhealthy patches of damp in upstairs rooms. Seamless gutter lining cuts out leaks and therefore prevents issues with internal damp.


Protecting insulation

In some cases, damp may not initially make it as far as bedrooms or bathrooms, however, it may get as far as roof and cavity wall insulation. Damp insulation is rendered completely ineffective, often without the homeowners knowledge, so damp issues may be left to worsen for some time. Investing in gutter lining provides a long term solution for protecting insulation.


Protecting brickwork

One of the most common problems experienced as a result of water leaking from concrete guttering is discolouration of the brickwork. Not only is brickwork discolouration unsightly, but it can lead to structural damage and issues with damp.


Preventing decking, patio and driveway damage

A major issue resulting from continual temporary fixes of guttering is that over time, the gutter fills up with repair compound, leaving little space for water. As a result, excess water flows over the edges of the gutters, dripping onto the patio, decking or driveway below. Needless to say, this can lead to expensive repair costs if not dealt with. By investing in a long term gutter repair solution, ground surfaces are protected from water damage.


Concrete gutter lining services in the West Midlands

To enquire about concrete gutter lining services in the West Midlands, you can contact MW Roofline today by calling 0121 353 5646.