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8 Important Email Marketing Metrics

Email Marketing is considered to be the most effective way of advertising brands and products. However, it is effective only when you can measure the performance of your email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Series: 8 Important Email Marketing Metrics

Email Marketing is considered to be the most effective way of advertising brands and products. However, it is effective only when you can measure the performance of your email marketing campaign. Email marketing metrics can help you in determining the success of your campaign. Using email marketing metrics you can identify why your customers are not opening your email?

How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme For Your Website (3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself) - semusjenkins

There are a number of activities out there that are a bit difficult to perform for new as well as experienced users. This is because it requires deep logical thinking, self-analysis, and relevant features and functionalities check. One such activity that most people are not able to carry out correctly is the theme selection for their WordPress website.

10 Ways To Improve An Under-Performing Email Click-Through-Rate (CTR) 2020

Email Click-Through Rate (CTR) is one of the most imporatant metric of email marketing. If your email marketing campaign is not performing well and not giving you the desired CTR. Then it’s time to revise your email strategy

How To Create A Brutalist Web Design  (A Complete Guide)

As soon as we hear the term “Brutal”, something raw and violent comes to our mind, right? It’s something that probably you don’t want to see in your real life because of the negativeness it reflects. But a shocking fact is that people across the globe are loving sites with brutal designs. What’s even more shocking is that their love towards the brutal web design is growing day by day.

Email Marketing Series: 9 Ways To Improve Email Open Rate

Emails are considered to be one of the oldest but most effective ways of marketing. But the effectiveness and success of email marketing campaigns are determined by the email open rate. If you want to succeed in your industry then it is important for you to improve email open rate of your campaign. You may find a lot of reports stating that email marketing is on its last breath.

Top 5 WordPress Themes That Are Clean, Minimal, And Feature-Rich  – Telegraph

I hope you know that themes are one of the essential components of websites that determines its overall look, feel, and style. This is why choosing the right theme is such an important task before you start building your website. 

Email Marketing Series: What is the Best Time and Day To Send An Email?

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. With the increase in email users, most of the businesses have started to rely on email marketing to generate good revenue. But day by day it is becoming difficult to grab user attention on an email because everyday users are getting tons of promotional email. That’s why they have started to ignore all these promotional emails.

Top 5 WordPress Themes That Are Clean, Minimal, And Feature-Rich (Part II) - Website Design Los Angeles

In the last blog you have seen three of the best clean-looking WordPress themes that you can use to create very attractive web designs. In this blog, we will show you two more WordPress themes that are designed with minimal elements and still looks beautiful. But before you know what they are, I would like to make sure you know about our web design company in Los Angeles and its operations.

Email Marketing Series: 10 Best Email Newsletter Template Design Tips To Boost Your Engagement And Clicks

Are you planning to create Email newsletter template for your audience? If yes, Then you have arrived at the correct destination because this blog is all about tips and tricks on creating an attractive email newsletter template that can convert your subscribers into paying customers. An email newsletter is a type of email that holds the valuable content which is shared by the companies to keep their subscribers informed.

Top 5 WordPress Themes For WooCommerce That Grabs Attention Instantly - Website Design Company Los Angeles

Every business has a website nowadays that reflects what they do, how they do, and why they do. This is because people want to know about a company thoroughly before they finally make a purchase from them. So to help you convey your message effectively, themes play a major role in your website development. Because themes are actually a direct difference-maker to the look and feel of your website that certainly makes or breaks your web design.

3 Powerful Reasons To Add A Google Map To Your WordPress Website

It’s a widely known fact that the number of mobile users is already high and it is still increasing. With a small mobile device in hand, people are looking for almost everything online such as a mechanic shop near them or a pizza hut near them. All this has become possible because of the integration of Google Maps into

Email Marketing Series: 10 Tips On Creating An Attractive Email Subject Line

An email subject line is one of the most important parts of the email that helps the recipient in recognizing the content within an email. According to the latest stats, 33% of the emails are opened based on an attractive subject line. That’s why most of the email tools recommend to include the subject line in an email. The email subject line has helped many brands and businesses in getting a good return on investment.

How To Add Google Maps To WordPress Websites (2 Simple Methods Explained) – Telegraph

Increasing number of mobile users around the world is affecting our lives in many positive and negative ways. The positive aspect is that now we can access any website from any corner of the world easily. And the negative aspect is that we hardly communicate with people in-person now. So, the thing is you should take advantage of the increased accessibility even more by adding Google Maps to your WordPress website.   

10 Different Types Of Email Every Business Should Send In 2020

Are you aware of the different types of email you should be sending to your subscribers? If not, then it is essential to identify different types of email formats to keep you subscribes engaging. Identifying and sending different types of email will help you to maintain and build long-lasting relationships with existing as well as new customers.

13 reasons why most brands & small businesses rely on Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most trusted marketing channels among larger and smaller businesses to achieve higher CTR (click-through rate). If an email campaign is structured properly with enticing subject line

Top 7 Benefits Of Using Templates For Website Design

Many people want to use templates when it comes to web design. Different kinds of templates are available on the internet for CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Some templates are pre-made whereas some need to be customized to meet the requirements of a custom web design. Since many website owners want to have custom layouts these days, there is still demand templates in the industry.

Why Mobile E-Commerce Market Is Important To Capture? - Website Design Los Angeles

If you are a competitive business owner in the online market, it is important for you to optimize your site for mobile devices. These days it isn’t enough to establish an online store and let it sell products and services for the profits. You need to make your store available to a wide range of customers through different platforms. Since mobile users are increasing day by day, you should focus on capturing customers that are available on mobile platforms.

Email Marketing Series: 10 Tips To Boost An Email List Using Social Media In 2020

Social media is one of the best inbound marketing channels that can help you in getting in touch with the maximum number of users. But if you want your user to know about your products and stay connected with your business then you have to include them in your email list. Social media fans and followers numbers may impress you but are they benefiting your business?

Email Marketing Series: 10 Effective Email Segmentation Strategies To Implement In 2020

Email marketing segmentation strategy is a technique where the marketer segment email list to send a highly targeted email to subscribers by dividing them into different groups depending on their demographics, interest, a past purchase, etc.

Top 5 Innovative Websites Designs That Looks Amazing

How A Website Should Look To Stand Out From The Masses? The quality of a good website is that it reflects the specialty of your brand in a unique way. When people visit your website, you always want to give them a good first impression. This is because the first impression of your website will only decide whether they