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New York SEO Services

MedResponsive is a leading Long Island SEO company with years of experience in all aspects of digital marketing from SEO, SMO, PPC, branding, content writing, websites, application development and so on.

Latest Trends and SEO Strategies for the Holiday Season 2020

Festive holidays are the time of the year when people splurge their savings on shopping, travelling and celebrations and they actively start looking for the best deals and offers. If you are planning to create holiday-related content to attract more customers, then approach a reliable SEO company in Long Island that can optimize the content and thereby attract more potential buyers to your website.

Let’s analyze some SEO strategies that helps businesses to improve ranking, traffic and sales.

How to Improve Your Business with Google My Business & Google Reviews

Online tools like Google My Business and Google Reviews help businesses keep their customers updated and stay in front of them despite restrictions. Long island digital marketing experts can help you optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing and Google reviews to increase your local visibility. Have a look at how to improve your business with the help of GMB and Google Reviews in the age of COVID-19.

7 Tech Trends to Expect from Mobile Apps in 2021

With apps already influencing almost every aspect of an individual’s life, businesses can leverage new tech trends to develop even better apps.

Heading Tags Are a Strong Signal, Says Google’s John Mueller

Heading tag is a factor that helps improve user experience on your website and also contributes positively to SEO. Even if you have excellent content on your website provided by experienced content writing services, without proper usage of heading tags, your content might not work well. According to Google’s John Mueller, heading tags send a strong signal about the content. Read more:

How Organic Influencer Marketing Can Promote Small and Medium-sized Law Firms

Influencer marketing is a proven way of promoting your products and services, and this strategy that utilizes the support of prominent industry figures and thought leaders gained popularity with the increased use of social media. This indirect marketing strategy can be paid or organic, and complements your social media marketing and content marketing efforts. Here's how organic influencer marketing can promote small and medium-sized law firms.

11 Top Innovative Website Design Trends for 2021

In today’s digital world, life is fast moving and people need quick and accurate results. Technology is changing and improving fast, and web design trends are also changing to provide users the best experience. Dedicated web design solutions such as those provided by Long Island web design development services could be crucial for your website’s success in the coming years. Here are some innovative web design trends that are going to dominate in 2021.

Why Customer Feedback is Important for Businesses

Listening to their customers’ feedback can help companies understand their needs and cater to them, which will build a loyal customer base. While designing your business website, an established web design company in Long Island can help you connect with your customers and collect their feedback by putting a feedback button, live chat facility, etc. on your website. Read the our blog to know more on this.

Tips to Create an Effective Meta Description | Meta Tags for SEO

SEO has changed tremendously over the years. Although SEO rules change from time to time, there are certain strategies that remain static. When it comes to search engine optimization and ranking factors, a lot of confusion exists regarding the term “meta description tags”.

To ensure better results, make sure to create a plan to add unique meta data to each of your new pages and update existing pages, meeting the best ethical SEO strategies. Listed here are some strategies to craft perfect and effective meta descriptions.


Why Should We Do Your Software Development?

Why Should We Do Your Software Development?

As a software development company with 15 years of experience in serving several businesses, we provide customized software development services that will help you deliver your next idea with less stress and less cost.

Looking for a custom upgrade, software integration, cloud computing or blockchain development?

We bring these full-cycle development services for web, mobile, and desktop. For more details visit or Call us at (631) 494-3324

How to Optimize GIFs to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

GIFs are image files that support both animated and static images that are popularly used in memes today. They are a very useful marketing tool that helps customers see things work in a better way. They are more interesting than images and add more energy to your content thus making it unique. So, if you wish to amp your digital marketing skills, partner with a reliable New York SEO Company that can utilize animated GIF in the best way possible to boost your digital marketing campaign.

11 Key Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Thanksgiving is not only a time for family and friends to meet and spend time together, it is also the start of the holiday shopping season. For businesses, this is a great opportunity to boost their sales by marketing the right way. Each year, our digital marketing company provides our clients with effective Thanksgiving marketing strategies during year-end holiday season. Here are some key thanksgiving marketing Ideas for businesses.

How Theme Parks Dealt with COVID-19 through Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 crisis has been unprecedented. Theme parks in the US have had to shut down and suspend their operations. During these challenging times, the services of a digital marketing company could be critical to keep the audience interested. Find out how theme parks dealt with COVID-19 through digital marketing.

The December 2020 Core Update – Google’s Third Core Algorithm Update of the Year

Google rolled out a core algorithm update on December 3, 2020, the third core update for the year. It will take one to two weeks for it to fully roll out. An experienced Long Island social media marketing agency that stays up to date with such algorithms and core updates can help you with this. Want to know more? Check out our blog.

12 SEO Techniques You Need to Be Using in 2021

No doubt that SEO is constantly changing and SERPs have changed considerably. Experienced search engine optimization companies in New York will be up to date with such tools. Check out these 12 SEO techniques for 2021 that businesses must be aware of.

6 SEO New Year’s Resolutions You Must Keep in 2021

How will SEO change in 2021? There is one thing that has been constant all through these years – each year Google moves its algorithms more towards more user-friendly search results. An experienced New York SEO company will keep abreast with all the changes and trends in SEO. Here are some resolutions to keep in mind so you don’t lose traffic.

Our Top 10 Insightful Blog Posts of 2020 | Top Blog Posts

A Long Island SEO company with many years of experience in meeting the digital marketing goals of diverse businesses, Long Island MedResponsive also strives to share what we learned with you. Our blog posts of 2020 covered a number of useful and interesting topics – social media optimization strategies, SEO trends, copywriting tricks, review management and more. Here are our top 10 posts for 2020.

Why to Promote Your Business with SEO in 2021 | SEO Trends

Along with the new trends, some traditional SEO approaches will continue their sway in 2021 and beyond. So, to decide which SEO strategy suits your business, consider partnering with a reliable company that provides efficient digital marketing services. Here are 6 SEO trends to watch for in 2021, based on which you must tweak your SEO stance this New Year.

Google: 3 Major Broad Core Algorithm Updates of 2020 [Infographic]

As we step into this New Year, let’s take a look back at the 3 major Broad Core Algorithm Updates of 2020. Relying on professional social media marketing agencies is a great idea if you don’t want to get affected by such core updates.

Check out this infographic.

A Marketing Art Form That’s Easy to Implement in 2021

When you’re looking to establish a strong digital presence in the midst of established players, you need to think outside the box and go beyond the conventional search engine optimization strategies. One such strategy, or a marketing art form you could use is second-tier link building. Read more:

What is the December 2020 Core Google Algorithm Update? What did it do?

On December 3, 2020, google released a broad core algorithm update which it called the “December 2020 core update”. To keep an eye on your rankings and performance, monitor your Google Analytics and Google Search Console and take the necessary action. If your site is hit by a core update, an experienced Long Island social media marketing agency can help you evaluate and reverse the effect of the impact by improving your website overall.

Find out what is the December 2020 core google algorithm update? What did it do?

The Google Page Experience Update: What You Need to Know about This 2021 Update

Google updates its algorithms regularly, which keeps webmasters and marketers on the edge, because these updates sometimes come suddenly without warning or detailed information. Experienced and reliable social media marketing agencies will be up to date with such algorithms and core updates. Let’s take a deep dive into the Google Page Experience Update.

5 Steps to Optimize Your Website for the New Page Experience Update: Part II

Following up on our earlier blog on Google Page Experience Update, here are some more tips that you can adopt to optimize your website for the new Page Experience Update.

Partnering with an experienced Long Island social media marketing agency to optimize your website for the update is the ideal option, as they would prepare themselves for such sudden changes and help their clients deal with such algorithm changes by updating their strategies as needed.

8 Important SEO Copywriting Rules You Need To Know [Infographic]

To rank well on search engines like Google, your content should accomplish two goals – be appealing to the customers/users and solve a particular problem. SEO copywriting focuses on these tasks where it helps create content that is valuable, relevant, effective and useful to searchers. Check out the infographic.

Experienced providers of content writing services in New York can provide you with innovative SEO copywriting to help your website rank higher and attract qualified traffic. However, you need to know certain important rules that are applicable to SEO copywriting.

How to Create a Customer Journey with 5 Emails | Email Marketing

With intense competition in nearly any industry, businesses have to look for innovative ways of marketing. That’s what innovative search engine marketing is all about.

Email marketing offers surprisingly vast opportunities to reach out to your target audience. Here are some ways to engage with your audience better.

15 Actionable Tips for Social Media Success in 2021

Businesses can ideally associate with a professional SEO service to develop a strong social media strategy to increase traffic, sales and revenue. If you are planning to grow your business in 2021, social media platform is the right place to begin with and here are 15 actionable tips for social media success.