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Web Meetings Made Easy

Web conferencing and meetings have now become easy with faster and reliable conferencing service providers.

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Join conference calls over the Internet with Google Chrome. Web conferencing made simple.

HowStuffWorks "How do web conferencing programs work?"

A wide variety of web conferencing programs are available on the market. The simplest use chat and instant messaging programs host text-based group discussions. More sophisticated programs exchange visual information using webcams and streaming video and allow people to share documents online.

E-Conferencing for Instruction: What Works? (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) |

E-Conferencing for Instruction: What Works? A study of e-conferencing tools found relationships between specific tools and certain pedagogical principles Instructors have many tools to consider when offering online courses: chat rooms, discussion boards, and interactive Web environments, to name a few. The selection of applications for instructional purposes can be a complicated task as the number available grows.

5 Important Tips for Successful Web Meetings

Patrick Moran is chief strategy officer at Fuze Box, the company behind Fuze Meeting. He was also chief marketing officer at Mzinga, a leading social media and white label community provider, and led online marketing at Cisco WebEx. Companies of all sizes and in all sectors regularly use virtual meetings to connect with colleagues, partners, clients, and prospective customers.

5 Tips for Conducting a Virtual Meeting

Conducting a successful virtual meeting requires preparation and a new set of etiquette rules. iStock While we're not yet controlling humanoid robots from the comfort of our homes like the characters in the 2009 movie Surrogates, increasingly our daily interactions-both professional and personal-are conducted through virtual means.

How to Participate in an Online Meeting

With so many companies now choosing to conduct crucial meetings online, being an active and valuable online meeting participant has become an important workplace skill. Online meetings create a great opportunity for the exchange of ideas between dispersed employees who might not get to interact in person on a regular basis, establishing them as valuable team members and creating camaraderie amongst employees.

How Is Web Conferencing Used To Conduct A Meeting Or Give A Presentation? -- Topic Studio

Web Conferencing has been one of the most useful and practical applications of Internet technology in recent times, which has made communications in business, between employers, employees, colleagues, trainees etc highly convenient. Web conferencing allows you to have the power of a live meeting, by only incurring the expenses of a conference call.

Best Practices for Conducting Online and Virtual Meetings | Officiency Blog

Online meetings can be a valuable time saver and are becoming the standard way many people work in a telework or remote work environment. Since body language and non-visual cues are sometimes not available it is important to be mindful of communicating effectively using online meeting tools such as WebEx or Go to Meeting.

Conducting a great online meeting

It goes without saying that online meetings are a sin and a saviour of the business world that we live in today. We want to connect disparate workforces, save on travel, and a host of other reasons and therefore we use tools like Sametime, Webex, LiveMeeting and others to make meetings happen.

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Conducting business online means having virtual meetings, either teleconferences or webinars, on a regular basis. Without the traditional face-to-face business connection, it's vital that these virtual meetings are easy to manage, focus on important information and satisfy all of the meeting's participants.

Rules & Manners for Online Meetings

Behave appropriately during your online meeting. Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images Online meetings allow you to meet and share information regardless of physical location. These meetings replace in-person gatherings, letting you work from the comfort of your home or office. Online meetings do not eliminate the need for professionalism and good manners, however.

An Introduction to Modern Meeting Tools

It's not enough that you make a choice. Everybody can do that. The real test is in making the right choices at the right time. This is pertinent to conferencing tools. Advanced communication technology started with the telephone and from there on, its features have been enhanced and new options created.