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FreakToFit - Transform yourself from fat to fit

Health is wealth. So, take special care of your health. Spend only 1 hour on your health and achieve an attractive look with healthy body.

How to Get Toned Shoulders With Shoulder Press Workout » Fitness

Every gym goers works hard to bring the shoulders into shape. So, here are some top Shoulder Press Workout for toned and muscular shoulders.

Do You Know About Moderate and Vigorous Intensity Physical Activity

Moderate and Vigorous physical activity is an effective way of fitness in modern era. It have several health benefits and positive result.

Magical Quantum Exercise with the Power of Yoga »

In our last topic- “Quantum exercise with the power of Yoga” we have discussed regarding - Its origin. Specialties. Differences between quantum and other

Top 6 Leg Exercises For Strong and Toned Legs » Fitness » FreakToFit

Legs are the pillar of the body. You must focus on your leg muscle. So, today we will tell you about top leg exercises for strong legs.

Yoga and Its Several Health Benefits » Yoga » FreakToFit

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means “connection and union”. Here you find A to Z Yoga and its benefits on the health as well as mental benifits.

6 Best Yoga Poses to Boost Immunity Power » Yoga » FreakToFit

Over lakh of people are lost their life due lack of immunity power. Here are 6 Best Yoga Poses which Boost your Immunity Power positively.

How Yoga is Beneficial for Muscle Building? » Yoga » FreakToFit

From the ancient time we all are aware regarding several health benefits of yoga. Here we find out how yoga is beneficial for muscle building.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Deep Breathing » Yoga

Breathing techniques plays a crucial role in the practice of yoga or meditation. Studies proved deep breathing is effective for overall health

Different Types of Kegel Exercise for Men and Women At Home » Fitness

Kegel exercise is also known as "Pelvic Floor Exercise”, men and women get many health benefits by practicing this types of exercise at home.

Hand Grip Exercise: Types, Benefits and Precaution » Fitness » FreakToFit

Hand grip exercise have different types that strengthens the grip of your hands and also It Improve Endurance with other health benefits.

5 Things To Know Before You Start Mountain Biking » Fitness

The craze of mountain biking increased day by day. So, here we mentioned 5 things that you should know before start mountain biking.

10 Types Exercises for Scoliosis And Their Benefits » Fitness » FreakToFit

Scoliosis is also known as 'spine curvature'. To get rid of it here are 10 effective types of exercises for scoliosis with several benefits.

What is Hindu Squat: Advantages, Steps and Precautions » Fitness

Hindu squat is one of the best exercises for the lower part of the body. This exercise enhances blood circulation throughout the body.

Functional Training Exercises: Benefits, Types and Precautions » Fitness

Exercises that helps in your daily routine activities is called the functional training exercises, Its have several positive health benefits.

Which Exercise is Best For Irritable Bowel Syndrome » Fitness

Irritable bowel syndrome is a problem of digestive system, which can affect large intestine, this best exercise can suppressed the symptoms.

Top 6 Crunch Exercise For Solid Six Pack Abs » Fitness

The crunch exercise is most popular among gym-going and exercise-seekers as well as players. So, here are 6 top crunch exercise with steps.

Hang Clean and Press Exercise : Advantages and Steps » Fitness

Hang Clean and Press exercise is a modified form of clean end press exercise which already being used earlier with several positive impacts.

Transform With Top 10 Cardio Exercise At Home » Fitness

Cardio exercise not only burn calories but also improve metabolism. Here are top 10 cardio exercise which one can easily perform at home.

6 Major Keys to Burn Fat And Gain Muscle At The Same Time » Fitness

The most asked question in the fitness industry is, can anyone burn fat and gain muscle at the same time. Here are 6 major keys for your goal

What is Foam Rolling Exercise: Steps, Advantages and Types » Fitness

Stretching is very important after workout. Apart from stretching, there is a other way to comfort your muscles which is Foam Rolling.

Effective Hammer Curl Workout With Benefits And Mistakes » Fitness

Hammer curl is a simple variation of biceps curl exercise, which targets the biceps along with brachialis and brachioradialis muscles.

14 Incredible Health Benefits of Regular Walking » Fitness

As per the study regular walking reduce the risk of chronic and heart disease, Apart from that here are 14 health benefits of regular walking.

14 Incredible Health Benefits of Regular Walking » Fitness

As per the study regular walking reduce the risk of chronic and heart disease, Apart from that here are 14 health benefits of regular walking.

Top 8 Types of Warm Up Exercise with Advantages » Fitness

We should perform different types of warm up exercise before heavy lifting because it prevent injury along with several other advantages.

Curtsy Lunges Exercise: Benefits, Steps and Precaution » Fitness

Curtsy Lunges are an excellent bodyweight exercise for the thighs and glutes, here are the steps and benefits of Curtsy lunges exercise.