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Headline for MEMENTO MORI: History's Most Bizarre Tales from the Grave
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MEMENTO MORI: History's Most Bizarre Tales from the Grave

Articles that explore the history of death and funerals, including cemetery exploration, funeral history and bizarre stories from the graveyard such as body snatching and unlucky people buried alive.


The Vidstone Video Gravestone Plays a Memorial Video of the Deceased

Created by the "Walt Disney of the Funeral Business," the Vidstone is a headstone that memorializes your loved one with an embedded video of the deceased.

Hand of Glory, A Mummified Human Hand Used in Magical Occult Traditions

A "Hand of Glory" was the mummified hand of a hanged criminal that was believed to possess magical powers in occult traditions.

Eugene Shoemaker: The First Man Buried on the Moon

Dr. Eugene Shoemaker became the first man to receive a Moon burial when his ashes landed arrived with the Lunar Prospector spacecraft on July 31, 1999.

Margorie McCall: Irish Legend of the Lady with the Ring Who Lived Once, but was Buried Twice

Lived once, buried twice. The story of Margorie McCall tells the tale of grave robbers who got scared to death stealing a ring from a lady who was buried alive.

Sandra West Was Buried In a Lace Nightgown Inside Her 1964 Ferrari

Beverly Hills socialite Sandra West insisted on being buried in the driver's seat of her Ferrari while wearing her favorite lace nightgown.

Showmen's Rest: The Clown Graveyard in Chicago

Showmen's Rest is the site of a mass burial of clowns and other circus performers after a train wreck killed 86 members of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus in 1918.

Human Skin Shoes: A Wild West Outlaw's Weird Fate

Dr. John Osborn made a pair of human skin shoes from the remains of hanged train robber Big Nose George for his inauguration as governor of Wyoming.

Frozen Dead Guy Days: Colorado Festival Celebrates a Frozen Corpse in a Shed

Frozen Dead Guy Days celebrates this town's most famous resident...who has been dead and frozen in a shed since 1989.

Mummified Captain Found Drifting at Sea Was Last Seen 7 Years Ago

The mummified remains of a German captain missing for seven years have been found drifting aboard his yacht 50 miles off the Philippines coast.

Welcome to Colma, California's Town of the Dead

Colma has over 1.5 million residents and almost all of them are dead.

Scan Reveals Mummified Monk Inside 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Statue

CT scan reveals the mummified remains of a monk preserved inside a 1,000-year-old statue of Buddha.

Alexander Graham Bell’s Dead Ear Phonautograph, the Invention that Inspired the Telephone

Before he invented the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell created the ear phonautograph, a device that recorded sound using a dead man's ear.

Grave with a Window: Timothy Clark Smith’s Tomb with a View in New Haven, VT

Timothy Clark Smith was so fearful of being buried alive that he constructed a grave with a window and an escape plan.

Curious Objects from the Cult of Weird Collection #2: Cursed Objects

Cursed objects from the collection, including an item once owned by Ed Gein, pieces of Aleister Crowley's House, and mid-century mortuary handbooks.

Searches of the Unexplained

What strange search terms lead unsuspecting victims to Cult of Weird? Take a peek under the hood - with disturbing facts, dead bodies, haunted Monopoly, and Mothman's backside.

Cult of Weird Holiday Gift Guide 2020 - Weird Gift Ideas

Wish that special stiff on your shopping list a Creepy Christmas with these weird gift ideas dredged up from the darkest corners.

The Most Famous Circus Freaks from Sideshow History

The freak show has a long and bizarre history. Here are some of the most famous circus freaks ever mesmerize audiences inside the sideshow tent.

D.B. Cooper Hijacking: The Enduring Mystery of America's Only Unsolved Skyjacking Case

The D.B. Cooper hijacking is one of the strangest unsolved cases in U.S. history. Nearly 50 years after Dan Cooper skydived into obscurity, here's what we know.

Listen to the Angry Desert Rain Frog's Fierce War

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the cute but angry desert rain frog, nature's furious little squeaky toy.

Take the Ed Gein Tour with These 6 Things to do in Plainfield, Wisconsin

Where's the location of Ed Gein's house? Which cemeteries did he rob? Dig up the true story of his deranged crimes with the Ed Gein tour in Plainfield, WI.

Utah Monolith Mystery: Modern Art or Alien Odyssey?

The mysterious Utah Monolith was discovered in a remote part of the desert and vanished soon after. We still don't know who put it there or who removed it.

Time Travel and Project Pegasus: Andrew Basiago Claims DARPA Sent Him Back in Time to Gettysburg

Attorney Andrew Basiago claims a secret government program called Project Pegasus sent him back in time to Gettysburg in 1863 where he was photographed.

St. Nicholas is Dead and His Bones Are Leaking

The historical inspiration for Santa Claus, jolly ol' St. Nicholas, is the patron saint of Christmas and prostitutes whose bones are scattered around the world.

Knecht Ruprecht, the German Anti-Santa

Who is Knecht Ruprecht? Dig into the weird folklore of German's anti-Santa in this episode of Macabre London's Abhorrent Advent Calendar.

The Last Photo of John Lennon Shows Him Signing an Autograph for His Killer

John Lennon was photographed signing an autograph for his murderer, Mark David Chapman, just hours before his death.