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Top 15 articles about cats & dogs

This is the perfect place to find out all about cats and dogs. You can find out about different breeds, how to feed your cat or dog, how to maintaine and care for them, and how to train them for good behavior


5 Steps to Eliminate Petting Aggression in Cats -

Cat owners are often completely confused about what causes this type of aggression. It seems that they do nothing unpleasant to the cat, they stroke it, caress it, as always, and suddenly the cat, for no reason, begins to bite or scratch.

14 techniques to wean your dog from chewing on everything -

It is quite obvious that you will have to wean the dog from chewing everything in any case. Not only does the animal spoil things, it also risks its own health. So, for example, licking and biting dirty street shoes, the dog can catch an infection. Consider in what ways you can discourage your pet from the bad habit of trying everything to the teeth

The Persian cat: personality, traits, and history -

he Persian cat is one of the most beautiful domestic breeds. This is a true aristocrat, who in an incredible way combines an incomparable appearance, intelligence and regal demeanor with amazing affection and sincere love for its master.

How to know that your cat is sick: 6 Symptoms Indicating Disease -

Unlike dogs, cats are more prone to solitude rather than seeking help and comfort when they are unwell. This protective reflex often makes them more aggressive or makes them hide from people. Unfortunately, all of this can interfere with proper care of your pet.

Caring for newborn kittens: 10 Essential Steps -

caring for newborn kittens and a cat mom can be more difficult than it sounds. If you're not sure what to expect, find out what kind of care newborn kittens need and how to care for them as they grow up.

Your cat vomits after eating dry food: 7 main causes -

Today, most owners use ready-made dry food for their cats. It is convenient, economical and safe, and most importantly, it excludes fatal mistakes when drawing up a pet's diet. But what to do if the cat vomits after dry food?

Dalmatian: characteristics, care, and history -

The Dalmatian is one of the breeds for which "media" and momentary popularity have brought more harm than good. Dogs with a difficult temperament and high demands for daily exercise do not get along with every fan of the Disney cartoon. But experienced and responsible owners will find in energetic creation a devoted friend and a wonderful companion.

How to cut your dog's claws: 7 simple rules -

Some owners limit grooming to regular brushing and bathing, ear cleaning and flea control. Unfortunately, they forget about cutting their dog’s claws. In this article, we will talk about the need to regularly shorten the claws of four-legged pets, and how to best do it.

Newborn Puppies: Providing Assistance in The First Days After Birth -

Newborn puppies have not yet adapted to the conditions of existence in a new environment, so they need to be given increased attention. During this period, puppies are very vulnerable and sensitive to external influences. They need good care taking into account their physiological needs.

Dog Training: the top 10 common mistakes -

Often, especially with self-training by the owners of the pets, the tasks are not only not achieved, but the opposite and unwanted results occur. In this article, we will look at the most common mistakes in dog training.

How to properly feed a sterilized cat -

Sterilized cats are famous for their especially irrepressible appetite. They not only constantly beg for food, but also gain weight catastrophically quickly, which leads to obesity. It is important not to forget that such an intervention in the body involves a mandatory adjustment of the diet. Knowing what you can feed a sterilized cat at home will help you avoid obesity and other common hormonal problems.

Types of aggression in dogs and methods to eliminate it -

A warning growl from an animal guarding the territory entrusted to it or a person is fully justified and even commendable. But if similar behavior appears in relation to you as the owner, then you should seriously think about its causes. It is rather difficult to understand what to do in case of aggression in dogs - sometimes you have to contact a dog handler or veterinarian to solve a problem.

Foam Appears on Your Dog's Mouth: 15 Possible Reasons -

Foam from the mouth of a dog always causes concern for the owner, because in most cases it is a symptom of a serious illness. However, in some situations, it is not necessary to sound the alarm, since the slight appearance of foam on the lips of a beloved pet can be explained by completely physiological reasons.

How to punish your cat correctly? -

One of the widely asked questions is whether to punish a cat for bad behavior or not? And if so, how? it often happens that the behavior of our pets gets out of control and upset the owners. If you do not raise a kitten from childhood, then one day your fluffy little "lump" can turn into an impudent and ill-mannered cat.

The puppy is not gaining weight on dry food: what to do? -

However, sometimes there are complaints from the owners that the puppy is not gaining weight on dry food. Let's take a look at the common causes of this problem and tell you what measures you can take.