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Articles related to Software Development that you shouldn't miss!

I am sharing all the important related articles related to Custom Software Development.

Future Technologies and Artificial Intelligence - Tweak Your Biz

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the technology that is developed to make machines smart/intelligent. Though the devices that we have been using have always been smart, still they were not able to do things on their own. This is the reason why this technology was developed. This is science mixed with creativity. AI demands a developer to be creative because they need to design an algorithm that can teach a device. These algorithms also need to give them the ability to learn on their own. Machine learning, the subpart of AI, is what allows devices to learn by interacting with the world. Devices learn when they interact with people, with the internet, and with data.

I Thought I Was Mastering Python Until I Discovered These Tricks | by Kamal Chouhbi | Towards Data Science

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​for beginner developers, making it the most widely taught language in schools around the world.

However, learning Python is not an easy thing. To get started, you first need to find the best online way to get there, which is difficult in itself. There are thousands of Python courses and tutorials, all claiming to be the best.

Top Software Development Companies in London- 2020 | by Jett Howe | Sep, 2020 | Medium

Finding the best approachable company for your upcoming project, and also, to get high-quality results is kind of difficult. If you haven’t come across those companies then our list might be the one for you, let’s start our hunt for the best companies!

7 best practices for remote agile teams | InfoWorld

Agile methodologies work best when everyone on the team is together in one location. When teams share a workspace, it’s easy for teammates to ask questions, pair on programming tasks, and solve problems without scheduling meetings. Using technologies like web conferencing, group chats, and email just isn’t as effective as direct, person-to-person interactions.

Top 30 Software Development Companies in UK (Part 1) | by Jett Howe | Sep, 2020 | Medium

Choosing a tech partner is more like choosing a life partner, so make sure you pick someone who thoroughly understands you deep down from your DNA level. A like-minded training mate can do all the surprising tricks and assist you well in cracking the code of success.

And since you are planning to go for custom-built software, we have come up with a list of the top 30 Software Development companies in the UK divided into two parts. All the below-mentioned companies are chosen based on the companies portfolio, organic search results, credibility through online ratings and reviews, work culture, and of course, their employee strength. So, Let’s get started!

Software Development At SAP: The Scrum/Agile Methodology - e3zine – E-3 Magazine International

Scrum is a fantastic method to engage and motivate the software development team. Here’s what to consider and how to navigate typical pitfalls.

How Chatbots with Conversational AI Help Deliver a Great Service Experience | CustomerThink

In summary, it looks like corporations have acknowledged that they need to invest in business resilience and enabling sales.

But how about customer service? There are all sorts of customer service from low touch like FAQs to high touch like the visit of a service technician. Service centres get more distributed as agents shall not be crowded into confined workspaces, which makes software packages like the aforementioned even more important. Service agents need to be able to access knowledge and to communicate with each other. Else customer service suffers.

Top 30 Software Development Companies in UK (Part 2) | by Jett Howe | Top Software Companies | Oct, 2020 | Medium

Are you hoping that one day you will create an app or software of your dreams and it will be a smash hit all across the world? Though it can be turned into reality a lot depends on your tech partners here. Be mindful of whomsoever you choose because one wrong step and you might end up crashing your big-fat dream to succeed.

In the previous post, I had shed some light on the 15 names among the Top 30 software development companies in the UK, and now its time to uncover the remaining ones. Again I would like to mention that, I have created a handpicked list of some of the best software development companies in the United Kingdom to partner within 2020 and a few years down the line. All the below-mentioned companies are chosen based on the companies portfolio, organic search results, credibility through online ratings and reviews, work culture, and of course, their employee strength. Let’s not keep you guys waiting anymore!

How to mandate agility in software development, operations, and data science

Spoiler alert! The honest answer is that you can’t mandate agility, but you can achieve it through consensus by focusing on the benefits

Virtual Reality Software Lets Scientists Walk Around Inside Cells

Scientists have developed virtual reality software that allows researchers to walk around and analyze the interiors of individual cells. The software, called vLUME—visualization of the local universe in a microenvironment and pronounced “volume”—allows super-resolution microscopy data to be visualized and analyzed in virtual reality, and can be used to study everything from individual proteins to entire cells. Created by scientists at the University of Cambridge in the U.K., and at 3D image analysis software company, Lume VR, the platform could help researchers understand fundamental problems in biology, and develop new therapeutic strategies. Th vLUME software is being made available free for academic use.

Automating Java Code Testing With Program Synthesis

Deep learning and supervised learning gets all the attention in applications of artificial intelligence. But, unsupervised methods are slowly moving out of laboratories and into commercial applications. Researchers are teaming up with startups to test commercial use cases where big data is not readily available to use unsupervised learning algorithms. Program Synthesis, an area that academics has been fascinated with, is making its way into real world applications beyond robotics.

Top SharePoint Development Companies in UK | SharePoint Developers in UK | Top Software Companies

Microsoft is no longer a big name; it’s moreover like a trend followed by almost all technology-based companies and organizations across the globe. Take Microsoft SharePoint for example! A web-based application mainly used to enhance countless rich, seamless, and productive collaboration. Starting from document sharing to business intelligence, advanced search, content collaboration, the technology covers it all!

Top‌ ‌Mobile App Development ‌Companies‌ ‌in‌ the ‌United Kingdom | by Jett Howe | Top Software Companies | Nov, 2020...

Not easy as it sounds, the idea to hire the top Mobile App Development Company in the United Kingdom may sound intriguing at first but its quite a daunting task making several business entrepreneurs uneasy. No matter how old you are finding the right tech partner is still a big question constantly being asked. Fret not, the following blog post is meant to provide you with some relief as it incorporates the top 20 mobile app development companies in the UK bifurcated on the basis of experience, projects served, employee strength, services, which must be considered for your upcoming project without any second thoughts.

Top 7 Programming Languages For Data Scientists To Learn | GUI Tricks - In Touch With Tomorrow!

Data science is a field that makes use of algorithms, processes, scientific methods and systems to extract insights and knowledge from data whether structured or unstructured. When it comes to a programming language, it is considered like the superpower of any developer. In the past centuries, there wasn’t much data being produced but in this century, there is an unlimited amount of data being produced on a daily basis because internet technology has become common now. Hence, in order to survive in today’s competitive market; data scientists have no other option but to upgrade their skills so as to meet the industry’s demand. They should also acquire the super-power of programming languages.

How realistic is the promise of low-code? - Information Age

Low-code has come to the fore in recent times as a way to speed up the delivery of applications, while keeping costs down. However, with customisation being limited without a change in business processes, and cloud vendor lock-in being common in the space currently, how realistic is the promise of low-code, really?

In this article, we explore the points of view of five experts in this area, and what this particular coding technology brings to software development teams.