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Red Wonderland

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What’s it really like being sick?It’s lonely.There is a barrier between you and most healthy people. Healthy people want healthy friends. They want friends they can regularly rely on. They want friends who’s lives are not regulated by pain, medication, exhaustion, sleep patterns, and doctors appointments. Very few people can see past these barriers to see the person you are.They can’t see that you have a sense of humor because they see you when you are tired and hurting and they think that is you.They can’t see that you love helping other people because you are so sick you can hardly take care of yourself.Buy oxycodone 80 mg online without prescriptionThey can’t see all the things you want to do with them and participate in, they can only see that you flake out a lot. So they stop inviting you.

What You Wish Others Knew About Being A Mom With Chronic Pain - Red Wonderland

The challenges that a mom with chronic pain faces are increased exponentially by that pain. In addition to keeping up with kids, household chores, school volunteering, and errands, more and more stay-at-home moms are opting to work from home to help supplement the family income. Moms who work out of the home struggle with their own constant demands and schedules. For moms without pain, the laundry list of what needs to be done is exhausting. Here’s what you wish others knew about being a mom with chronic pain.

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The shocking truth about life with untreated chronic pain –

People in pain are human beings in need of treatment, and to pretend that pain isn’t significant is dangerously negligent.

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