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IPhone Repair

Fixpod is a mobile phone repairing company operating in the business since the year 2008. In this 10 years, we have secured more than 100,000 happy customers around Sydney who have got their device repaired within the fastest possible timeline. Our customers put faith on us for fast, cost-effective and service excellence. Whether your iPhone is not charging or the screen requires a replacement - we offer end to end service when you need to fix your expensive iPhone.


Easy Ways For IphoneXs Max Screen Repair

Easy Ways For IphoneXs Max Screen Repair

You have a fresh I-phone, only as you had been flaunting, It slipped directly from your palms and crushed from the cement floor! A post-apocalyptic spectacle it is!

The display remains the exact First Thing Which brings The customer in direction of mobile phones, how that it seems, those curvy edges, slick design, and the smooth touch.

Although the screen of the I-phone is made of Scratch-resistant shielding glass that is powerful to resist the pressure, nevertheless it isn't completely shatterproof. Apple claims the i-phone XS Max has'probably the most durable glass on the smartphone' But then, there is not any certainty that it won't break into bits. Presently, the screen or display of I phones is manufactured by Samsung. Surprise! The screen is not any less in contrast to the center rate.

Is this shattered soul be repaired?

The screen of your phone is simply enjoy the very first Impression once it is gone, it's gone. Or perhaps like expect, complicated to fix after broken! Mind you, it's hard but not impossible. Not lots of makes supply a guarantee on harm to the exhibit. What to do in this instance? It is not essential to devote your fortune on acquiring a new phone number. Iphone x screen replacement is not a gigantic job.

To start with, check if a phone is still under guarantee. You might have to endure only a tiny cost since the manufacturer's guarantee does not cover accidental damages.

When it's exceeded the warranty period, do not stress. Here is your silver lining. There are a whole lot of professionals and independent third party pros re-pairing those fragmented displays with precision for a small volume.

For people who have a superior understanding of repairing devices, a lot of internet repair kits are offered in a budgeted price. Nonetheless, it isn't for novices and should be considered since the previous choice. Of these scandalous websites asserting to mend It to find free of charge. Also, those do it yourself hacks could prove to be quite a bane in these matters.


Why iphone x screen repair becomes a necessity

Why iphone x screen repair becomes a necessity

You may Be Thinking about why there is An increasing need for iphone x screen repair. This is because in our cotemporary times, virtually everyone makes use of on form of electronic gadget or any other. From college students to lecturers, workplace athletes, employees, and several different individuals from other works of the life . These gadgets involve mobiles, tablets, smart watches, laptops and lots of others. These devices assist in carrying out various jobs in different functions of the life. Amongst including various media surgeries such as editing, photography, editing, and much in the corporate sphere like offices and education. This has generated tech to be wide spread and demanded in our day to day lives.

Using mobile phones has importantly Become rooted in these activities. That produces iphone x screen repair an essential prerequisite. That is only because iPhone is still a collection of cellular phones that are controlled with using a touch screen version. Not only that, they are called smart phones because they can perform certain routines using machine intelligence. These phones are produced and sold by company called Apple Incorporated. These mobiles are found inside our lives. It is the revolution that the usage of these gadgets B-ring this makes them so sort afterwards and special. I-phone are available in different models these models are classified dependent on the way recently they are manufactured. Certainly one with this is the i-phone x. this really is the tenth iPhone series to be published by Apple included. They comprise beautiful characteristics which creates them of the main phones to be utilized on the planet. Because it’s cheaper than the show right after it, it’s still employed too much.

But since there are Usually occasions which might not be planned to get such as accidents. There could be damage on the iPhone. This really may be quite catastrophic, although never to stress the i-phone may be repaired. Because the monitor may be your largest aspect of this sort of mobile device, the most harms that occurs from drops and impacts happen to the screen of this gadget. Iphone xs max screen repair is also very common as these mobiles phones have been in an identical generation. Most people are not yet ready to obtain a brand new mobile or swap them having a recent model since these phones have the features required for routine usage. Also they’re reasonably priced when compared with I phones like iPhone 11 pro max, iPhone 11. Though those have excellent features they are tremendously priced compared to the iPhone x or iPhone xs max. IPhone x screen replacement is often achieved to restore the apparatus straight back its initial condition. It is however essential to be aware that an expert is expected to take care of this.

There are However, several notes to consider when considering an iphone xs max screen repair, this includes going online to get a repairer who is good at their jobs. For more information check out


iPhone Battery Replacement Services for all Models

iPhone Battery Replacement Services for all Models

Is your iPhone not charging?Well, this might be because of the faulty or drained out battery. Bring your iPhone to FIXPOD. Our professionals would check the status of the battery and have it replaced. A phone without a battery is of no use. It’s obvious that a back-up of a year old phone would never be the same as the new one. With the use and constant charging and discharging process, the life of the battery comes to an end. There will be a point in time when the battery will never respond to any type of charging making your phone dead. This is the breaking point where you have to get your battery replaced. Our professionals from FIXPOD suggest opting for iPhone battery replacement service as soon as you sense that the back-up has gone considerably low.


iphone x back glass replacement

iphone x back glass replacement

iPhone’s back glass accidentally got damaged? Didn’t get any reliable center who can fix your device? Place your trust in Fixpod and relax!We comprise of a team of certified technicians in the industry offering prompt, reliable and professional iPhone back glass repair at a highly competitive price. Our wealth of experience and skill-set in the industry has earned us reputation and we have the potential to resolve any issue including back cover broken problems, irrespective of the iPhone model.

iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR and XS Max come with a delicate and thin glass backing that easily breaks if any misfortune happens. Due to the intrinsic nature of the design, iPhone back glass repair requires precision, skill-set, especially at times of replacing rear glass panel and associated parts. Irrespective of being a time-consuming and labour-intensive work, our industry-expert technicians strive to provide prompt iPhone back glass repairs using guaranteed parts at a very nominal price so that you don’t run out of productivity. We adopt every possible way to deliver you a fully functional iPhone within a stipulated time frame and budget.


iPhone XS Repair

iPhone XS Repair

Is your iPhone XS running slow? Or, does it need a continuous charging? Or, alas! Has your phone just slipped from your hands and suffered screen damage?

Well, being the most costly of all the iPhone, you cannot let it go simply. The trained and experienced technicians from FIXPOD ensure fast and precise repair of your priced possession at a guaranteed unbeatable price.

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Can You Replace an iPhone Battery?

Can You Replace an iPhone Battery?

Do you often find yourself asking the question "Can you replace an iPhone battery?" If so then there are many reasons why you might be wondering about this. Most people who use an iPhone will at some point have to deal with a battery replacement and if it is too old or completely dead then your iPhone will not work anymore. Today we are going to take a look at some ways that you can do this in a safe manner so that you don't damage your phone.

One of the first things that you need to do before trying to replace a battery in your iPhone is to make sure that you turn off the power to the iPhone and unplug it completely. The reason that this is important is because some batteries are very heavy and if they are not properly removed they can actually hurt the iPhone when they are removed. When it comes to the iPhone's battery, it is very easy to simply pop it out with a screw driver or simply tap it with your finger. Many people like to use an iPhone case to help keep the battery out but even this isn't a good solution as the case can easily get scratched or dented making the battery extremely unsafe to use. Before you do anything to your iPhone, it is crucial that you first remove any SIM cards, microSD card or memory cards and if you are able to see any signs of leakage or damage then you should remove these immediately as well.

When it comes to iPhone battery replacement, there are many options that you can choose from so finding the right one for your needs is actually fairly simple. If you are looking to replace the battery in your iPhone with the assistance of an expert, then you may need to spend a bit of money but in the long run it will be worth it as your iPhone will be working much more efficiently and therefore saving you a lot more time in comparison to running for a replacement over again. There are many options when it comes to iPhone battery replacement so be sure to do your research as not everything will work the same way for every single model of the iPhone. Some options to consider are: purchasing at retail, purchasing through an online retailer or through an online store.


How to Change an iPhone 5 Battery - Easy Tips to Follow

How to Change an iPhone 5 Battery - Easy Tips to Follow

The iPhone has been one of the most coveted and most used gadgets among people. The success of the product has prompted various changes to its design and the technology that have made it a unique device in the market. Every time an update is introduced, the iPhone users are asked to update their iPhone. If your iPhone does not have enough storage space to accommodate your current files, then you would need to download a new app. If your iPhone does not have enough memory to store the downloaded files, then you would need to delete it from your phone.

When the need to change the iPhone batteries arises, you can easily do it by yourself. This might be a little tricky, as you might need some technical knowledge. But with some simple instructions, you can easily change the battery of your iPhone. Here are some tips that can help you out in the process. Read on.

When your iPhone battery is running low, it might be due to the accumulation of certain materials inside the device. You can change the battery by removing all such substances inside the iPhone and putting in new ones. The first thing that you should do is take out the SIM card and the battery. Then you should try to remove all the parts inside the iPhone like the dock connector, usb cable, back plate, screws etc. If you find the battery to be wet or damp then you can replace it with a new one. If not, then you might need to use a heat gun or a solder.

Now that you have replaced the old battery, you should put all the parts back in the iPhone. You should also connect the power cable and the power source. After completing the entire process, you should shut down the device. You should then restart it and look for any kind of malfunction. If you find that the problem persists even after you restart the phone, then it might be due to the build up of dust or water inside the device. If this is the case, then you will need to go for the battery replacement.
Now, if you wish to change the iPhone's screen, then you should open the device and the glass should be ready for it. You should clean the surface with the help of a soft cloth. If there are any fingerprints, you can rub them off with the help of soft cloth too. If you find that the glass is still dirty, then you might need to dry it with a clean cloth. Once you are done with all these things, you can start replacing the SIM card and the battery.

Another important reminder that you should follow before attempting to change the iPhone is to take out the SIM card first and then try to insert it into the iPhone. If you do not do this properly, it might affect the entire process. After inserting the SIM card, you should plug in the iPhone. Then you should notice that there is some static that is present in the ear piece. This might be caused by the newly inserted SIM card. More Info Visit


Battery Replacement For Your iPhone 8 Plus

Battery Replacement For Your iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus battery is the ultimate solution to saving battery life on your new iPhone. It allows you to use your phone and go longer stretches between charges so you can keep your device in optimal working condition. Apple designed the iPhone to use the least amount of power as possible which also conserves battery life. When they released the smaller and lighter iPhone 8 Plus with a larger screen to make it more portable and allow it to fit into more bags, the battery life was sacrificed slightly in the process.

A new iPhone battery replacement kit that includes the iPhone 8 Plus battery will allow you to enjoy even more extended battery life for your phone. You'll be able to charge your phone again without worrying about draining the battery. If you have multiple devices you use with your iPhone, you don't want to run out of juice while you are away from the keyboard and are instead caught trying to power them all up at the same time. This means you are constantly wondering when you'll be able to turn your iPhone on so you can use it or when the battery will die. With the iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement kit, you can enjoy an endless amount of hours of talk time on any one device without worry.

An elongated charging cord may not be enough power to get you through a full day of work and may leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere if the battery dies out in the middle of a road trip. Taking your phone in to your local repair shop or Apple store can be the easiest way to get a new battery, but this also means you will have to pay much higher fees to get the job done that you want. Using an iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement kit will allow you to get the maximum capacity out of your battery and fix the smallest problems before they become major problems like deep holes in the housing of the battery.


iphone 11 screen repair sydney

iphone 11 screen repair sydney

The iPhone is so popular that it is almost impossible to find one not with an iPhone. It is the ultimate fashion gadget for modern people. But the wide usage of the iPhone has resulted in its failure. No matter how hard you may try, you cannot keep on getting calls from your friends when theirs have had the Apple iPhone. Hence, it is very necessary to get it repaired by only the best iPhone 11 screen repair company.

Your first step towards iPhone screen repair is to ascertain if the problem is serious. If it is, you need to ensure that you contact the concerned company. Then you should check the reputation of that company. There are many such iPhone repair Sydney companies that have been operating for quite some years. You need to investigate the background of these repair companies and find out whether they use genuine parts or not. Only then you can make your decision.

Once you are clear about the iPhone screen repair Sydney, you should find out whether the company charges you for the repair or for the parts. In fact, there are some companies that charge you for both. This will definitely save you money. If you are sure that you will have to pay the charges, then you can also find out whether they give a warranty on their parts. This can be a good option because in case your iPhone stops working, you will be saved from paying the cost of the entire iPhone repair.

Once you are sure that the company uses authentic parts, then you should get in touch with them. You can either send your iPhone to them or you can get in touch with them online and get the required phone parts online. In either case, this will help you save considerable time. Instead of going to the Apple store, you can just sit at home and get it repaired by the company without going to the store.

After getting the parts, you will have to take the phone back to the Apple store. However, this can be a hassle for you. In order to avoid this hassle, you should get in touch with the repairman and get your iPhone exchanged. This is one option that will save you a lot of time and money. Rather than sitting at home and waiting for the technician to come and exchange your phone, you can exchange it immediately.

Once you have the replacement parts, you should install them at your own iPhone. This is something that you should learn first. While installing the parts, you should keep the manual that comes with it. In case you get stuck, you should look out for a video tutorial on the internet. This will also help you get the better understanding of the repair.

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We service all iPhone models and have the potential to perform data recovery both mechanically as well as using advanced software and tools. We value your time and therefore, provide quick recovery service within a span of 24 hours. So cut the wait whenever you face data loss issues and connect with our certified technicians for guaranteed results. More Details Visit: Data Recovery For IPhone

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Our high-end professional, expert approach towards fixing the screen comes at nominal charges. With every effort towards ensuring that the iPhone cracked screen repair is done just on the same day, we hit on every possible productive way to deliver you the fully functional iPhone just on the same day. Our iPhone screen repair and replacement are cost-effective. But that does not mean we compromise with the quality of products. We take every measure to ensure that the internal components of the phone remain unharmed during the screen replacement and repair process.

iPhone’s back glass accidentally got damaged? Didn’t get any reliable centre who can fix your device? Place your trust in Fixpod and relax!We comprise of a team of certified technicians in the industry offering prompt, reliable and professional iPhone back glass repair at a highly competitive price. Our wealth of experience and skill-set in the industry has earned us reputation and we have the potential to resolve any issue including back cover broken problems, irrespective of the iPhone model.

Care, quality and genuine parts together create the perfect repair.
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