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Landscape Design

Walnut Ridge Landscape and Design is a family owned business with more than 100 years of tradition and experience.

Get The Best Landscape and Designs For Your Home

We offer the best designs and functional solutions by Jeffersonville Landscaper that enhance the aesthetics of your home. Our dedicated team works to provide the best layout and features for your exteriors. We have the fine prints to redefine your spaces to make them more beautiful and healthy. Plus, we have the cutting edge experience to redesign your lawn and keep the greens in good shape. We help with the regular maintenance and even look after the drainage part.

Visually Stunning Hardscape Design

We, at Walnut Ridge Landscape & Design, bring you the best designs and blueprints to lend that extra aesthetic appeals to your exteriors. When our skilled team works, you get the best results. Our professional team has the experience of working on hardscape design. We extend our services to the driveways, sidewalks, curbs, decorative retaining walls, and much more. For the beautiful and robust implementation of all your visons, get in touch with us. We assure you of the best execution of all projects, big or small.

This blog gives you information on the Landscaping Professional services. It is a better alternative to designing on one's own. A landscaping service provider designs, finalize, and builds a landscape. With such an expert and experienced company, you can rest assured that you get the most suitable structure for your landscape. It helps you get the most aesthetic appeal to your house. It also allows you to increase the market value and get the best cost. You get perfection in the design, choice of materials. Also, you get other benefits like health benefits due to the right choice of plants. The professionals are knowledgeable in plants and flower types. You can choose a shrub that will add to the aesthetics.

There has been a time in your life when you saw a yard and became instantly fond of it. That could be someone's house or a hotel. There are beautiful landscapes everywhere. At the first look, they seem like some plants and trees planted around. But this blog shows that a landscape is a lot more than that. It involves a lot of planning and structuring before deciding to produce it. This includes the process of planning and planting. It does not grow instantly. The view in front of you is a work of years. This process seems simple by looking, but it demands efforts and knowledge. Some people alone maintain the yard. But most of them hire the landscaping service for this. This blog will give you some tips on maintaining the best landscape design.

Rebuild Your Landscape With The Best Architectural Company

Do you think that your old landscape seems a little outdated right now? Or are you bored with the current design? Whatever is the reason, you can always have a redesign on your landscape without making much effort. Walnut Ridge is one of the most reputed architecture companies which provide fantastic landscape designs to its clients.

The designers are creative and hardworking. They can bring out a unique landscape architect even from the smallest available space. So you do not have to think about that factor. The team takes the whole responsibility of the work and leaves no chance of inconvenience for you. All the designs are approved as per your preferences and executed in the same way.

Want Your Patio to Be More Attractive Contact The Best Service To Get The Desired Results

The first thing that is noticed when someone enters your house is the patio. It is attached to the entrance and adds to the beauty of your house's look. You want it to be perfect and contrasting with the design. Building a new home and thinking of making a patio, the walnut ridge is a fantastic choice.

The company has expertise in architectural and patio designs. You will not regret the decision to hire them for the design work. The team has qualified and well trained. Labors who works on the smallest detail to give an accent to the house's design. The designers have the most creative ideas that will be loved by your guests and leave you happy and content.

Top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Landscaper

This blog discusses the top four things you must consider before hiring the Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services. Although it is easy to find various landscapers with an internet search, it isn’t necessary that every person you find online is reliable. And that is why we have filled this blog with just four yet very descriptive information on choosing the best commercial landscaper. In the first consideration, we have mentioned the importance of choosing a firm based on your needs. In there, we have also discussed a few similar services every firm has. The next consideration elaborates on the benefits of working with a firm that follows sustainable practice. The latter half of the blog talks about the importance of doing a thorough research and asking for references.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Lawn Mowing Services

Every homeowner loves to have an attractive lawn. A beautiful and well-maintained lawn shows that some people love neat surroundings. This aspect brings out the aesthetic appeals of any person. Besides, when you have a neatly landscaped garden, it gets others gushing over it. This element on your property is something that should make you a proud owner. Plus, having a landscaped space has its benefits. In this blog, the discussion is on the perks of having a well-maintained lawn. Besides, it also speaks about the mistakes to avoid when hiring a lawn mowing service.

Did You Know That Commercial Landscape Maintenance Pricing Was Affordable?

As soon as we enter someone's house, the first thing that we notice is their property's landscape. A landscape can add to the beauty and charm of your house. Not every house has a landscape, and if you are lucky enough to have a landscape, you need to maintain the structure. But this cannot be done alone by one person. You need help and assistance from the experts. Someone who has the idea and knowledge of commercial landscape maintenance pricing. So they take proper care of the landscape and make the required changes to stay updated with the latest trends and designs. Maintain the beauty of your landscape with the help of the best team. With a qualified team, you won't have to worry about the structures and designs. So don't wait anymore and hire the walnut ridge landscape for maintenance and servicing at affordable rates.

Get Professional Lawn Services In Jeffersonville, IN

Who doesn't dream of having a beautiful property right in front of their house? But it is not possible to trim and maintain it. Doing it yourself can ruin the design and structure of the lawn. So the best idea is to hire an experienced company that can look after your property while you can freely live your life. Everyone who will enter your house will be praising the design of your lawn. But all of this can be possible only after you hire a lawn service in Jeffersonville, IN. But there are so many bug companies in the town you might be wondering which one to pick. Do not go anywhere else than the walnut ridge landscape. They are one of the most reputed organizations in this field. If you dream of a charismatic lawn, then you must hire the best service in the town with Walnut Ridge Landscape. Their team is highly qualified and well trained to keep the lawn fresh and bright. So don't think twice and hire this expert servicing company for lawn maintenance.

This article will inform you about the landscape trends for the next year. The ideal landscape has long been viewed as a dynamic, emerald-green grass with a splash of colorful blossoms and leafy, abundant trees. In 2021, the pendulum will swing within the opposite course: one that favors arid over lavish and subdued over vibrant.

As sustainability becomes more a lifestyle objective than only a whole idea, property holders are trying to find other ways to smarten up their landscaping with eco-friendly highlights. Time-consuming gardens that require fertilizers, regular watering, and constant primping are getting to be a thing of the past as climate-focused plant choices and money-saving or an average cost of landscaping maintenance. Let’s find out how you can do it.

This blog talks about how easy it is for humans to tackle the winter climate but challenging for the lawns to do so. But don’t worry, the blog also offers insights into three different ways that the Landscape contractors use to retain your yards from the winter damage. The first way is by “assessing the yard/lawn.” The second way is by “Identifying the reason for the damage,” in this section, we have given in-depth information on reasons for winterkill, and these includes: “winter desiccation,” “Crown hydration,” “Snow mold,” “Ice sheets,” and “Voles.” In the third and last section, we discuss “how the damage is repaired. In this section, we have discussed four preventive measures, like “test if the land is dead or dormant,” “Test the soil,” “Aerate,” and “Consider the usage of the pre-emergent herbicide.”

It is the dream of every homeowner to have attractive landscaped features on their property. A beautiful and well- maintained property shows that you love to dwell within beautiful and natural surroundings. It shows that you a true blue lover of genuine art and aesthetic appeals. Plus, when you have neatly landscaped elements working for you, it gets others admiring the outcomes. It is something that makes you a proud owner. Plus, having a landscaped space has its benefits. In this blog, the focus is on the perks of having a commercial landscape. Besides, it also speaks about the ideas that help build better surroundings by hiring a professional firm for all your landscape requirements.

How To Draw Landscape Plans: Help For Beginning DIY’ers

Do you find it challenging to draw landscape designs faultlessly? Then, it would help if you did it by adhering to the right steps. Again, a landscape is something that cannot be made post-haste. Making measurements, ostensible sketches, to making notes on paper, the procedure is quite intricate. Besides, detailed landscape plans are meant for those on the brink of shifting to a new home altogether. To be precise, the act of making a landscape design for your home is possible by implementing three useful ways. The first step requires you to make an impressive scale drawing. Then, make a Bubble diagram properly. Finally, make the plan of your home landscape in the proper and expected way.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Contractor

Every property owner is looking to have beautifully landscaped spaces. If you have a reliable team working for you, get the desired results. When you join hands with a reputable landscape service for your property, the results are top-notch. In this blog, the focus is on the perks of having a professional landscape service to work on your property. But at the same time, it is essential to choose the best company that delivers. When you know how to choose a service, it helps build better surroundings by hiring a professional firm for all your landscape requirements. All you need to do is connect with Affordable Landscaping Services that offer annual maintenance contracts for the upkeep.

Houses with the most significant and cleanest lawns appear to be the most attractive in the neighborhood. Taking care of the proper maintenance of the lawn might be quite a challenging task for a homeowner. So, different companies provide quality lawn services to relieve the homeowners from the anxieties caused by the issue. When a homeowner hires professionals for lawn services, he might also be benefitted in specific ways. There are various tips that a homeowner needs to follow for taking proper care of his lawn. After a hectic day, significantly fewer people will want to put so much effort into maintaining his lawn. So, some lawn service companies provide various kinds of services for serving the purpose of maintaining a beautiful green lawn in front of your house.

This blog will discuss a few points that you should keep in mind while looking for commercial landscape maintenance in Jeffersonville. Choosing the right company can be a tricky part. You also know that properly maintaining the landscape is not an easy task with a busy schedule. Therefore, to get the beautiful and elegant landscape, it is advised to hire commercial landscape maintenance in Jeffersonville. You have to consider the pricing, the reviews, how experienced and qualified the technicians are and whether they're the ideal choice for a long-term contract. Do not hurry into deciding on which company should be given the opportunity. Instead, carefully consider all the options. The main benefit of hiring professionals is that they have the right tools, and the job can also be easily completed.

it is essential that you understand the advantages of working with a certified professional. When you want to have attractive landscaped features on your property, working with a qualified professional helps a lot. When you have neatly landscaped elements working for you, it is proof that a professional expert has done the job. When you decide to landscape your residential or commercial property, hiring the right service helps. In this blog, the focus is on the perks of having your landscaping done through a reputable and professional firm that has the right background and the skills. It also speaks about the ideas that help build better surroundings by hiring a licensed landscape architect for all your landscape requirements.

It is essential that you know the average cost of landscaping maintenance in Jeffersonville. When you decide to have an attractive landscape feature on your property, having complete information about every aspect of eth service helps a lot. When you know about the cost of maintaining your beautiful landscaped property, it becomes easy for you to look after your property. When you decide to landscape your residential or commercial property, you may also want to know how to keep the features in the same original condition. In this blog, the focus is on the perks of having landscaping well-maintained throughout the year with the help of few guidelines.

Landscaping refers to actions that bring about noticeable changes to a piece of land. These actions can include natural as well as man-made elements. Natural elements include landforms, water bodies, etc. Man-made elements include gardening and farming. In this blog, we will talk about man-made elements of landscaping and what time of the year is best for it. You can choose to perform the landscaping actions on your property, but there are a lot of health hazards involved in landscaping. Hence, hiring a team to perform professional landscaping in Jeffersonville is for your best.

With the arrival of spring, a cleaned and mowed lawn helps brighten up your place. Also, the feeling of stepping on the newly cut, luscious green carpet is something that cannot be put into words. To achieve this, most people who have a lawn tend to hire some of the other cheap lawn mowing services to ensure their lawn is in good condition. A good condition lawn tells a lot about your personality and what importance you give to keeping your place neat and clean. Many people take pride in keeping their lawn clean and beautiful. You can do your research and get a good company that does the work for you. This article will explain some major reasons why you must hire professional and cheap lawn mowing services.

It is essential to understand the valuable perks of working with professional landscaping services. Working with a qualified professional team helps a lot when you want to have the best landscape elements on your property. So when you decide to engage the professional landscape services, you assure the desired outcomes and aesthetic appeals. In this blog, the highlight is on the perks of having landscaping done through a reputable and professional firm with a team of experts with the right background and skills. Besides, it helps if you know what factors to consider when planning your landscape design. The knowledge of having the right ideas help build better surroundings for all your landscape requirements.