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Updated by THE UNCOMMON BOX on Oct 06, 2020
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11 Amazing Blend Creative Artist Who Can Inspire You With Their Creativity

Here are some amazing artist of various fields whose work can inspire anyone. How the hard work they did and how they evolve their creative side and pursue as a passion. You will must learn and inspire yourself from their creativity.

Suricts – A Surreal Digital Manipulation Artist – The Uncommon Box

Our uncommon Surreal Digital Manipulation Artist ‘Suricts’ who has been playing with pictures digitally will give you an out of the box view.
Her unparalleled efficiency will provide you a vast array of surreal and magical photos. Here is a sneak-peak into her life and some gyaan for our budding artists.

Our Be Inspired Artist - Sourya Taking Contemporary Art To The Next Level – The Uncommon Box

Sourya Chakrabarti, our BE INSPIRED artist of this month, is one such dynamic person who bleeds through his art. While I will venture into his artwork a little later, I would love to give a quick insight into his profession and how the realm of his contemporary art fascinated...

Uncommon Shadow Doodles By Endowed Shadowology Artist - Vincent Bal – The Uncommon Box

Vincent Bal. His love for drawing, photography and the power of imagination makes him do something really uncommon “Shadowology”

We, at Uncommon box are honoured to feature the multi-talented artist, Vincent Bal from Belgium, who is a Film Director, Photographer, Film-Making Teacher, Animation Voice Director and also a Shadow Doodler!

(Wow! He truly is an Endowed Artist! Don’t ya think? We are completely blown away with his Multi-talents!)

A Life Less Ordinary- A Special Spotlight On Uncommon Illustrator Alicia Souza – The Uncommon Box

The adjective ‘uncommon’ is synonymous with uniqueness and more importantly, originality. Uncommon artist and lauded illustrator Alicia Souza has already begun an incredible journey where her talent and skill combine to create a life story that is unique and original.

The adjective ‘uncommon’ is synonymous with uniqueness and more importantly, originality. Uncommon artist and lauded illustrator Alicia Souza has already begun an incredible journey where her talent and skill combine to create a life story that is unique and original.

How To Be Funny And Inspiring - The Story With Oodles Of Doodles With Uncommon Doodler Neha Sharma – The Uncommon Box

It seems Neha captures these whimsical characters and fleeting thoughts on paper and that is where such antics in her mind find their final form. Here is the inspiring story of someone who turned her passion into her profession.

The Art Of Using The Human Body As An Uncommon Canvas - An Exclusive Interview With Artist Poonam Malpani. – The Unco...

As a part of its quest to showcase the talent of varied artists from around the world, The Uncommon Box is delighted to introduce you to Uncommon artiste Poonam Malpani.

Poonam is an artist with a difference- not only is she a dancer but she also uses the body as her canvas – body art being an area of skill and expertise for her.

Real Life Situations Through The Eye Of An Uncommon Doodler – The Uncommon Box

Are you also amongst those who cannot resist scribbling when stuck somewhere or waiting for something? Well! Welcome to the world of doodles.

Mounica Tata, our Uncommon doodle artist is the sweat, blood and fluff behind the doodles in form of sketchy stories. She’s a full-time (self-taught) freelance illustrator/cartoonist/story-teller and also holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication.

The Interesting Insights Into The Mind Of An Artiste - Aparajita Barai – The Uncommon Box

In this quest, we met up with Aparajita Barai, a graphic designer and artist, who is doing some very unusual work in her sphere. Armed with degrees from premier design institutes like NID (National Institute of Design) and the University of Westminster, Aparajita works on themes related to the roots of Indian culture. We were delighted to have a conversation with her and it was a revelation on what goes on in the mind of such a creative individual, whose constant source of inspiration remains Rabindranath Tagore and his songs.

An Artiste Incomparable - Rashmi Krishnappa – The Uncommon Box

The Uncommon Box consistently strives to turn the focus on artists who are living their passion in spite of following their hectic schedules. Meet our Uncommon artiste Rashmi Krishnappa, software engineer by profession and part time artist by passion. She balances home and work, as well as manages to follow her dreams of pursuing her love for art. She was born in Germany, raised in India and has been living in USA for the last 16 years. Team The Uncommon Box caught up with her in a heart-to-heart.

Travel with Pens & Colors by Karen Aruba Art – The Uncommon Box

She excels at Art Journal illustrations, documenting different aspects of her travel experiences through her visuals. A most inspiring artist is Karen! She has a unique way of presenting the world around her with her amazing creativity and fantastic visuals.If a picture is worth a thousand words, an art journal can show travel lovers thousands of words of how amazing a trip can be in just a minute. Based in Hong Kong, the artist Karen devoted her free time for illustrations related to travel theme

A Blend of Digital & Doodling - Artist Sneha Yadav – The Uncommon Box

Today we are going to introduce an extremely talented personality Sneha Yadav ! She is a visual artist who loves to create art digitally as well as manually, in the form of Fine doodle illustrations.

She is a freelance artist and believes that doodle provides her creative freedom as it is free flowing art form independent in nature and not limited to any kind of restrictions whereas Digital Illustration is a more challenging area of graphic design but it also helps in making you more experimental and developing your unique personal style as an artist.