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The Best Vietnamese Dishes to Try – Flavoursome Foodie Delights!

A sublime combination of fresh flavours and ingredients, Vietnamese cuisine offers foodies much to savour. Of course, the best place to sample these dishes in all their authentic goodness would be in Vietnam itself! Here are some of the top culinary creations to try when here.



An all-time favourite and one of the must-try dishes in Vietnam is pho. Those ordering this dish will be presented with rice noodles served in a soup which will generally contain meat. It is common practice for pho to be accompanied by some chilli sauce or fermented fish. The meats used are usually in the form of beef slices and meatballs, while toppings can include ingredients like cilantro, bean sprouts, basil, cilantro and mint.


Mi Quang

Originally a dish that came from Da Nang, mi quang is now available around Vietnam. It features distinctive turmeric noodles and a flavour-filled bone broth that is made using a variety of non-veg and veg elements; these include river shrimp, pork that has been roasted, boiled quail eggs, garlic, fish sauce and shallot. The taste of mi quang is further enhanced by the use of fresh herbs and other ingredients be it peanuts, coriander, banana flowers (sliced) or basil.


Banh Xeo

This crispy pancake is one of the most popular local delicacies especially when it comes to street food in Vietnam. The pancake or crepe is made using rice flour which is mixed with turmeric and coconut milk. Best eaten hot, banh xeo also has yummy fillings which can vary from vendor to vendor; options can include vermicelli noodles, meat such as pork, beef or chicken, shrimp, mushrooms and beansprouts, while a fermented peanut sauce is sometimes provided for dipping.


Com Tam

"Broken rice" is the translation of "com tam", another must-try local foodie favourite. Generally eaten for breakfast or lunch, this dish doesn't cost that much and is sold at many street-side food stalls and markets. Apart from the rice, com tam usually features various meats and a fried egg, while side dishes include slices of cucumber and pickled veggies. If you want to find out more about such Vietnamese dishes, check out sites the likes of The Dine and Wine which are great resources for foodies.


Banh Mi

Another much-loved snack, banh mi is a French-Vietnamese dish that is perfect for when you get those sudden cravings or want something to eat when you are out and about. It is made using a toasted baguette sandwich that has pate, cilantro and pickled vegetables as well as chillies for that spicy kick. Vendors will usually offer a variety of fillings such as fried fish, poached chicken, roasted pork belly or fried egg.


Goi Cuon

These yummy spring rolls are made using translucent rice papers, locally known as banh trang. Inside, one will find ingredients such as vermicelli noodles, shrimp and slices of pork as well as fresh lettuce and basil. Part of the joys of eating goi cuon is to dip it into the hoisin-based sauce with ground chillies that usually comes with it and which provides the ideal flavour combo.

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